Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pamela Geller screw's up basic math yet again

The moronic monster again failed to understand basic math. Recently Geller claimed 5000 supporters showed up for her hate ralley but police records show only 300 came out. Now Geller, the white-supremacist liar who comes up with the most ridiculous fairy tales (click on the tag below to see them) claimed 40 000 people came out to support her. But city officials report less than 1000 came. LOL

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pastor arrested for "sexual training" of woman and daughter

FBI officials have arrested a former Marysville pastor who allegedly thought he had set up a meeting with a woman and her 11-year-old daughter to perform "sexual training," bureau officials said.

According to a criminal complaint filed in federal court, William Bendert booked a room at a Troy hotel Friday with plans to meet the mother and girl.
But the mother turned out to be an FBI agent.

Bendert left the Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Marysville in 2006 and is the pastor of King of Kings Lutheran Church in Lake Orion.
John Hitzeroth, who replaced Bendert as pastor of Pilgrim Lutheran Church, said he was informed of Bendert's arrest Friday.
Hitzeroth said the church is keeping Bendert's family and congregation in their prayers. He declined to comment further.

Norm Witte, president of the board at the Lake Orion church, e-mailed a statement to the Times Herald in response to a request for comment.
"We are shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the arrest of our pastor, the Rev. William Bendert. We first became aware of this matter after his arrest on Friday, September 10. The reports in the media since that time are very upsetting but there is no suggestion that William Bendert was inappropriate with children here at King of Kings. ... We pray that no child has ever been victimized by William Bendert," it reads.

A call to a phone number listed for Bendert at a Lake Orion address was not returned.
Spokeswoman Gina Balaya of the U.S. attorney's office in Detroit said a detention hearing was conducted Tuesday and Bendert remains in the custody of a U.S. marshal. Bendert's preliminary examination is Oct. 6.
Balaya said the matter is a federal case because it involved the use of the Internet.
The FBI released a 14-page complaint detailing the investigation and allegations against Bendert. According to the complaint, an FBI agent posed as the woman online after receiving a tip from the FBI's Cleveland Division regarding online enticement or attempted enticement of a minor for sex by Bendert.

An FBI agent entered a chat room called "train lgl yf Michigan" and typed "hello?" Aug. 30. Bendert then initiated a conversation with the agent, who posed as a single mother of an 11-year-old girl, according to the complaint.

Bendert allegedly described himself as being "married ... but obviously playful ... is that okay?" and continued to say, "I don't have the 'guilt' gene ... so I won't go crying later on. ..."

Bendert told the agent he had experience teaching other girls, including a 12-year-old from Ohio and a 16-year-old and 14-year-old from Michigan, according to the complaint. The meetings were described as being "like riding a rollercoaster ... at first it is scary, but the ride is incredible."
According to the complaint, Bendert said he would teach the girl various sexual techniques and help her learn about her body. Bendert allegedly said the mother also had to be present and "encouraging" for the girl.
The online conversations continued and a meeting was scheduled for Friday at a Red Roof Inn in Troy. Bendert was under FBI surveillance during that online conversation and was at his church during it, FBI officials said.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Christian attempted to bomb Women's Clinic

According to Fox News Affiliate WCCB, Concord, North Carolina resident Justin Carl Moose was arrested for using a social networking website to call for the destruction of a women's clinic in the state, and for allegedly meeting with an unknown individual to advise him or her about how to make and use explosives to target and destroy a women's clinic that also provides abortion services.

NBC News Affiliate WECT goes into further detail in regards to Moose's use of the social networking site, Facebook. Moose allegedly posted a caption under one of his pictures that says "whatever you may think about me, you're probably right. Extremist, Radical, Fundamentalist...? Yep! Terrorists...? Well.... I prefer the term 'freedom Fighter'. 'End abortion by any means necessary and at any cost'. 'Save a live, Shoot an abortionist' ".

News 14 Concord goes into further detail, noting the following alleged quotes attributed to Moose in the Complaint filed against him:

"There are few problems in life that can't be solved with the proper application of high explosives :)".

