Monday, November 29, 2010

Evangelical Pastor burns 72 year old woman for being a "Witch"

I was on the Christian-Supremacist site Religion News Blog and they had a real deceptive article on this written by Christians in Ghana. Completely ignoring the woman's torture and concentrating on the Bible's so called "wisdom".

I've heard many of these incidents but never really took the time to read up on them. Turn's out the holy spirit is quite active in Africa too.

A 72-year-old Ghanaian woman has been burned to death on suspicion of being a witch, prompting condemnation from the country's human rights groups.

Ama Hemmah was allegedly tortured into confessing she was a witch, doused in kerosene and set alight. She suffered horrific burns and died the following day.

Belief in witchcraft is relatively common in Ghana but there was widespread revulsion at the killing.

Hemmah, from Tema, was allegedly attacked by a group of five people, one of whom is an evangelical pastor, Ghana's Daily Graphic reported.

Three women and two men have been arrested. They are Nancy Nana Ama Akrofie, 46, photographer Samuel Ghunney, 50, Emelia Opoku, 37, Mary Sagoe, 52, and pastor Samuel Fletcher Sagoe, 55.

The suspects say the death was an accident and deny committing any crime. They claim they were trying to exorcise an evil spirit from the woman by rubbing anointing oil on her but it accidentally caught fire.

Augustine Gyening, assistant police commissioner, told the Daily Graphic that Sagoe saw Hemmah sitting in his sister's bedroom on 20 November and raised an alarm, attracting the attention of people in the neighbourhood.

Gyening added that the suspects claimed Hemmah was a known witch and subjected her to severe torture, compelling her to confess. He said Ghunney then asked Opoku for a gallon of kerosene and with the help of his accomplices poured it over the victim and set her ablaze.

A student nurse, Deborah Pearl Adumoah, came to Hemmah's rescue and sent her to Tema General hospital, but she died within 24 hours from severe burns.

Hemmah's son, Stephen Yeboah, 48, told the Daily Graphic: "Our mother was never a witch and had never suffered any mental disorder throughout her life, apart from exhibiting signs of forgetfulness and other symptoms of old age."

Newspaper pictures showing the woman's injuries have caused anger in Ghana. The incident has been condemned by human rights and women's activists.

Comfort Akosua Edu, of the country's Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, said: "The commission finds the action of the perpetrators of this atrocious crime as very barbaric and one that greatly dims the nation's human rights record.

"That they came and met her in their room does not in any way warrant branding her as a notorious witch who deserved to be subjected to such an ordeal."

She added: "It is very disheartening that some men of God, whose responsibility it is to help save lives, could orchestrate the killing of innocent souls, all in the name of God."

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christian man kill's Girlfriend, two kids

Something like this always happens on thanksgiving. Last year a teen girl was killed by relatives for wearing an "indecent" dress at the dinner table.

COLUMBUS -- A man was charged with murder Saturday in the stabbing deaths of his girlfriend and her two children after she didn't show up for Thanksgiving dinner or work the following day, police and relatives said.

Police said officers found the three victims with knife wounds in their Columbus apartment on Friday. Also discovered in the apartment was the suspect, who police said had self-inflicted stab wounds.

Caron E. Montgomery, 36, was arrested Saturday at Riverside Methodist Hospital, where he was listed in stable condition.

Police said in a statement that Montgomery was charged with three counts of murder. It wasn't immediately clear whether he had an attorney.

Killed were 31-year-old Tia Hendricks, along with her children, 10-year-old Tahlia Hendricks and 2-year-old Tyron Hendricks-Montgomery.

Tia Hendricks' aunt, Anita Hayes, said Montgomery was her niece's live-in boyfriend and the boy's father. She said they had lived at the apartment since September.

"It just seems so unreal. You read about this stuff in the paper, but you don't expect it to happen in your own family," Hayes said.

Hendricks worked as a financial collector for years and grew close with friend and colleague Monique Robinson.

"We talked, like, literally every day," Robinson said. She called Hendricks twice Wednesday night with no answer and a few times on Thanksgiving to wish her a happy holiday. By Friday, when Hendricks didn't show up to work and hadn't returned a single phone call, Robinson sensed something wasn't right.

