Saturday, August 14, 2010

Excellent comment on Quran 4:34

Our own Amy Lowen posted this on a popular muslim facebook group (hadith of the day):

People need to open their eyes. Compare a non-Muslim woman to a Muslim woman. Which one wears provocative clothing? Which abuses her beauty to get whatever she wants? Which uses her body for popularity and attention? Verse 4:34 refers to these SPECIFIC women ONLY. I'll have to go back to verse 4:19 where men aren't suppose to honour women who are openly "lewd" which means whatever I said in the above sentences. Today, if we look around, some Muslim women choose to ignore the dress code written in the Quran and use their God-blessed perfect body curved features to attract attention. These are the women setting up doom for themselves in the afterlife. Another example is that Miss Pakistan beauty pageant in Toronto. Hundreds of Muslim women model in bikini's, tight/short clothing etc. And you know what is on the menu for the cruise that takes them places? Alcohol.

When I see this, it only strengthens my faith even more. While I'm sad to see Muslim women take this path, it is written down in the Quran and Hadith what will happen to the Muslim faith in the future. Prophecy after prophecy is clearly being fulfilled. Also only the good, true Muslims will witness these obvious signs. Not the non-Muslims nor the bad Muslims.

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