Monday, May 31, 2010

The absolute sick minds of "The Religion of Peace"

These people, are willing to show a blown up head and make fun of it. What class. Kinda makes you wonder of the other things they write are true and accurate?
This site, is the same model as Jihadwatch and Atlas Shrugs. Built upon ignorance, hatred, misinformation and heavy Christian support, this site has a clear message to inhumanely mock.
Here's the link and I stress it's graphic:

The page they have talks about hijab/burka. It starts off accurately of why dressing modestly in Islam is mandatory, then runs off track. They say women are not allowed to travel by themselves. Actually, the truth from Islamic scriptures say if the trip takes 3 days, they SHOULD, not MUST, but should have a man with them.
But lets skip all that and move towards the bottom of the page. A picture shows a Palistinian suicide bomber named Zeynab. Her head is shown independent. And as we read the caption, courtesy of

Palestinian suicide bomber, Zeynab Abu Salam - she knew how to keep a tight hijab.

Are these moron's willing to say such a thing? This is no cartoon or drama. It's a real life situation.
Shame on these people and shame on whoever supports these bitches.

Preacher swear's at women for cheating and wearing revealing clothes

Angry residents demolished a preacher's home because they're fed-up of his public sermons accusing female neighbours of sleeping around.

But the man of God refuses to budge and has simply rebuilt it.
Philippi residents say the pastor regularly stands in the middle of the road and starts swearing at women in front of their young children accusing them of having affairs.

People finally had enough and demolished his shack on Monday but the persistent preacher rebuilt his shack on Tuesday.

A resident says the pastor is lucky people in his area have not tried to hurt him.

"He stands in the road and tells the women they cheat on their men and others sleep with their own children," he says.

"When they confront him, he tells them God shows him their infidelities in his dreams."

A 52-year-old woman, who asked not to be named, says the pastor followed her daughter and swore at her all the way to the shop.

"He told her she is a witch who always wears revealing clothing and she learned witchcraft from me," says the disgusted woman.

The pastor was unavailable for comment. - Daily Voice

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Error's in the bible about marriage?

So I was googling the age of marriage in the Bible (I found out from Christian sites there isn't one) and came across the site "Got Questions", a Q and A for Christians. I've asked them questions before and they chose not to respond after the first question I asked (Do Christians have to follow the Old testament and which Testament leads to paradise?) for which they only partly answered, and it was the most ambiguous thing I'd ever seen (after the Bible).
So what got my attention was these alleged "scholars" answering a questioner on dating (dating is allowed in Christianity). What they said was Christians should only date/marry Christians and not non-Christians (or "unbelievers" in their words). They cited verses 2 Corinthians 6:14-15 for this and it seems like they're right,

"Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness? Or what harmony has Christ with Belial, or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever? Or what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For we are the temple of the living God; just as God said, 'I will dwell in them and walk among them; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. Therefore, come out from their midst and be separate,' says the Lord. 'And do not touch what is unclean; And I will welcome you. And I will be a Father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to Me,' Says the Lord Almighty." (2 Corinthians 6:14-18).

I went on a bit further with this passage because I'd like to quickly point out in this verse: A) We non-Christians are "darkness" B)We non-Christians are "Belial" meaning wicked, low-life, inferior and worthless C) We non-Christians are "unclean".
Wow Christianity really is a religion of love!

But have a look the verse here:

Wives, in the same way be submissive to your husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives,
(1 Peter 3:1)

Any other translation can be seen here:
All of the translations have the same meaning. One cannot be considered a "Christian" if he doesn't believe in the words of the bible, correct?
The verse clearly says women can marry non-Christians! An obvious contradiction.

Now if we look at another verse:

1 Corinthians 7:39- A woman is bound to her husband as long as he lives. But if her husband dies, she is free to marry anyone she wishes, but he must belong to the Lord

Honestly what is going through the head of whoever wrote the Bible? All of a sudden now a woman is forced to marry a Christian?? But wait, lets see an Old Testament verse, which Jesus is also the God of:

"If two brothers are living together on the same property and one of them dies without a son, his widow may not be married to anyone from outside the family. Instead, her husband's brother should marry her and have intercourse with her to fulfill the duties of a brother-in-law." (Deuteronomy 25:5)

So now this contradicts 1 Corinthians 7:39 where widows apparently, must marry the husband's brother. Why is Jesus doing this? Does this really make sense of his revelations being in contradictory of each other?

There's one other verse from the OT I'd like to discuss:

"If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, he shall pay the girl's father fifty shekels of silver. He must marry the girl, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives." (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)

Right here we see a rapist, who can be from any faith, must marry the woman. Puzzled? It is after all the Bible.

Pastor kills brother with an axe

A CHURCH pastor in Papua New Guinea has been sentenced to 16 years jail for killing his brother with an axe during a fight over kunai grass.
Lutheran pastor Kandata Maua, 55, was found guilty yesterday of killing his brother John, aged unknown, in Wapenamanda, Enga Province, in PNG's Highland region on August 20, 2008.

During a heated row over kunai grass, used as building material for traditional PNG houses, Maua hit his brother on the back of the head with the blunt side of an axe head, Wabag National Court heard.