She called Hendricks' mother and they went to her apartment complex with a few relatives. They knocked on her door, and after no one answered, a maintenance worker took them to a rental office and an employee called police. Authorities found the bodies inside.

Outside the apartment complex Friday, Hendricks' older sister, Kelly Hendricks, cried and her father hugged her. Robinson held her camera and clicked through photos of Hendricks smiling at parties.

Tia Hendricks had just taken on a second job as a cashier at Burlington Coat Factory to earn extra money for Tahlia and Tyron.

"She said, `I want the kids to have a good Christmas,"' Robinson said.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christian Actor kills Mother in the name of Christ

NEW YORK — An actor who once had a small part on "Ugly Betty" was charged Tuesday with stabbing his mother to death with a 3-foot sword in her home after a fight, police said.

Officers responding to a call of a family dispute found 55-year-old Yannick Brea kneeling in the bathroom of her Brooklyn apartment at about 2:20 a.m. She had cuts to her head and was pronounced dead at the scene, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

"In a bedroom was her son ... with a 3-foot sword," Kelly said.

The son, Michael Brea, 31, was arrested on charges of murder and criminal possession of a weapon. He was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at Kings County Hospital, and police didn't know if he had an attorney. No phone number was listed at the address provided by police.

There had been a loud fight, Kelly said, but he didn't know what caused the altercation.

Neighbors told reporters they could hear screams outside and inside the building in the Prospect Heights neighborhood.

"I heard this wild screaming," Gregory Clare, who lived in the building, told the Daily News of New York. He said he heard screams of "'Repent, repent, sinner, sinner,' over and over again," and "'You never accepted Jesus.'"

Police also said a Bible was found in the apartment, but Kelly wasn't sure where.

Michael Brea has no prior arrests, and Kelly was not sure if he had a psychiatric history. No previous domestic violence incidents had been reported at the home, police said.

Brea once had a bit part on ABC's now-canceled show "Ugly Betty."

"I had just dozed off to go to sleep and then I woke up to somebody screaming," neighbor Bernard Bent told WPIX-TV. "It sounded like lady's voice and after a while I just didn't hear the woman's voice again."

Citing website, WPIX said Brea had appeared as a dancer in film "Step Up 3-D".

He appeared in a 2009 episode of "Ugly Betty," the website said.

"I remember growing up and my mother was always feeding people who were less fortunate," Brea is quoted as saying on "My parents raised me to always share and to give charity in the name of God."

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christianofascist site Religion News Blog continues attacking Muslims

Yeah the Islam-hating Christian site is at it again. Attacking the Quran by linking to the "scholarly" Answering Islam site.

From their front page:

Muslim children are being taught how to chop off thieves hands and that Jews are plotting to take over the world at a network of Islamic schools, it has been disclosed. [Our view: Remember, Muslims- who claim that Islam is a 'religion of peace' get terribly upset at a few cartoons depicting their prophet. But civilized people should strongly object to -- and stop -- the teaching of barbaric practices,, bigotry, anti-Semitism and other expressions of hatred on the part of Muslims.].

Remember Religion News Blog is a professional and popular site. Sad they go to such levels to try and convince people Muslims aren't civilized and we totally engage in acts that extremists commit.

I'd like to remind RNB that Christians themselves get upset at jesus cartoons, abortion doctors, soldiers, Christian women (those who don't submit silently to men). See the following:

Later on in the front page:

An Afghan Christian, detained for months for allegedly converting to Christianity from Islam, could face trial as early as next week- and could face a potential death penalty, officials said Sunday.

Said Musa was arrested by Afghan Interior Ministry intelligence authorities near the German Embassy in Kabul because of the allegations, said Qamaruddin Shenwari, director of the Kabul cout's north zone.

QT: If there is 'no compulsion in religion', as Muslims claim, why should you not allow someone to convert away from Islam?

The following are links that connect to answering Islam which they put.

Quran contradiction: Compel them or not?
The punishment from apostasy?

Now see how they say we Muslims claim there is no compulsion in religion. The thing is we don't say that. We Muslims say alot of things (especially us Pakistani's). God's word, the Quran says there is no compulsion.
Notice how they're trying to convince Muslims hold the same view as those extremists and those misguided Muslim states.

I don't need to bring sources, cause it should be pretty obious what Islam says, but there is NO PUNISHMENT for apostasy as well as Muslims cannot force anyone to convert. That guidance come's from God ALONE to those whom deserve it.

