Monday, May 31, 2010

The absolute sick minds of "The Religion of Peace"

These people, are willing to show a blown up head and make fun of it. What class. Kinda makes you wonder of the other things they write are true and accurate?
This site, is the same model as Jihadwatch and Atlas Shrugs. Built upon ignorance, hatred, misinformation and heavy Christian support, this site has a clear message to inhumanely mock.
Here's the link and I stress it's graphic:

The page they have talks about hijab/burka. It starts off accurately of why dressing modestly in Islam is mandatory, then runs off track. They say women are not allowed to travel by themselves. Actually, the truth from Islamic scriptures say if the trip takes 3 days, they SHOULD, not MUST, but should have a man with them.
But lets skip all that and move towards the bottom of the page. A picture shows a Palistinian suicide bomber named Zeynab. Her head is shown independent. And as we read the caption, courtesy of

Palestinian suicide bomber, Zeynab Abu Salam - she knew how to keep a tight hijab.

Are these moron's willing to say such a thing? This is no cartoon or drama. It's a real life situation.
Shame on these people and shame on whoever supports these bitches.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree. I just saw that picture and couldn't believe my ears. How could it be funny? There's something deeply wrong with these people!!

Anonymous said...

Salam brother.

I would like to refresh your knowledge on women traveling in Islam. As a Muslim, it is my duty to correct the errs and short comings and guide them to the straight path. What the christian website mentioned was correct, a Muslim women cannot travel without her Mahram, and it is not specified by time or distance. Whether the trip is long or short, a woman cannot travel on her own in Islam.


May Allaah Guide Us to the Straight Path. Ameen.

Ali said...

Wa Salaam,

Again, IslamQA is a ridiculous site for fatwas. I do not trust them. Many notable sheikhs have spoken out against what they say. And it does not take a scholar to realize what IslamQA says, so please don't quote from them.

Good fatwa sites are (run by al azher) and (run by notable scholar Ahmed Kutty)

Anonymous said...

she was a suicide bomber; a murderer... does she really deserve that kind of respect?