Judge Graham Ellis said Maua would have received a longer sentence if he was younger and in better health.

"I find it difficult to understand how someone who is supposed to teach people how they should live could even think of hitting another human being on the head," Judge Ellis said.

"What makes this case worse is the person is your own brother."

Judge Ellis said he was used to sentencing people for customary payback deaths especially after arguments over pigs, because in the Highlands pigs are considered both financial and social currency.

"But this is the first time the argument is over kunai grass," he said.

"Grass can be replaced, it will grow again. But the life of a human being, such as John Maua cannot be replaced."

The tough, long growing kunai grass is collected and used in the roofs of PNG huts and to weave traditional items.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Longtime Church member raped teen

For some reason, whatever Christians do is: 1) All the time in agreement with the holy spirit, and 2) All the time in agreement with the bible.

CONCORD, N.H. — Tina Anderson was a scared 15-year-old when she was summoned by church leaders to stand before her congregation and apologize for getting pregnant out of wedlock.

Just minutes earlier in that evening service in 1997, a longtime church member admitted publicly that he had been unfaithful to his wife.

Now, 13 years later, Ernie Willis is charged with raping Anderson, and police are investigating what church leaders knew about the assault and whether they shipped Anderson out of state to keep the matter quiet.

When the pastor heard Anderson's allegations, he told her that if she had "lived in the Old Testament," she would have been stoned to death for not reporting the attack sooner.

"He also said I had 'allowed myself to be put in a compromising situation,' Anderson said. The pastor decided she needed to be "church-disciplined."

"I was completely humiliated," Anderson said, her voice quavering at the memory. "I hoped it was a nightmare I'd wake up from, and it wouldn't be true anymore."

The Associated Press does not generally identify victims of sexual assault, but Anderson asked that her name be made public. Several witnesses to the church service involving Willis and Anderson recounted details to The Associated Press.

Willis, 51, of Guilford, will be arraigned June 16 on sexual assault charges. He was released on a $100,000 personal-recognizance bond after his arrest last week. A message left on a cell phone linked to him was not returned. A woman who answered the phone at a number listed to him said he no longer lived there. Court documents do not list an attorney.

Concord police also are weighing whether to bring obstruction-of-justice charges against anyone who may have concealed the girl's location during the initial investigation, which authorities say they were forced to shelve when there was no victim to testify.

After all these years, Anderson decided to come forward after she was contacted by a Concord police detective in February.

She told police she started baby-sitting for Ernie and Tammie Willis' children when she was 14. When she was 15, Willis volunteered to teach her to drive after her mother refused to do so.

During one of those driving sessions, she says, Willis pulled her into the back seat in a parking lot and assaulted her. The second attack occurred weeks later, when she said Willis came to her house, pushed her onto a couch and raped her again.

Anderson said she realized several months later that she was pregnant, and her mother took her to the pastor at Trinity Baptist Church for counseling.

This week, Pastor Chuck Phelps said he reported the accusation to police and child welfare authorities within a day of his conversation with Anderson and her mother. He would not discuss the church discipline session or his role in relocating her to Colorado to live with a family of another independent fundamentalist Baptist congregation.

Police refused to release any reports, citing the ongoing investigation.

Here's the source:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

7 year old girl beaten to death for mispronouncing Bible

A Paradise couple accused of beating their 7-year-old adopted daughter to death will be in court this morning for a scheduled preliminary hearing.
Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz face one count of murder, one count of torture and one count of child abuse. The torture count alleges that the parents beat their 11-year-old adopted daughter so severely she ended up in the hospital with kidney failure. The child abuse charge is for bruising authorities reportedly found on the couple's 10-year-old biological son.

The Schatzes are parents to six biological children and three they adopted from Liberia about three years ago. Seven-year-old adopted daughter Lydia died of blunt force trauma in February. According to authorities, she was beaten for several hours with a quarter-inch plumbing supply line as her parents took turns holding her down and using the instrument. The blows reportedly cause Rhabdomyolysis, which is a breakdown of muscle tissue which fatally damaged her vital organs. The 11-year-old was allegedly beaten in a similar manner the previous night.

According to Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey, the parents appeared to be following the methods of Michael and Debi Pearl, founders of a controversial fundamentalist religious group, No Greater Joy Ministries.

They also wrote a controversial parenting book "To Train Up a Child." In their literature, the Pearls encourage parents to use a quarter-inch plumbing supply line (or other items like rulers, paddles or tree branches) as a "rod" to "train up" their children. Though they tell parents not to injure their children, they also encourage constant "switching" or "licks" for not only disobedience but also for things like spilling nuts or being foolish. Additional "licks" are recommended when the child cries out.
According to local authorities, Lydia's "biblical chastisement" leading to her death may have been for mispronouncing a word during a home-school reading lesson. The Schatzes entered not guilty pleas to all charges in March. Kevin Schatz will be represented by Defense Attorney Michael Harvey while Elizabeth Schatz will be represented by Defense Attorney Kevin Sears.

The preliminary hearing allows the judge to hear evidence against the defendants from the prosecutors and witnesses as well as arguments and cross examination from the defense attorneys. The judge then determines if the case will proceed to trial. According to Ramsey, however, it appears likely that the preliminary hearing will be waived today and the case will proceed.