On the other hand, it's funny how RNB hasn't ever mentioned numerous Christian apostates coming to Islam (especially in Egypt) have had an unfortunate fate. For example I posted a few days ago (see here how a young Christian found guidance from God and came to Islam but was killed for honour by her brother. Similar examples also include Wafa Constatine who researched Islam and converted but was killed by her Pastor husband.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christian University silent on teen woman's suicide

Hmmm rape, women and the bible? Where have I ever seen this before? Oh ya the bible!

(Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT)

"If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her."

(Deuteronomy 21:10-14 NAB)

"When you go out to war against your enemies and the LORD, your God, delivers them into your hand, so that you take captives, if you see a comely woman among the captives and become so enamored of her that you wish to have her as wife, you may take her home to your house. But before she may live there, she must shave her head and pare her nails and lay aside her captive's garb. After she has mourned her father and mother for a full month, you may have relations with her, and you shall be her husband and she shall be your wife. However, if later on you lose your liking for her, you shall give her her freedom, if she wishes it; but you shall not sell her or enslave her, since she was married to you under compulsion."

"Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that has known a man by sleeping with him." (Numbers 31:17).

A 19-year-old Northbrook woman died of an apparent suicide nine days after telling University of Notre Dame police that she had been sexually attacked by a football player in a dorm room, the Tribune has learned.

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Seeberg, a freshman at neighboring St. Mary's College who had battled depression, apparently overdosed on prescription medication in her own room during the third week of classes in September. The player, meanwhile, has remained on the field.

More than two months later, Notre Dame refuses to publicly acknowledge the case, and what actions university officials have taken to investigate her allegation remain largely unknown.

Campus authorities did not tell the St. Joseph County Police Department investigating Seeberg's death about her report of a sexual attack, county officials said. Nor did they refer the case to the county's special victims unit, which was established to handle sex offenses, according to prosecutors.,0,3185959.story?track=rss

Monday, November 15, 2010

Christian brother kill's sister for converting to Islam

From 2 years ago. It highlightes the torture Muslim women go through by Christians (Muslim women are frequently kidnapped and raped though you never here this in the West) in Egypt. It only add's to the persecution of apostate women, including Wafa Constatine who was brutally murdered by her abusive husband who was a top Christian leader in egypt because she converted to Islam

Earlier on in the week I reported on the case of Mariam Atef Khilla an Egyptian Coptic Christian who had converted to Islam three years earlier and married a Muslim man. Her brother Rami Atef Khella tried to convince her unsuccessfully to divorce her Muslim husband . When she refused Rami Atef Khella broke into her Cairo apartment and sprayed his sister and her family with gun-fire.In the resulting carnage Ahmed Saleh, Mariam’s husband was killed.

Ahmed Saleh’s funeral was conducted today and his wife Mariam Atef Khilla and daughter 18-month daughter Nora remain hospitalised in a serious condition:

“Hundreds lined up for the funeral of a Muslim man killed by his Christian brother-in-law, which was held amid tight security Wednesday night.

Security forces shut off the street from both ends and ordered the closure of all the shops lining the funeral’s pathway.

Ahmed Saleh was killed by his wife’s brother Rami Atef Khella, 28, who was angered by his sister’s conversion to Islam three years earlier. Khella also shot his sister, Miriam, 25, and the couple’s 18-month daughter, Nora, who are in critical condition in the hospital.

The shooting occurred in the suburb of Al-Ameriya Tuesday when Khella cut the electricity of Ibrahim Abdulrahman street causing a blackout before descending on the couple’s apartment and opening fire on the family.

Khella was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning and confessed to the killing. He stated that his father and uncle did not participate in the actual crime, but it was his uncle, Raafat Khella, who drove him away from the scene after waiting for him in a car at the end of the road.

The accused told police that he had purchased the gun used in the crime after failing to convince his sister to divorce Saleh.

AFP had reported that “Khella had been searching for his sister for about two years, after she left her home province with her Muslim husband and came to Cairo.”

Saleh’s father told Al-Dostour newspaper, “I want justice for my son because he did nothing wrong. All he was guilty of was marrying the woman he loved.”