Said he was part of the "Army of God".

Moose also called himself the "Christian counterpart of Osama bin Laden".

In addition to the above statements, Moose also linked a website to his Facebook wall that has a recipe to make a bomb.

In fact, WCCB goes above and beyond the call of duty and posts a disclaimer at the end of their report that states a "Criminal Complaint is a probable cause charging document. Every defendant accused of committing a federal crime has a Constitutional right to be indicted by a federal grand jury. The charges are only allegations, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty." WCCB goes even one step further and makes not one mention of the fact that Moose considers himself to be a Christian, as evident by his numerous Facebook posts.

Loonwatch's feed:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Priest threatens to bomb Aflac

It's always refreshing to read about a priest who's not accused of diddling little boys, so it was a treat to learn that retired Houston priest John Rouse is only accused of...threatening to bomb an insurance company if it didn't process his claim fast enough.

Rouse pleaded not guilty in a Georgia federal court last week; according to the indictment, Rouse's May 24 call to Aflac (that supplemental insurance company whose mascot is an accident-prone, possibly feeble-minded duck) "contained a threat to injure; specifically, the defendant threatened to bring a shotgun or a bomb to [the customer service rep's] place of business because he was dissatisfied with the service he was receiving."
But really, who hasn't said such things in the course of a business call?

According to the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, an FBI officer's affidavit states that the retired Catholic priest allegedly "made a bomb threat and suggested he'd fly a plane" into Aflac's offices. When the customer representative alerted a supervisor, Rouse allegedly reached down deeper into his inner Rambo and warned he "would come packing" if Aflac didn't process his claim within a day. Rouse was arrested at home three days later.

We don't know why Rouse simply wouldn't have said he's tight with the Heavenly Father and whatnot, but maybe he just didn't want to play the catechism card.

Rouse's Houston attorney, Douglas McNabb, told Hair Balls he hadn't yet listened to a recording of the call but is prepared to go to trial. (No trial date has been set). Rouse is free on bond; if convicted, he faces a five-year maximum in prison.

"At this point, it's very, very early in the process," McNabb said.

We left a message for Rouse but haven't heard back. Of course, if these allegations are true, that's probably good for our sake.

Serbian Priest threatens female journalist

(IPI/IFEX) - Vienna, 2 February 2010 - The South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO), an affiliate of the International Press Institute (IPI), strongly condemns the threat made by the Serbian Orthodox priest Bogdan Simanic against the Serbian journalist Aleksandra Delic, a correspondent for the Serbian newspaper Vecernje Novosti.

Delic was threatened on 1 February 2010 by Simanic over her critical reporting about the owners of Glas Podrinja. Simanic, who is a co-owner of the Serbian weekly, posed the threat by telephone when talking to another journalist, and said, translated into English: "You can tell her I will break her legs when I see her! She will remember who Priest Bogdan is."

SEEMO Secretary-General Oliver Vujovic said: "SEEMO strongly condemns the threat against Delic. As the Church plays an important role in moral development within society, SEEMO urges the Serbian Orthodox Priest Bogdan Simanic, as a Church representative and moreover as a co-owner of a weekly himself, to respect freedom of expression and opinion, and not to threaten journalists for exercising their right to freedom of speech." Vujovic added: "It is essential that journalists are able to report freely and without fear of intimidation or harassment so that they can carry out the vital activity of informing the public."

Priest rapes girl then threaten's to murder her

Belthangady: A young woman has lodged a complaint with the Uppinangady police alleging that Jose Kichankeri, a parish priest in the Belthangady Bishop House had raped her after promising to marry her. The complainant has said that the priest has even threatened to kill her if she made the matter public.

It is learnt, the priest had been to the residence of the young woman at Enjira village on April 28 along with two sisters. But the sisters were sent back very soon. Despite the request of the young woman to the priest to leave the place, the priest stayed back and then reportedly developed physical relationship with her after promising to marry.

But, when there was no hint of the priest keeping up his words, the young woman intimated the Bishop House authorities. It is learnt, the Bishop had assured to get the woman married and had sought some time. But within a few days, the priest had once again come to her house and again raped her.