Both defendants are being held in the Butte County Jail on bail of $2 million each. Both face two life terms in state prison if convicted.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Robert Spencer refuted by a Muslim woman

Should be no surprise. Muslim women are very knowledgeable and know how to defend and spread the truth about God and his prophet, peace be upon him. Plus it's only Robert Spencer. This is an article from The American Muslim. It's very informative and they also have numerous articles on Robert Spencer, exposing his use of Philippians 1:18 (lying, cheating, deceiving for Christ)

Here's the article:

Christian teachers bully atheist

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. (WSVN) -- Two teachers are under investigation after they are accused of sprinkling a colleague with holy water.

Blanche Ely High School teachers Leslie Rainer and Djuna Robinson, who profess that they are Christians, are accused of sprinkling holy water onto fellow teacher Schandra Tompkinsel Rodriguez because she had expressed her atheist beliefs.

"As a Christian and as a parent there is a time and place to profess your faith to somebody," said concerned parent Lina Lucente.

According to students, during third period on March 11, Rodriguez expressed her beliefs on religion. "Ms. Rodriguez was saying that she's an atheist and that she doesn't believe in God," Toni Calloway said.

Rainer and Robinson overheard a conversation Rodriguez was having with students. "Ms. Rainer, she was trying to tell her not to say that she doesn't believe in God in front of students, like don't talk about religion in front of the kids," said Calloway.

"There was a discussion and one of the kids said, 'Ms. Rodriguez is an atheist.' She concurred, 'Yes, I'm an atheist.' Then, one of the kids said, 'We should sprinkle her with some holy water,'" the Teachers' Attorney, Johnny McCray, said. "There was no dousing. There was no attempts to douse nor faking as though I am going to douse. Nothing whatsoever."

Officials said the two teachers grabbed what they called holy water and sprinkled it on the self-professed non-believer. School officials said they have an ongoing investigation into the incident and cannot comment. However, both teachers have been reassigned.

Parents are disturbed by what happened. "I think it's up to the parents, to you know, give their kids direction on what religion and their beliefs," Jaime said.

Both Rainer and Robinson are Blanche Ely High School alumni and have been teachers for 20 years.

Rodriguez was not available for comment.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Radical Bishop for Muslim Country

Oh yea I remember. 2 christian war criminals were arrested for their genocide against Muslims. And only more christians show up expressing their "sympathy".

BELGRADE - THE Serbian Orthodox Church has appointed a hardliner as the new bishop in Kosovo after a predecessor was replaced over an alleged financial fraud.

The church says that the new spiritual leader of Serbs in Kosovo will be Bishop Amfilohije Radovic, who is notorious for his nationalist and conservative beliefs.

The appointment late on Thursday signals that the Serbian church remains firm in its rejection of Kosovo's Western-backed declaration of independence in 2008.

The Serbian church considers Kosovo the cradle of its foundation.

Hundreds of Serbian monasteries, some dating to the medieval era, are located there.

The previous Kosovo bishop, Artemije, was replaced in February over allegations that he embezzled church and state funds. -- AP

Life sentence for evangelist who murdered wife

MOBILE (Alabama) - AN ALABAMA evangelist who authorities say terrorised his family while preaching at revivals has been sentenced to life plus 51 years in prison after being convicted of killing his wife and storing her body in a home freezer.

Circuit Judge John Lockett imposed the sentence on Thursday on Anthony Hopkins.

Assistant District Attorney Ashley Rich called Hopkins 'evil of the worst kind.' Defense attorney Jeff Deen said his client admits putting his wife's body in the freezer, but he doesn't know how she died.

Prosecutors say Hopkins killed his wife in 2004 after she caught him molesting a girl. The wife's body was discovered in 2008.

Besides the murder conviction, Hopkins was sentenced on convictions including sodomy and sexual abuse. -- AP

Radical Christianity rises in Georgia

Oh yes no media coverage of course. No CNN or any western outlet.

Live televised debates in Kavkasia TV’s studio between leaders of hardline Orthodox Christian groups and thier opponents grew into a fistfight outside the Tbilisi-based station’s studio late on Friday [7 May] night.

Young men affiliated with radical group, known as Union of Orthodox Christian Parents, which has became associated with a newly established People’s Orthodox Christian Movement, verbally and physically assaulted some of Kavkasia TV program’s guests and also some members of the station’s staff, witnesses said.

…Malkhaz Gulashvili, who founded People’s Orthodox Christian Movement, in March, 2010, told the movement members at an indoor gathering on May 7, that the movement was launching struggle “to set Georgia free of a dictate by Liberty Institute ” – an influential Tbilisi-based think tank with links to the authorities. Gulashvili said Liberty Institute and its affiliates in Ilia State University’s administration were “promoting anti-religious ideology.”

Malkhaz Gulashvili is a powerful media tycoon in the country.