He added that after his son married Miriam her family threatened to kill them which caused him to report the affair to the state security apparatus, which made Miriam’s family sign an affidavit to not come near her or her husband.”

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Evangelical Pastor arrested for sexually abusing 13 girls

San Salvador, Nov 10 (DPA) An evangelical pastor has been arrested for having sexually abused at least 15 children in El Salvador, Salvadorian police said.

The suspect, aged 28, is a pastor in the San Patricio neighbourhood in San Salvador.

Complaints were filed by the parents of at least 13 girls and two boys, aged 8-13. The pastor is being charged with sexual abuse of a minor, kidnapping and sexual assault of a minor.

The investigation was ongoing, and the pastor was a suspect in more cases.

The authorities believe that he may have used drugs to abuse his victims.

Pastor arrested for raping teen girl

ROY- A pastor and rapper from Roy is facing rape charges after police say he had a sexual relationship with a teenage girl.

Aaron Witcher, also known as Pastor Soulja, is charged with nine counts of rape.

Police say he had a sexual relationship with a 16 year old girl that began when she was 15.

The victim is a member of Witcher's Roy congregation, Crosswalk Christian Training Center.

Police say there could be several other victims.

South Carolina Pastor arrested for murder

Former Independence Pastor David Love was arrested Tuesday afternoon in South Carolina.

He is being held in a Spartanburg, S.C., jail pending an extradition hearing. A jail employee in Spartanburg said Love was named in a murder warrant out of Missouri.

Love was pastor of the church attended by Randy E. Stone, an Independence insurance salesman slain in late March. Authorities have not linked his arrest to the case.

Love resigned as pastor of New Hope Baptist Church earlier this year after a search warrant was executed as part of the investigation into Stone’s death.

Stone, father of two children, was killed in March inside his office near 35th Street and Noland Road in Independence.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pastor guilty in Stalking Abortion Doctor's

CBS/AP) A North Carolina pastor was found guilty of violating a state law that prohibits residential picketing for stalking a doctor who performs abortions. He was sentenced to 24 months probation and plans to appeal, reports WSOC-TV in Charlotte.

Reverend Phillip "Flip" Benham, 62, director of the anti-abortion group Operation Save America, had posted wild west-style "Wanted" posters which gave doctors' names and home addresses. Benham said the First Amendment gave him the right to do this.

"It doesn't say 'Wanted Dead or Alive' but the implications are clearly there," said one doctor, who, fearing for his life, asked to remain anonymous in an interview with CBS News Correspondent Michelle Miller last month.

"I am always looking over my shoulder. I know they know my car. They know my face. They've been to my house. They've put these posters in my neighborhood. So yeah, I look over my shoulder."

Prosecutors said the posters amounted to advocating violence against the doctors, like putting a target on the doctor's back.

For his part, WSOC-TV reports that Benham denied it was a call for murder, saying, "Nobody has gone and killed because [he or she] saw a poster. That is most absurd and logical fallacy that there possibly could be."

However, Miller reports that in the 1990s similar fliers were distributed in other cities and were followed by a series of murders. Pensacola, Fla., Doctor David Gunn and Dr. George Patterson of Alabama were shot and killed in 1993. Dr. John Britton was murdered a year later in Florida. All were targets on Wanted posters.

Dr. George Tiller survived an assassination attempt in Wichita in 1993. He was killed in his church last year.

Federal law makes it a crime to use force, or even the threat of force, to prevent people from accessing clinics. In 2002, a U.S. Appeals Court ruled that Wanted posters similar to these were a violation of that law.

See here to for interviews with targeted abortion doctor's:;lst;1

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The laughable "banana" Pastor accused of sex attack

This storey, from the Pastor side is really humerous and very gross, not to mention quite a creative way to get out of charges being laid.

A CHURCH pastor accused of sexually assaulting a schoolgirl told a jury today: "It was a banana in my pocket."

David Morris, 60, said the 12-year-old could have mistaken the fruit for his penis as he sat next to her during an English lesson.

The pastor, at Carmarthen Evangelical Church in west Wales, said he was in the habit of putting a banana in his pocket and it was possible the youngster had accidentally felt it.

Prosecutor Geraint Walters QC told the court: "He said one thing he would do from time to time was to carry a banana in his trouser pocket.

"He said it's possible that is what the girl mistook for his erect penis."