Pastor rapes 9 year old girl

What happened is I already have this storey, but for some reason it isn't coming up in the search engine, so I'll just put it again. BTW this one is a little different.

The Mother of a nine year-old Nigerian girl raped by a a pastor has told a magistrate court in Lagos that she is no longer interested in prosecuting the culprit.

Mrs. Gladis Ulebe,the mother of the young girl told the presiding magistrate, Mrs. M.B. Folami when asked if she was still interested in prosecuting the case and the woman tendered a letter to withdraw the matter at the Ejigbo Magistrate court in Lagos.

Mr. David Nwaneri, a thirty eight year old former pastor at the Lord's Chosen Charismatic Renewal Movement,was arrested and charged for defilement after he was alleged to have engaged in the act at his 35, Akogun Street, Ejigbo, Lagos, Nigeria.

The eldest sister of the victim alleged that she saw him carrying the victim on his lap.

The prosecutor also alleged that he forced his victim to rob his penis to satisfy his sexual desire.

In her statement to the police,according to The PMNews, the victim disclosed that the pastor invited her into his room at about 7 p.m. on the fateful day and started putting his fingers into her private part.

Her elder sister alleged that blood was coming out of her private part when she saw her and this made her to report the matter to her mother who raised an alarm that attracted neigbours.

In his statement to the police, the pastor allegedly admitted putting his fingers into her private part but did not have sex with her.

He begged the family for an out of court settlement but the police rejected his plea.

The court subsequently struck out the matter based on the Mother's request.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Jesus, the thunder God?

Mark 3:17

And James the [son] of Zebedee, and John the brother of James; and he surnamed them Boanerges, which is, The sons of thunder:

the *he* refers to Jesus.
Now look, Jesus here refer's his creation (James and John) as the son's of thunder. So let's look at it logically: Jesus created the two men, he calls them "The son's on thunder", so apparently Jesus is a god of thunder?
Many commentators say Jesus is making a comparison, but why would he, as god, tell the two men they're son's of thunder? Any way you look at it, this is an insult to god. A non-living element giving birth to human's? Christianity believes that god can enter his creation (which is absolutely absurd), did Jesus enter into the world as lightning?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Protestant Pastor arrested for molesting 30 kids and teens

SANTIAGO, Dominican Republic – Dominican police have arrested a Protestant pastor who is accused of molesting at least 30 children and teenagers in this northern city.

Police said Thursday that Daniel Vasquez was turned over to the regional prosecutor’s office.

The cleric in custody denied the accusation and said that he had faith in the investigations being carried out by the prosecutor’s office because he is “innocent.”

The case has caused great indignation in Santiago, where parents of the affected students went to the prosecutor’s office earlier Thursday to file formal charges against Vasquez.

The Rev. Pablo Ureña, director of the Niños por una Esperanza Program in the Santiago neighborhood of Cienfuegos, where the alleged abuses occurred, asked the authorities to intensify the investigation.

Ureña, who went to the prosecutor’s office with the parents who were complaining against Vasquez, called on the suspect to turn himself in to the authorities.

Vasquez bought presents for young boys as bait, then invited them to his house, where he sexually abused them, according to the parents’ complaints.

The complainants also said that the accused was the pastor of the Jesus, Source of Salvation Church in Cienfuegos, where he got to know the boys he then abused.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baptist minister arrested on sex charges

A Rock Hill minister convicted of bilking investors out of millions of dollars now faces sexual abuse charges. It’s the third time the convicted felon who lives in York has been accused of child-abuse related charges.

The Rev. Johnny William “Bill” Cabe, 50, was arrested Tuesday after a weeks-long investigation into an alleged inappropriate relationship with a child, said Lt. Mike Baker of the York County Sheriff's Office.

Cabe was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, committing lewd act on a child under 16 and unlawfully practicing medicine, Baker said. He was released from jail Tuesday afternoon on $12,000 bond.

