Monday, December 20, 2010

Pastor threatened to kill teen girl whom he raped if she told Police

Kojo Aseidu, 52, the area pastor of Life Anointing Ministry in Debiso in the Western Region faces charges that he repeatedly raped a child in his congregation over a period of two years resulting in a three months pregnancy, has learnt.

The pastor after his dubious activities with the young lady aged 14 years (name withheld) attempted to use unorthodox means of aborting the pregnancy which resulted in serious complications for the minor thereby blowing his cover.

The girl according to sources was taken to Life Anointing Ministry for the pastor to deliver her from witchcraft some months ago. gathers that after the minor was taken to the hospital and was asked the person who inserted the concoctions into her private parts, she named the pastor.

She confessed that the pastor has been having several bouts of sex with her the very first day she set foot in the pastor's house every night and warned her not to disclosed or tell anybody about it otherwise he would kill her.

The case is currently before the Debiso Magistrate court whiles the pastor is in police custody.

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