The victim, now 26, alleges that Morris placed her hand on his crotch area during a private tutoring lesson.

Mr Walters said Morris became "quite tactile and touchy" during the classes.

He said: "It progressed to tickling on her hand, arm and up her back."

Swansea Crown Court heard he then took her hand and placed it on his groin where she felt a lump.

The alleged victim and her fiancé arranged to meet Morris years later at a motorway service station to confront him about the allegations.

She said: "He arrived and went to sit down. He stood up and took a banana out of his pocket and put it down on the table."

She told jurors that Morris then told her: "This is what you must have felt."

The woman told the court that on the day of the alleged assault she told her mother about it but nothing was done apart from her tutoring being stopped.

She said her family's relationship with Morris continued and that her mother "absolutely adored him".

The woman also claimed that on a different occasion when she was aged 12 or 13 Morris took her and her sister underwear shopping in Swansea after buying them cider at a pub.

Morris, of Llanpumsaint, Carmarthenshire, denies indecently assaulting the girl between December 1995 and December 1996.

The trial continues.

Gun Shop owning Pastor assaulted and threatened neighbor

Oct. 13--The pastor of a Selma church has been charged with threatening and assaulting his neighbor.

John Edgar "Eddie" Jordan, 52, of 4 Avon Court, Smithfield, leads Faith Baptist Church on Ricks Road in Selma. He also owns Second Amen-ment Gun Shop in Smithfield. According to his arrest warrant, Jordan went to his neighbor's home on Sept. 21, told him "I'm going to whoop your g--d--- a--" and later hit him in the face.

"He is a pastor but doesn't talk like a pastor should," the neighbor, Christopher Scott Andrews, said in his complaint. Andrews added that his 12-year-old son witnessed the incident.

So I'm guessing the bullets in your house and the face punching is how a Pstor should act?

Jordan said Thursday that the charges are false and that he has hired a lawyer to fight them, but he declined to comment further. Andrews also wouldn't speak about the incident, but he and other neighbors have complained that stray bullets from Jordan's shooting range have hit their properties. Three times this year, the Johnston County Sheriff's Office has received calls about the shooting range on Condary Road -- off of U.S. 301 between Selma and Micro.

In his complaint, Andrews wrote that after Jordan made the profane threat and "swung and missed me and stumbled," he invited the pastor into his home to show him where bullets had hit the house in January. "Had the bullet went through the wall, it would have hit my wife," Andrews said in his complaint. Then, Andrews said, he asked Jordan to leave, and that's when the pastor hit him.

Jordan is free on $1,000 bond. He is due in court on Oct. 19.

Jordan's wife, Vickie, said the family, after the first complaint, built berms to prevent stray bullets from leaving the shooting range.

Shooting on private property is legal in Johnston County as long as bullets don't hit homes or people, though County Commissioners say they might revisit the law after hearing complaints from Condary Road residents.

Neighbors also hope zoning rules might put a stop to the target shooting. Because the range sometimes hosts paid shooting classes, neighbors argue that it's a business operating illegally in a residential zone.

But relief under zoning rules is unlikely, said Selma planning director Ryan Simons. Even if the shooting range met the definition of a business, it would be grandfathered in under Selma's zoning rules, since the range was in operation when the town expanded its planning jurisdiction to include Condary Road this summer. That's the case even if the range was in violation of county zoning rules at the time.

"Whether it conforms or not, it's allowed to remain," Simons said.

In the county's jurisdiction, commercial shooting operations require a permit, and the Jordans' range did not have one, said Berry Gray, county planning director.

"We believe it to be a civil matter -- an issue that needs to be handled between the two property owners," Simons added.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Senior Christian Cleric compares supporters of women bishops to Nazi's

Just to let the Protestant's know, the Church of England is well understood to be reformed.

The Right Rev Wallace Benn, the Bishop of Lewes, told the Reform conference of conservative Anglicans: “I feel very much increasingly that we’re in January of 1939. We need to be aware that there is real serious warfare just round the corner.”

His analogy angered Jewish groups as it was in that month that Hitler outlined his intent to kill Europe’s Jews.

James Smith, chairman of the Holocaust Centre, said the comparison “belittles both the scale of the suffering the Nazis caused and the scale of the moral challenge they represented”.