The charges stem from an allegation made to officers July 29 by a now 11-year-old boy, who claimed Cabe, a pastor at of Riverside Baptist Church in Rock Hill, touched him inappropriately at the church, according to a sheriff’s report and an arrest warrant.

“The charges are based on allegations over a period of time of sexual conduct between an adult and child,” Baker said. The incidents happened between December 2008 and June, according to sheriff’s documents. Cabe watched the boy while his caretaker was working and in school, the report states.

The charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor is based on allegations that Cabe provided a communication device – a subscriber identity module, or SIM card, for a cell phone – to continue contact with the 11-year-old victim after his caretaker cut off communication between them, Baker said. The child was told not to tell the caretaker about that memory card, the arrest warrant states.

The unlawfully practicing medicine charge stems from allegations Cabe performed an examination of the child, diagnosed a physical ailment and prescribed a treatment, according to an arrest warrant. Baker declined to provide further details.

“We don’t see the charge often in York County,” Baker said.

Cabe was booked around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday at the Moss Justice Center in York after turning himself in. His attorney, Thomas McKinney, was not available for comment Tuesday.

The conditions of Cabe’s bond specify that he is not to have contact with the child who is a member of his church or his family.

Cabe has a criminal history that includes allegations, but not convictions, of touching children.

Cabe was sentenced to nine years in federal prison in 2001 after being found guilty of 26 charges related to bilking religious investors out of millions of dollars. Prosecutors argued during Cabe's trial that he promised investors a return of as much as 500 percent on $8.5 million in investments in 1998 in an international high-yield investment scheme called HisWay International Ministries.

Sentenced to 109 months, Cabe was released from a federal prison July 2008, said Edmond Ross, spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He was not under supervision after his release, Ross said.

Previous misdemeanor charges of practicing medicine without a license against Cabe stem from allegations from two teenage boys in 1998 and 1999. The boys claim he performed hernia-like checks on them. Those charges were dismissed with the right to refile, said 16th Circuit Deputy Solicitor Willy Thompson.

“When he was convicted in federal court, we dismissed those charges because there was no way we could have added additional time to him at that point,” Thompson said.

Now, solicitors plan to contact the victims in those cases to consider prosecution, he said.

“Since it seems almost like a continuing pattern, we’re going to look if we can restore them,” Thompson said.

A jury acquitted Cabe of five counts of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature and two counts of performing a lewd act on a minor in 1994. The charges stemmed from his allegedly beating and fondling three young boys under his care in 1991 and 1992. Charges were initially brought in 1993.

He was convicted of assault in 1989 in connection with a confrontation with a church member, according to a State Law Enforcement Division background check.

Pastor charged with child molestation

Steven Rowe is accused of molesting 4 kids at a Douglas church and school; parents are asked to talk to daughters who might have had contact with him.

A former Coffee County pastor has been arrested and charged with four counts of child molestation and two counts of aggravated child molestation.

Investigators said Steven Rowe, 50, was pastor at First Community Church and headmaster at Faith Christian Academy in Douglas from 2002 until 2008. He is accused of molesting at least four children from 2005 to 2008, said Guy Wolfe, a Coffee County Sheriff's Office detective.

Rowe was questioned Friday after Wolfe said a complaint was filed with the Department of Family and Children Services. Rowe was held after questioning and charged Saturday. He remains in the Coffee County Jail after bail was denied.

Wolfe said the investigation is ongoing and he can't release many details, but he did say the victims were females. Investigators are asking parents to talk with their children if they were between the ages of 12 and 15 and attended the church or school while Rowe worked there.

"There's potentially other victims out there, so it's really sensitive," Wolfe said.

The church's interim pastor and headmaster at the academy, Ben Warren, said Rowe's arrest was briefly mentioned during Sunday's church services but the issue was not discussed in detail until parents gathered at the church Tuesday night.

"I've known Pastor Rowe for years. It's a shock to everybody," Warren said. "We tend to elevate the pastor. It's a major breach of trust."