In particular, complaints have been made about a book entitled Saidumlo Siroba, which translates as Holy Crap, but is derived from the words “Saidumlo Seroba”, the Georgian term for the Last Supper. “Siroba” also recalls the word “dick”. The author is a certain Erekle Deisadze, and the book was launched at the university. The Georgian Times helpfully provides an extract of passages the movement finds offensive:

“I have often thought of rubbing out my parents. I sucked the tit which my father probably licked during sexual intercourse… I welcome this kind of stuff, like my sister’s secret masturbations, and I am pissing in my pants when I imagine all that… God is a holy product packaged for marketing. The masses, whose consciousness is full of sediment, are ruled by Him. Today this society saturated with snobbery is a mass ready to fight to the last drop of blood to save this product which they have little idea of. Heresy is the only way to experience a mental erection… Do you remember the star shining in the sky over Bethlehem which signaled the birth of Christ? Similar lights appear over McDonalds.

According to a statement published by the Georgian International Media Centre:

On May 4 2010 members of same groups publicly assaulted and verbally harassed representative of Public Defender Beka MIndiashvili, Ilia University Professor Simon Janashia, journalist Ninia Kakabadze, activist Paata Sabelashvili and other persons who gathered in front of Ilia University for defending freedom of expression of one of the authors. Mobs of persons loudly sweared, spat and assaulted a small peaceful gathering of activists. Some activists, like Acho Khachidze were chased and assaulted in the street, ambushed and threatened at their homes. Others, like editor of a weekly magazine Liberal Shorena Shevardashvili were verbally harassed and threatened via electronic mail, social networking websites or at their workplaces.

That report describes the Orthodox protestors as “neo-Nazis”; this news report makes the same association

And then there's a youtube video about this:

There's alot more good info on the link:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pastor charged for stealing over $400 000

The pastor of a church in Aurora has been charged with three felony counts of theft by deception for allegedly bilking three men, including one member of his church, out of more than $470,000.

The pastor, 49-year-old Howard Richmond, of the 2900 block of Brossman Avenue in Naperville, was taken into custody about 6 a.m. Wednesday without incident after Aurora Police executed a search warrant at his home, according to a release from Aurora police.

Richmond heads Life Ministries, a storefront church located at 4054 Fox Valley Center Drive in Aurora.

The criminal charges are the culmination of an ongoing Aurora Police investigation that began more than 13 months ago when a 60-year-old Skokie doctor who is a member of the congregation at Life Ministries, accused Richmond of swindling around $400,000 from him between December of 2008 and March of 2009.

The doctor said that Richmond approached him following a service about investing money to help purchase the shopping center property where the church is currently located, and to help fund the building of a new church.

According to the victim, Richmond apparently had documents indicating he had several million dollars in the bank but due to a complicated business partnership, could not access the funds until a later date. Richmond also allegedly promised the doctor a healthy return on his investment, the release said.

After initially giving Richmond $11,000 the doctor handed over money on several more occasions when Richmond gave him differing reasons as to why he couldn’t access the money from the previous business relationship.

Richmond allegedly used the same ruse to deceive a 43-year-old Aurora man with whom he had a previous business relationship out of $8,000 in May, 2009; and a 64-year-old Chicago dentist who had purchased some church related DVDs, out of more than $67,000 between July and August of 2009.

It is not clear what Richmond did with the money, police said.

In lauding the work of lead detective Scott Reid, Aurora Police Investigations Lieutenant Paul Nelson said, “This case was complicated, tedious and time consuming. Investigator Reid had to scour through thousands of pages of bank and other legal documents and piece together intricate details that eventually led to securing the charges. He did an outstanding job.”

Richmond’s bond call is pending in DuPage County Court.,pastor-aurora-charged-swindling-money-051910.article

Police in Australia raid ministry

POLICE have seized an arsenal of weapons, high-powered ammunition and explosives from South Australian properties linked to a doomsday cult.
About 90 police have been involved in searches over the past two days targeting 12 properties owned by a religious sect known as the Agape Ministries of God, which allegedly believes the world is coming to an end.

Detectives today raided a property which was formerly part of the Hillcrest psychiatric hospital at Oakden, where they removed numerous boxes from three shipping containers, AdelaideNow said.

They also were at Mt Magnificent, where they were searching a dam.

Major Fraud detectives said they had arrested four men and charged them with firearms offences.

The searches have uncovered five unsecured firearms at four properties and ammunition, as well as detonators and explosive fuses.

"A substantial amount of high-powered ammunition was located secreted in the metal frames of bed heads located at one of the premises," police said.

An Upper Sturt man, 46, a Mt Compass man, 49, an Oakden man, 38, and an Aberfoyle Park man, 48, will all face court on firearms offences.

The properties are owned by a religious sect known as Agape Ministries of God, members of which reportedly believe the world is coming to an end.

The sect and its Adelaide leader, "Pastor" Rocco Leo, have featured recently in a Today Tonight investigation.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gospel Musicians charged with break-ins

ATLANTA – Two gospel singers are facing multiple charges after authorities say they played uplifting music for several Georgia churches, then stole some $100,000 worth of speakers, microphones and other musical equipment.

Washington County Sheriff Thomas H. Smith said Tuesday that 28-year-old Deshawn Rico Thomas, of Augusta, and 28-year-old Rico Pionegro Blackshear, from Dublin, have each been charged with nine counts of theft by taking and nine counts of burglary.

Smith says authorities had been investigating nine break-ins at churches in central Georgia over the past several months. He says a tipster told authorities the pair might be linked to the break-ins and authorities executing a search warrant found musical equipment in the men's homes and cars.

