Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Will Douglas Murray ever grow up?

So it's this guy again. His writings are worse than an evangelical site. And that tells a lot.


Mohammed believed in women's rights, says poster campaign. Oh, really?

This week sees the launch of a hilarious new campaign called “Inspired by Muhammad” (as we are now all expected to spell Mohammed). It claims to want to “improve the public understanding of Islam and Muslims”. It is being strongly pedalled by taxpayer-funded Muslim organisations. Which makes it another nice example of the British people being preached to and proselytised in an Islamic way, presumably at our own expense.

He only calls it hilarious because he's afraid of getting his inaccuracies corrected. He doesn't want his misguided fans to see the actual truth about Islam.
"Muhammed" is the corrcet way of spelling. He even gets upset something as little as this!

The site is well worth a visit. Its “Who was Muhammad?” section is particularly delicious. There are sections on Mohammed “the orphan”, Mohammed “the shepherd” and Mohammed “the husband”. There are, sadly, no sections on Mohammed “the war criminal” or Mohammed “the close friend of a little girl”.

Again we see here Douglas tearing up. There's no need to go into what he calls "war criminals", which most likely is unrelibale, false, evangelist made up material.
Unfortunately, it is sad people refuse to recognize the maturity of Aisha and the normality of the marriage. I swear If i could get Murray's mother on, she'd all us all about how her own mother married very early. Also i'm pretty sure she'd give us the legal documents, which can be easily found on the internet, about the age of consent (that was ate 10, just 100 years ago).

But the campaign’s aim is clear. It is to alter misconceptions that we are told are held by a woefully ignorant British public by telling us all about Mohammed on buses and tube trains. A YouGov poll has been brought out to coincide with the campaign’s launch. Among its findings are that:

58 per cent of people associate Islam with extremism

50 per cent associate Islam with terrorism

69 per cent believe that Islam encourages the repression of women

Now how on earth could this be? Surely these figures must demonstrate the existence of an anti-Islamic plot! Or it is it perhaps because Islam is indeed very strongly associated with extremism, violence and the repression of women, as an observer of any Islamic society can see?

Well where do these stats come from? Yes POLLS. How is Islam always portrayed? Can these people find any evidence from Islamic sources? I guarantee NOT.
I suggest Murray get his ass out of Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Lets see how many Muslim countries are left? About 55. And nearly ALL use Sharia. Is the West gonna show them in the media? Hell no because it'll only embarrass people like Douglas Murray!

The campaign posters show British Muslims saying things like: “I believe in protecting the environment. So did Mohammed.” Funniest of all is a woman barrister in a headscarf who fronts the poster: “I believe in women’s rights. So did Mohammed.” Unless, like the female poet Asma bint Marwan, you did something Mohammed didn’t like. (According to various hadiths, he had her killed for criticising Islam.) Or unless, like his bride Aisha, you were nine years old and he decided, at the age of 52, that it was time to consummate the marriage.

The assasination of Asma bint Marwan comes from an unreliable source. As educated people know, we do not accpet unreliable material. Douglas is quite upset Muahammed was a man of mercy.
When people re-bring back something they states earlier, it shows their desperate. It's obvious Douglas is cracking up.

Anyhow – details, details. As far as I’m concerned, people can believe what they want. But once they try to make other people believe it too by advertising in public places, then they will have to get used to having their platitudes critiqued and ridiculed.

Yeah lets not show the world what Islam truly is. Lets not correct people's misconceptions.
Douglas makes an actual point in the last sentence. We should be ridiculed with ignorance and misinformation. Give yourself a pat on the back Dougy!

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