Warren said parents were united in their support of the church and academy. He said Rowe's involvement with the church and academy had diminished the past 14 months because he was working at another school in Brunswick. Wolfe identified the school as Paxen Learning Corp.

Richard Semancik, executive vice president at Paxen, said Rowe is no longer an employee because of his arrest. Both Wolfe and Semancik said they don't believe Rowe had inappropriate contact with students at the center because they are all at least 16 years old, which is the age of consent in Georgia.

Warren said the issue will also be discussed with the 75 students enrolled at the academy.

"Most of our students did not know him that well," Warren said. "We're going to do some teaching with our girls and boys on how to react when something inappropriate happens."

California Pastor charged for sexual abuse

EUREKA, Calif.—Humboldt County authorities say an Arcata pastor is being held on $750,000 bail as he faces molestation charges involving a child who reported the alleged abuse at school.

Deputy District Attorney Kelly Neel said 49-year-old Dino Cardelli, of McKinleyville, Calif., was charged Monday with one count of committing the recurring sexual abuse of a child under age 14, lewd and lascivious acts with a minor, and two counts of oral copulation with a minor.

Sheriff's deputies arrested Cardelli Thursday after being notified by an official at the alleged victim's school.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Brenda Godsey says detectives think only one child is involved.

Cardelli has served as pastor at Calvary Chapel of Arcata for 15 years.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baptist Pastor charged with child abuse

Prince William County police have arrested a former youth pastor on charges that he carried on a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl in his church group.

Jason Bolton, 32, of Dumfries, began a close friendship with the girl in September 2007, police said. By early 2010, the relationship had become romantic.

Bolton, a married man with two sons and a daughter, began as a youth pastor at Potomac Crest Baptist Church in 2007. He resigned in May after the sexual allegations came to light.

In a first person profile on the church's Web site, Bolton says he was called by Jesus Christ to serve at the church after ministering to students at the University of Delaware, where he studied art in the late 1990s.

“I am not perfect and I make mistakes every day,” Bolton says in the profile that has since been removed. “My hope is that through my life I can help show youth that Jesus Loves them and that He wants them so much that He died for them.”

Bolton was being held on a $3,000 secured bond on a charge of sodomy. A court date has not been set, officials said.

Pastor charged for killing 2nd wife

TANNERSVILLE, Pa. (AP) — Police say a former pastor from Pennsylvania killed his second wife and staged a car accident to cover it up, and authorities are now re-examining his first wife's death, too.

Sixty-two-year-old Arthur Burton Schirmer was arraigned Monday in Tannersville on a criminal homicide charge in the July 2008 death of 56-year-old Betty Schirmer.

Police say Arthur Schirmer claimed he got in an accident when a deer ran in front of his car, killing his wife.

Her death was initially ruled an accident. Police reopened the case after the husband of Arthur Schirmer's mistress committed suicide.

Investigators now say Betty Schirmer was already injured before the crash and that they found her blood in a parsonage garage.

Police are now re-examining the 1999 death of Schirmer's first wife.

Another article is here:

UPDATED ARTICLE:,0,6564245.story

Pastor charged with 'indecent' act

The senior pastor at a large Pentecostal church in St. John's did not know until this week that one of his pastors is facing a sex-related charge.

Pastor Geoffrey Whitt, who is assigned to Bethesda Pentecostal Church in the east end of St. John's, was charged in December with committing an indecent act.

Whitt has been the church's children's pastor since 2002, and also runs a music camp for children.

His lawyer, Jeff Brace, told CBC News that the charge does not involve children, and that the complainant is an adult woman who told police that Whitt had exposed himself.

The senior pastor at the church, Brian Brown, did not know about the charge until he was contacted by CBC News on Tuesday.

Brown said he was shaken and taken aback by the revelation, but said he could not comment further until he learned more about the details, and about how the church's leadership wishes to respond.

Whitt is employed by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland and Labrador, which is now reviewing the case.

Whitt is scheduled to next appear in provincial court in St. John's in April.

Detroit Pastor charged with sexual assault

Man these stories never get old.

Detroit -- A pastor was arraigned today in 36th District Court on multiple charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a teenaged member of his church.