Neither man had a listed phone number. Thomas said he did not know if they had attorneys

David Wood's thoughts

David here thinks Muslims are always free of harassment, insults etc. Look at his comment from:

You'd have quite a bit of trouble finding a large group of students who call for the annihilation of Muslims.

When I was on Jihadwatch debating those ignorant Christians (that is why I left realising they will never learn to admit the truth) I witnessed the most disturbing comments. How the US should send Muslims to Mars, or nuke Mecca (written by several) or flat out kill Muslims. This is what the "monitored" comments appear on Robert Spencer's site and I'm guessing the White Supremacist Pamela Geller has angry haters as well, and yeah literally angry haters, be imaginative about it.
See Youtube and Christians' comments about Islam and Muslims. Again we see us being shot to outter space, us being killed and so on. I don't know what David is trying tell.

So lets stop for a second. Ignore the oppression of the Palistinians, and support Israel. Think from a Palistinian's persepective. His/her home is destroyed, his/her family is killed, his/her friends have also left this world. How do they feel? Don't they feel somewhat upset? Israel continues to expand their borders, pushing Palistinians further away. How would Palistians feel?

I guess you can say the same for Al Queda and Taliban. I don't support their unIslamic activity, but Christians label this as a Jihad against the West. With the support of unreliable, out-of-context material, this is an excuse to show what Islam teaches. What is the extremists view? They live in their homelands, occupied by US forces firing missiles over their heads. How should they feel?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The supernatural events at the Prophet Muhammed's birth

We all know the clear signs of Muhammed, peace be upon him, that he was a Prophet of God. His birth, childhood and life was dedicated to spread the truth.

What are the supernatural events witnessed during the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and miraculous events occurred at the night he was born?

From the narrations by his mother:

Reverend mother, Hazrat Amina, who was deemed worthy of such a unique honor that no any other mother ever was, describes that blissful moment as follows:

“Someone came towards me in my dream in the sixth month of my pregnancy and said: “O Amina! Know that you are pregnant to the most decent person of the universe. When you give birth to him, name him Muhammad and do not tell about it to anyone!” Then the time for birth came. My father-in-law was away, performing Hajj. I was at home. Suddenly I heard a voice. I felt as if I would melt with horror. It was there. A white bird appeared and came to me; and it patted my back with its wing. I did not feel any fear or anxiety from then on. I had a look around. They were serving me syrup in a white jug. As soon as I drank it, I was covered with a sea of light.

And Mohammad was born.”
The reverend Mother tells about afterbirth as follows: “I saw a flag in the east, a flag in the west and a flag on the Qaaba. The birth was over. I looked at the baby. He was on sajdah (prostration) and his finger was raised up towards sky. Then a white cloud came down and swaddled the baby. I heard a voice: Show him around the east and the west, show the seas, so that creatures will know Muhammad with his name, his title and his face.
Then the cloud disappeared away.”
Also at the same night, Hazrat Amina saw a divine light and in the brightness of that light, she watched palaces and mansions in Damascus.

Observations by Midwives Shifa and Fatima

At the time the Lord of the Universe (Prophet Mohammad) was born, Shifa who was Abdurrahman bin Awf’s mother and Fatima who was Uthman bin Abul’l As’s mother were together with the reverend mother. Shifa, who was one of the midwives, described her observations at that time as follows:
“I was there when The Messenger of Allah was born. I quickly came there for help. I heard a voice: “May Allah’s mercy be upon him.” The distance between the south and the north was filled with divine light. And I saw some palaces of Byzantine in that light. Then I took the Messenger of Allah in my arms and started to suckle him. I started to tremble and almost fainted. The baby disappeared in front of my eyes. A voice asked: ‘Where has he gone?’ Another one replied: ‘They took him to the east.’
I never forgot those words. Therefore, as soon as the Messenger of Allah declared his prophethood I went to him and accepted his faith together with the first Muslims.” (1)
Fatima said that the house where the birth took place was filled with divine light and the stars in the sky seemed as if they would fall into the house. (2)
Another specialty of Prophet Mohammad was that he was born circumcised and his umbilical cord was already cut off. (3) There was “The seal of prophethood” between his shoulder blades on his back, just in the line with his heart. It was formed by hairy, raised and reddish freckles which looked like pearls and it was in the size of a partridge egg. The seal was a sign indicating that he was the last prophet being awaited for a long time.
Saib bin Yazid, one of the Companions, tells about the seal as follows: “When I was a child, my aunt took me to the Prophet and said: O Messenger of Allah, there is a pain in my nephew’s foot.
The Messenger of Allah patted my head with his hand and prayed for me. Then he took ablution. I drank from the ablution water. Then I stood behind him and I saw the seal of prophethood between his shoulders; it was as big as the huge buttons of the tent (or a partridge egg).”
Describing the Messenger of Allah, Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “He was broad between his shoulder blades and it was obvious that he was the last prophet from the seal of prophethood between his shoulder blades.”

1. Qastalani, Mawahibu’l-Laduniyya, 1/122

2. Qadi Iyaf, Shifa, 1/267

3. It is narrated that Hazrat Adam, who was the first human being and the first prophet, was also born circumcised. Moreover, sources record that Seth, Enoch (Idris), Noah, Moses, Solomon, Shuaib (Jethro), John (Yahya) and Hud (Eber) from prophets were also born circumcised.