He added: “The Christian Church, with the exception of a few brave clerics, abjectly failed to respond appropriately to the Holocaust at the time, and has yet to fully address the implications of that failure.”

Sally Barnes, of the campaign group Women and the Church, said: “I am really sorry that a man who is a Christian is talking in these terms.”

Bishop Benn later attempted to clarify his remarks and said: “I was thinking in terms of the storm clouds being on the horizon.”

He said he intended his remarks to be Churchillian rather than thinking of Hitler.

The issue of women bishops continues to drive divisions within the Church of England but it is not due to be debated by its council until next year.

Now where in the Bible does it say women cannot take part in leadership?

"I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent." (1 Timothy 2:12 NIV Translation)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Legion Branch in Canada shut down over KKK costume

It's funny how the Police aren't going to press charges. Are we again sucking up to Christianity? Only shows how more Christian the west gets.

The Royal Canadian Legion branch in Campbellford, Ont., has been closed temporarily as officials investigate why two men attended a Halloween party there dressed as a member of the Ku Klux Klan and his black prisoner.

One of the two men, who are not from Campbellford, arrived at the party Saturday night wearing white robes and a cone-shaped headpiece, with a Confederate flag draped across his shoulders.

He was leading the other man -- who had full blackface makeup and was wearing a red and blue plaid shirt -- around by a rope.

Legion officials have shut down Branch 103 pending the investigation.

"We are very sorry that this happened," Dave Gordon of the Royal Canadian Legion told CTV News. "We apologize to the public."

Earlier Wednesday, police said they do not intend to lay charges in connection with the incident.

Const. Chris Dewsbury of the Northumberland OPP said police began to look into the situation after receiving a complaint following the party.

He said an officer is still investigating but police don't expect to press charges.

"At the present time it would appear this was simply a case of poor judgment into the selection of a Halloween costume and there is no evidence to suggest a criminal offence has taken place," Dewsbury told

He said the people wearing the costume did not intend it as a racist gesture and added that wearing the costume does not constitute a hate crime. The pair won a prize for the costume.

Corey Crowley, the son of the man who wore the white robes, said his father is "not a racist, obviously not.

"It was just a costume for Halloween," Crowley told CTV News. "People dress up like axe murderers every day. So I didn't think it was that big of a deal."

Mayor Hector MacMillan called the incident "unfortunate" and said "it should not have happened."

Joy Herrington, president of the Campbellford Legion, issued an apology on Tuesday for the incident.

"As president of Branch 103 Campbellford, of the Royal Canadian Legion, I humbly apologize to all those offended by the events that took place at our Halloween Party," she said in a statement.

"The events in no way reflect the views of the Royal Canadian Legion, or its members. Those responsible have been spoken to."

Mark Andrade, who owns a restaurant in Campbellford, said he was disgusted by the costume and upset that the Legion allowed it -- and even awarded a prize to the men.

But Andrade, who is black, told CTV News the incident is not indicative of the community.

"Everybody in this community has expressed nothing but outrage on the same level, if not more so, than I have myself."

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Germany's Christian government scapegoats Muslims again

Yep we've seen multiple Christian parties targeting Muslim's for the country's economy and whatever else. It doesn't stop.

Berlin - German Family Minister Kristina Schroeder on Tuesday criticized Muslim youths for displaying hostility towards Germans.

'Such abuse is unfortunately commonplace amongst youths in certain areas - in the school yard, but also in the underground,' Schroeder told daily tabloid Bild.

'We are dealing with fundamentally hostile attitudes towards other groups - particularly against Germans and Christians,' the minister continued, adding, 'We need to act as decisively against this as against xenophobia.'

Her comments come amid a fierce debate currently taking place in Germany about the integration of the country's 4 million Muslims, the majority of whom are of Turkish origin.

Schroeder emphasised that she was criticizing a small group of Muslim youths, and said their hostile behaviour was down to 'poor education and bad friends, as well as macho norms and family violence.'

She also announced plans to set up additional facilities to help children learn to integrate and speak German at 4,000 nurseries across the country.

In recent weeks the family minister also drew attention to the fact that ethnic German children were being bullied in schools that had a high quotient of pupils from immigrant backgrounds.

Just a quick fact, stats show only 10% of Turks actually practice Islam. Though no one really cares.