Timothy Jackson, 46, faces six counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct for his alleged activities with a 13-year-old girl.

Bond was set at $50,000, requiring $5,000 cash for his release. He was ordered to return to the court Sept. 1 for a preliminary examination of the evidence against him. The charges carry a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The alleged incidents occurred between 2009 and 2010 at Abundant Life Church, 437 Livernois in southwest Detroit, according to a statement issued today by Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

Jackson was pastor of the church at the time of the alleged assaults.

There was a fire at the church Aug. 6 that is believed to be suspicious and possibly linked to the alleged assaults, Detroit police said.

Prison for Pastor who sexually assaulted 4 girls

A pastor of an Anaheim church was sentenced Thursday to six years in state prison for sexually assaulting four underage girls who were his parishioners, authorities said.

Jose Rama Campoverde, 46, who lives in Anaheim, pleaded guilty to one felony count of lewd acts on a child under 14, five felony counts of lewd acts on a child, two misdemeanor counts of child annoyance and a sentencing enhancement allegation for lewd acts on multiple children, the Orange County district attorney's office said.

Campoverde was charged with molesting the girls, who ranged from 13 to 17 years old, on various occasions between July 2004 and September 2009. Prosecutors said he kissed the girls, touched their buttocks and hugged them.

The assaults took place at the Ministerio Cristo Vive church and other locations, according to prosecutors.

Campoverde was ordered to register as a sex offender, the district attorney's office said.

Pastor rapes woman to 'cast out demon'

P.M.NEWS gathered that the woman’s husband, also a pastor in another church sent his wife to Pastor Nna’s church to collect a bag from him.

When the victim got there, Nna reportedly told her that he saw a vision that there was danger lurking ahead in a new appointment she was about taking up that morning.

Nna was said to have deceived the colleague’s wife that she needed deliverance to cast a demon out of her body.

In the process he flogged her severely with broom and after she became exhausted, she fell down.

According to the husband, Charles Kukuise, before his wife could recover, Nna raped her. But immediately the woman became conscious she phoned her husband to reveal the incident to him.

Charles then reported the matter at Ojota Police Division.

He also rushed his wife to an undisclosed hospital where she was admitted.

After investigation, the matter was charged to the Magistrate’s Court.

The prosecutor, Assistant Superintendent of Police, ASP Eyo Owai docked the pastor on a one-count charge of raping the pastor’s wife.

When the charge was read to Nna, he pleaded not guilty.

The trial Magistrate, Mrs. Aje Afuwa granted Nna bail in the sum of N100,000 and one surety in like sum.

She adjourned the matter till 13 October, 2010 for trial.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pastor on trial for sex attack on a young girl

This is from last July. I missed it because of summer school.

A CARMARTHENSHIRE pastor accused of indecently assaulting a young girl will stand trial in October.
David Protheroe Morris, of Llety Fforddolion, in Llanpumsaint, had his plea and case management hearing heard in Welsh yesterday when he appeared at Cardiff Crown Court.

The 60-year-old, who is a pastor at the local evangelical church, denies the charge.

At an earlier hearing in April before Carmarthen magistrates, prosecutor Geoffrey Thomas told the court the allegations had only recently been made.

He said the alleged offence happened when the victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was at Morris's home.

Yesterday, Judge Philip Richards conducted the entire hearing in Welsh, save to speak to a court listings officer to request availability for a trial date in October.

Both the prosecuting and defence barristers also spoke in Welsh, while a Welsh-speaking court clerk sat in on the case.

Morris was granted bail on condition he does not contact prosecution witnesses directly or indirectly, or have contact with children aged under 16.

He will stand trial at Swansea Crown Court on October 4.

Excellent article on Sharia by female scholar

Hasn't the whole notion of shariah in America gotten a bit out of control? No, it hasn't -- it's gotten hugely, obscenely, ignorantly out of control. How many of those anti-Islam protesters holding "NO SHARIA LAW" signs (as if anyone were advocating shariah law in the U.S.) actually know what the word means? I'd say, oh, none. Roughly.