What are the miraculous events that occurred on the earth when the Prophet (pbuh) was born?

The greatest event in the universe, for sure, is the birth of Prophet Mohammad, the Lord of the Universe.
This is because he is the seed of the tree of creation. If Allah had not willed his birth, there would neither be universe nor human beings now. Therefore, the door to the world of testing would not be opened. “If one looks at this great universe as if it were a book, the divine light of Prophet (pbuh) will be the ink of the pen of that book’s writer. If one considers this great universe as if it were a family tree, the divine light of Muhammad will be both its seed and fruit. If one considers the world a great living being, this divine light will be its spirit. If one considers it an enormous human being, that divine light will be its wit.”
This is mystery to which the hadith “But for you, the dearest, I would not have created the skies (the universe)” indicates.

Moreover, Hazrat Muhammad’s prophethood is not particular to a specific community, but general and universal. Accordingly, some miraculous events would certainly occur when he honored the world with his arrival. And these events would make intelligent and sagacious people think.
During the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, the following miraculous events occurred:

1) A star was born at the night he was born.

There were many scholars amongst Jews. They deduced from their books that the Messenger of Allah would come. They were expert in making conclusions from the movements of stars. At the night the Prophet was born, a star shone in the sky and Jewish scholars understood that the last Prophet was born.
Famous poet of the Prophet, Hassan bin Thabit describes it as follows:
“I was about eight years old. One morning a Jewish man was running crying out ‘Hey Jews!’ Jews gathered around the man saying ‘What is it? Why are you shouting?’ The man was crying out: ‘Let me give this news to you, Ahmad’s star was born tonight. Ahmad was born tonight.” (1)”
The following is narrated by Ibn al-Sa’d regarding the issue:
“There was a Jewish man living in Mecca. In the morning after the night the Messenger of Allah was born, he went and stood in front of the people of Quraish and asked:
“Was a baby boy born tonight in your tribe?”
People of Quraish answered: We do not know. Upon this answer, he continued his speech:
“Go, search and seek; the prophet of this community was born tonight. He has got a sign on his back.”
People of Quraish went and made a search. They came to the Jewish man and gave the news:
“Abdullah had a son tonight; he has got a sign on his back.”
The Jewish man went and saw the seal of prophethood. And he cried out as if he had lost his mind:
“Prophethood is not with Israelites anymore. The people of Quraish will be bestowed with such a great fame that it will be heard everywhere from east to west.” (2)
The sky was celebrating the birth of the Great Prophet with cressets of stars shining brightly.

2) Fourteen towers of Kisra’s Palace in the city of Madayin fell down.

It was the night the Lord of the Universe was born. The clock struck the hour he was born. The city of Madayin, which was in a deep sleep, woke up with a terrible crackling noise. The scene was terrifying and hectic. Fourteen towers of the Sovereignty Palace, which were so firm, had crackled and fallen down.
Kisra, who spent the night in fear, called religious leaders of the country for a meeting as soon as the morning broke. They would discuss about what happened that night in the meeting. Kisra sat in his throne with his crown on. No sooner had they started the meeting than a man on horseback, running at a full gallop brought a letter. In the letter, it was written that the fires which had been burning brightly for thousands of years in Istahrabad died out. This news added to Kisra’s fear and excitement.
At that time, Iran’s head qadi (judge), Mubezan, took the floor and told them a dream he had:
“I saw that hundreds of roaring camels, with rearing Arabian horses before them, swam across the River Tigris and spread into the lands of Iran.”
Kisra found this dream of honest, knowledgeable and just Mubezan very meaningful. He grew nervous to the utmost. He wanted to solve this puzzle. He asked Mubezan, whose knowledge and wisdom he trusted:
“Then, what does it mean?”
The head qadi’s answer was short and yet succinct:
“It means that something very important will happen on the Arabian side.”
Upon this, Kisra wrote a letter to Numan bin Munzir, the governer of Hira. In the letter, he said ‘If there is anyone from the scholars there who are knowledgeable enough to answer my questions, send him here right away!” Having received the letter, Numan understood the seriousness of the issue and sent a scholar named Abdul-Masih bin Amr to Madayin right away.
The ruler gave audience to the scholar right away.
After telling the scholar what happened, Kisra asked him to explain tem. Abdul-Masih told him that he could not give information to Kisra about what happened and he added:
“My uncle Satih, who lives near Damascus, has got enough knowledge to answer them.”
Upon this, Kisra assigned Abdul Masih to go and get information about the events from Satih.
Famous prognosticator of Damascus, Satih, was a freak of nature, his body being boneless and having almost no organs, his face being on his chest, and he was very old. He would lie on his back all the time. When he was called to a place, they would fold him like a packet. The news of the unknown and unseen he said was true and he was very popular with people of the time.
Abdul Masih covering a long, hard way, he arrived in his uncle Satih’s. Satih was living the last days of his life. He was suffering severely from a serious illness. The severity of the illness left him no strength to speak and he could neither salute him nor speak.
However, when Abdul Masih told him what happened, he suddenly changed. Satih, who was in throes of death in his bed, opened his eyes and started to cry out in excitement as if he was at the door of life and not of the grave:
“O Abdul Masih! Divine revelation will be read more. The owner of the baton has been sent as a prophet. The Valley of Samawa had been flooded. The fire of the Persians has died out. And Damascus is not Damascus anymore for Satih. Keep in mind that the Unique Judge who can rule the time willed this and He tied up the both ends of the rope of prophethood.”
He took a deep breath and added:
“As many as the number of the towers that fell down, Rulers will come out from the Sasanids and then the promise will be realized.” (3)