Shariah (also spelled shari'ah or sharia or shari'a) is the Arabic word for "the road to the watering place." In a religious context, it means "the righteous path." Loosely, it can mean simply, "Islam."

There are six principles of shariah. They are derived from the Qur'an, which Muslims believe is the word of God. All Islamic religious rules must be in line with these six principles of shariah.

Aha! The six principles must be about killing infidels, veiling women, stoning people for adultery, honor killings and female genital cutting, right? Nope.

Here they are, the six principles of shariah:

1. The right to the protection of life.
2. The right to the protection of family.
3. The right to the protection of education.
4. The right to the protection of religion.
5. The right to the protection of property (access to resources).
6. The right to the protection of human dignity.

Well, bless me, as a pledge-of-allegiance-reciting, California-raised Muslim girl, these six principles sound a lot like those espoused in my very own Constitution of the United States. Except that these were developed over a thousand years ago.

This is the core of shariah -- these six principles. The term "shariah law" is a misnomer, because shariah is not law, but a set of principles. To Muslims, it's the general term for "the way of God."

But how do we know what the way of God is? Early Muslims looked to the Qur'an and the words of the Prophet Muhammad to figure this out. They filled books of interpretive writings (called fiqh) about how to act in accordance with the way of God. They rarely agreed -- the fiqh is not just one rule, but many differing opinions and contradictory rules and scholarly debates.

Sometimes, shariah also refers to the whole body of Islamic texts, which includes the Qur'an, the sayings of the Prophet, and the books of interpretive literature written by medieval Muslim scholars. The first two are considered divine. The interpretive literature, the fiqh, is not.

The fiqh was meant to develop and change according to the time and place -- it has internal methodologies for that to happen. It is not static, but flexible. No religion gets to be 1400 years old and the second largest in the world unless it's flexible and adaptable.

The Qur'an is old. The fiqh books of jurisprudence are old. To modern eyes, they can look just as outdated as other ancient texts, including the Bible and Torah. That's why, just like the Bible and the Torah, the Islamic texts must be read in their historical context.

Assuming all Muslims follow medieval Islamic rules today is like assuming that all Catholics follow 9th century canon law. Islam, like Christianity, has changed many times over the centuries, and it continues to change. Focusing only on the nutcases who advocate a return to medieval times is ignoring the vast majority of modern Muslims.

For example, stoning for adultery is a punishment that appears in fiqh, as well as early Judaic law. But it does not appear in the Qur'an. In Islam, therefore, stoning was a result of cultural norms imposed on the religious texts. Moreover, in the fiqh, though the punishment for adultery was stoning, adultery was made such a fantastically difficult crime to prove that the punishment was impossible to apply. Historically, stoning was very rarely implemented in the Islamic world, which is ironic, since today the Saudi and Iranian governments apply it as though they'd never heard of the strict Islamic constraints on it.

The vast majority of Muslims today do not believe in stoning people for adultery, and many are working hard to eradicate it. Stoning is horrific and has no place in our world. The miniscule percentage of Muslims who advocate it are imposing the medieval penalty while ignoring all the myriad limitations meant to make it inapplicable.

As for other scary stories attributed to shari'a, like honor killings, veiling of women, and female genital cutting, these are cultural practices and not Islamic. They are practiced by non-Muslims of certain cultures as well as Muslims.

Shari'a is a set of religious principles and is not the law of the land anywhere in the world. The 50-some Muslim-majority countries are all constitutional states and nearly all of them have civil codes (many of these based on the French system). Being Muslim does not require a governmental imposition of something called "shari'a law," any more than being a Christian requires the implementation of "Biblical law" (though there are, of course, a tiny minority of both Christians and Muslims who do advocate such things, including Sarah Palin).

As for Islam being a political system, there is nothing in the Qur'an about an "Islamic state," and the Prophet himself never tried to implement an "Islamic state," despite hysterical accusations to the contrary. Those under his leadership practiced a variety of religions.