Those words were the last words Satih spoke; as if he had waited to put this truth into words before dying. As soon as he finished speaking, he closed his eyes and submitted his soul to Allah. Famous prognosticator Satih heralded the birth of The Last Prophet clearly with those words. This event, which nothing like it was ever seen before, indicated that the sovereignty of Persia which was writhing in four dark beliefs of Mazdaism would be swept away by the undying light which the prominent person who was born that night brought with himself. As a matter of fact; history witnessed it and what Satih foresaw occurred: the State of Persia was included into the lands of Islam by the Prophet’s army is Qadisiyya, after the sovereignty of fourteen rulers which lasted for 67 years.

3) Most of the idols, which covered the Qaaba with darkness and filthiness, broke and fell down:

The idolaters of Quraish had covered the Qaaba with darkness of idols, which once was the place where Allah’s oneness had become an honored symbol for the first time. However, these idols which were clinched with lead, could not stand before the greatness of the birth of Great Prophet, the representative of the creed of Tawhid (Allah’s Oneness) and fell down.
This had an important meaning: The person who was just born would sweep away the idolatry as the duty assigned to him required. The creed of Tawhid, so pure and blissful, would bloom in peoples’ hearts.
The world witnessed it. The Honorable Prophet set the Qaaba free from those lifeless idols and also replaced the idols in hearts by the faith of Islam.

4) Enormous fire of Zoroastrians which had been burning for thousands of years in Istihrabad suddenly died out.

Zoroastrians regarded that fire as their god. Upon the birth of the Prophet, that enormous fire died out like a simple fire killed by flood from the ocean. That is to say; the person who was just born would sweep away Zoroastrianism, like Idolatry, too in a short time and would light up the earth with the cresset of Tawhid.

5) The famous Lake of Sawa (Tabariyya), which was deemed holy, dried up all of a sudden.

It also indicated that the person who was just born would prohibit glorifying the things which Allah does not allow.

6) A divine light, which lit up the east and the west as if they had been a small room, was observed at the time of his birth.

It meant that the religion which would be conveyed by the person who was just born would embrace the east and the west and would train and educate one fifth of humankind affectionately.

7) The Valley of Samawa disappeared under the floods.

It was the night The Great Prophet was born. Floods covered the Valley of Samawa and the city of Samawa. The people of the city sought refuge by climbing up the hills and mountains in horror. Then they wrote a letter to Kisra, explaining the situation, and asked for food and drink from him.

8) Stars fell down from the sky:

Stars fell down from the sky like the leaves in autumn at the night the Prophet was born. (5) That event indicated that the devil and the jinn would not be able to take information from the sky anymore. “As The Messenger was born with revelation, of course it was necessary to hinder prognosticators and the jinn who gave superficial information mixed with lies so that they would not mix doubts into revelation. Yes, prognostication was very wide-spread before the prophet. After the Quran was sent, it gave an end to them. Moreover, many prognosticators became believers, because they could not find their informants from the jinn anymore”. (6)
Of course, it was not coincidental that those events which had not been seen before occurred at the time the Prophet was born. They occurred with the will of the Eternal Might and heralded the world about the birth of the Last Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh).

Sunday, May 9, 2010

David Wood on the Quran error

I find it silly Christians who attack Islam, make up lies (not referring to David here) and come up with just plain useless attempts. What's more annoying is Muslim responses get ignored and brushed aside. It's because Christians are ALWAYS right. We should listen to them for Islam, even though they know nothing about the one true religion.
David Wood on his show claimed the error in the Quran is that Mary was the sister of Aaron. Here's his post:

And responses to this by Muslims:

What's actually happening is that Mary was a sister to Aaron FAITH WISE.

Muslim reported NY bomb to police

JEDDAH - One of the first people who spotted the SUV used in the failed Times Square bombing was Muslim and that has been increasingly brought to light by the media in the US, Rashad Hussein, special US envoy to the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), said here Sunday.
In Washington, US Attorney General Eric Holder Sunday said evidence shows a Pakistan Taliban group closely allied with Al-Qaeda was behind the attempted bombing in New York’s Times Square.
Holder, in an interview on ABC television’s “This Week,” said there was nothing to suggest the Pakistani government was aware of the plot. “We’ve now developed evidence that show the Pakistani Taliban were behind the attack,” Holder said.
Addressing the media after a series of meetings with OIC officials, Rashad assured that the Obama administration was committed to addressing issues that have been the source of tension between the United States and the Muslim World.
“As you know the US president has made significant commitment to these issues. And this is the top priority of the United States administration to continue in our process of engaging with the Muslim communities all around the world,” he said.
“The Palestinian-Israeli conflict was the first issue Mr. President mentioned in the Cairo speech.”
Answering a question on why concrete actions were not taken by the Obama administration to hold the Israeli settlement activity in the occupied land, he said the US understands that the issue is crucial and important and that President Obama has given it a significant priority.
The president of United States doesn’t accept the legitimacy of Israeli settlements, he said.
“In his first week in office, Obama appointed Senator Gorge Mitchell as his special envoy to the region,” Rashad said. “It is not something that the United States has waited until the last part of the administration or even for a second term.” – SG

From the Saudi Gazette:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pastor sexually assaults two girls

A self-styled pastor now serving five years in prison for the sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl was sentenced Monday to an additional nine months for abusing another girl.

Daniel Cormier, 58, was convicted of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl who was a parishioner and volunteer at the now defunct Église du Centre-Ville (Church of Downtown Montreal) — a church which catered to the drug-addicted and downtrodden.

Cormier will serve the sentence after completing the five year term he received in January 2009 for the sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl he claimed he had married.

Both girls turned to Cormier’s church when they were having problems at home.

Cormier became a sort of parental figure in the lives of the girls and frequently stayed and vacationed with him, said members of the church.

The teenage girl viewed Cormier as a sort of “guru,” said Crown prosecutor Anne Gauvin.

Cormier’s actions were persistant and planned exploitation, noted Quebec Court judge Claude Leblond in his sentencing.

Cormier did not express any remorse in either case and did not testify Monday.

The sexual assaults occurred sporadically between 1993 and 1996. In the first case, which pre-dated the assaults on the 16-year-old, Cormier insisted he was innocent and his 10-year-old victim was in love with him

Read more:

Pastor beats up child

A member of the Point Church congregation in Little Elm was arrested today and charged with injury to a child, a third degree felony. His bond has been set at $10,000.

Jared Rost, 36, got into an argument with a 13-year-old boy about 35 to 40 minutes after church on April 18. Rost is president of the Power for Life ministry, unconnected with Point Church.

According to Brad Sutton, pastor of Point Church, two boys were playing football and got into a fight.

Witnesses said Rost pinned 13-year-old T.J. Flores to the ground and smacked him. Rost is a 250-pound bodybuilder.

Sutton said Rost wants everyone to know he (Rost) was defending his 10-year-old son.

“According to witnesses he went ballistic,” Little Elm Detective Oscar Hinojosa said. “The child had a lot of bruises. He went to the hospital and was treated and released after a couple of hours.”

The detective said witnesses told him Rost threw a bamboo stick at Flores and hit him with his fists. Hinojosa said Rost is still innocent until proven guilty.

“This was completely inappropriate, was completely wrong, against the law and that's why he's in jail, because he violated the law. It was completely unacceptable by our standards in society,” Hinojosa said.

“We are shocked and saddened at this event and we want to be as helpful as we possibly can. We're praying for the boy and his family and we want to be of help to all who were involved in this,” Brad Sutton said.

So get this, the pastor was defending his son because the 2 kids got into a little argument, so he uses his strength and beats the hell out of a boy.

Women sue pastor's for rapes

This article is actually a few years old. We don't put up old articles often, but the abuse of women in Christianity needs attention (by the way, you can find hundreds of them).

Four women who claim they were sexually assaulted by their pastor are suing Christian Gospel Temple in Cross Plains, Tennessee for allowing the assaults to continue.

Lynette Fay, now 26, says that Reverend Paul Mears "basically raped me on a daily basis" when she was between the ages of 4 and 12. She believes that church leader Cornelius Mears, the brother of her alleged assailant, knew and did nothing to stop it.

Crystal Mears, says that Paul Mears, who is her grandfather, raped her when she was eight and told her, "God will condemn your soul if you ever speak a word of this to anyone."
The women charge that the temple is a cult which controls the smallest details of its members' lives. It was originally located in Chino, California, but in 1993 Cornelius Mears told the congregation they were moving to Tennessee, and hundreds of his followers gave up their jobs and followed him.

The current pastor has released a statement saying, "We believe the allegations against the Christian Gospel Temple are not correct or true."

I'd like to know where the article found the word "cult" from the ladies? Most likely other versions of this storey didn't include "cult".

Here is the site for the church:

Egyptian Christians angered over best selling novel

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Quran literally says not to kill children!

With Christians doing their best to show honor killings exist in Islam (which obviously doesn't), I came across this verse:

[6:151] Say, "Come let me tell you what your Lord has really prohibited for you: You shall not set up idols besides Him. You shall honor your parents. You shall not kill your children from fear of poverty - we provide for you and for them. You shall not commit gross sins, obvious or hidden. You shall not kill - GOD has made life sacred - except in the course of justice. These are His commandments to you, that you may understand."

And lets turn over to the New Testement (just note several honour killing verses exist in the old testement):

Mark 7:10 For Moses said, 'Honor your father and your mother,' and, 'Anyone who curses his father or mother must be put to death.'

Mathew 15:4 For God said, 'Honor your father and mother' and 'Anyone who curses his father or mother must be put to death.'

Now look at that. Jesus clearly said to slaughter rebellious kids as a commandment to his prophets throughout the OT and right up here in Matt 15:4.