Traditionally, in the Islamic world, the institutions that governed were always separate from the institutions that developed religion. In fact, they often checked and balanced one another. Although no civilization has been free from all conflict, every Islamic empire was a multi-religious, multicultural empire, in which religious minorities were governed by their own laws.

The term "Islam as a religion and a state" really only became popular in the 1920s, as a reaction to Western colonization of the Muslim world. In fact, Islam contains plenty of concepts consistent with modern democracy -- for example, shura (consultation) and aqd (a contract between the governed and the governing). In other words, Muslims can be perfectly comfortable in America, following state and federal laws.

The Qur'an contains many verses advocating religious tolerance, too, though the anti-Islam protesters won't believe it. The Qur'an says that: God could have made everyone into one people, but elected not to (11:118); God made us into different nations and tribes so that we can learn from one another (49:13); there is no compulsion in religion (2:256); and that we should say, "to you your religion, to me mine" (109:6).

The only verses about fighting in the Qur'an refer specifically to the polytheistic Arab tribes who were trying to kill the Prophet in the 7th century. So the Islamophobes who look in the Qur'an for the fighting verses and assume that these verses refer to them personally are simply being narcissistic. Contrary to counting Jews and Christians as "infidels," the Qur'an repeatedly commands particular respect of Jews and Christians. It is established in Islam that you don't need to be Muslim to go to heaven.

Repeating a lie over and over again doesn't make it true; but it certainly results in people believing the lie. That's what the Islam-haters are counting on. That, and the ignorance about Islamic tenets.

So the best thing to do is find out what Islam really is about. Talk to a Muslim in person. Read an introduction to Islam (try a fun one like mine). Read Loonwatch to read about the holes in the anti-Islamic rhetoric. Or take a look at the University of Georgia's informational website on Islam, for some quick answers and further reading. If you read the anti-Islam fear-mongering websites, all you'll learn will be tall tales.

Bigotry may be a human tendency, but America has never stood for bigotry. I believe in an America that stands for pluralism and multicultural understanding. The hysteria and hate toward Muslims - resulting in several acts of violence against Muslims just this week, such as a stabbing and arson - is un-American. We must stop it, and the first step is understanding and education.

Sumbul Ali-Karamali is an attorney with an additional degree in Islamic law, as well as the author of "The Muslim Next Door: the Qur'an, the Media, and that Veil Thing."

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pastor arrested for protesting school's "evil" mascot

A minister who was arrested outside a Georgia high school for disorderly conduct says he was speaking out against the school's evil mascot.

Pastor Donald Crosby told CBS affiliate WMAZ he was "standing up for Jesus" when he was arrested Monday outside the Warner Robins school, and he'd do it again.

"I don't scare easily. Lock me up as many times as you have to lock me up. Even kill me if you have to. I'm standing up for Jesus," he said.

A Warner Robins police press release says Crosby, 26, was arrested at 7:07 a.m. outside the local high school after officers responded to a call of several people picketing there.

"Officers found the group did not possess a picketing permit," the release says.

"On several occasions, offers asked Crosby to leave the premises. He refused to comply with officers and was arrested. The remaining people dispersed in an orderly fashion," police said.

Crosby has been charged with disorderly conduct.

WMAZ reported Crosby and the group of protesters were out front of the school on the first day of classes. The school's sports teams are called the Demons.

Christian says Muslim's deserved Bosnian Genocide

From CNN in the comments section.

Muslims started the war in Bosnia by proclaiming independence of Bosnia. They started the war, they got what they deserved! Muslims killed so many Christian Serbs and even Croats in Bosnia during the war. They always end up innocent, I don't understand and If you ask for my opinion I would be the happiest person if someone buys them a one way ticket to Turkey or some other Muslim country in the middle east!

I don't think this immature brat realised that 2 christian war criminals (both top army officials) were convicted of war crimes by the UN. 7000 Muslims killed with 10-15000 Muslim women raped. I don't think a single christian serb or croat was killed by any Muslim btw. Most likely this kid is a Philippians 1:18 practicer (the verse says you are allowed to lie, cheat and decieve for Christ).