Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pastor rapes church member

JOHANNESBURG — A Zion Christian Church pastor who allegedly raped a woman churchgoer who came to him with her husband for help with marital problems, appeared in the Krugersdorp Magistrate’s Court yesterday, Johannesburg police said.

The pastor asked the husband to leave before he could “heal” the woman, Inspector Solomon Sibiya said, and then forced the complainant to the floor and raped her.

Why again do Christians love natural disasters?

While many nations are trying to send food, water, clothing and some shelter, Christians are giving bibles.

Pastor arrested for sex crimes

This is from last October. I can't believe I missed this.

A Central Illinois pastor is behind bars for sex crimes.

Tyson Graves is in trouble for internet sex crimes involving a child. He's the founder of a ministry to help men fight the battle for sexual honesty. Graves is a pastor at Allenville Christian Church, and he's in charge of True Manhood Ministries.

The 28-year-old man is accused of exposing himself using a web cam with who he thought was a girl under the age of fifteen. It was actually a sergeant with the Gilpin County Sheriff's Office in Colorado. According to records, Graves asked the portrayed child sexual questions, asked for sexual photos of her, and even provided his cell phone number.

On Graves' ministry website, his wife chronicles her husband's repeated problems with internet pornography throughout their nine-year marriage. She says it's the work of the devil. The couple has two children.

Pastor charged for stealing from church

LAWRENCE (WBZ) ―The pastor of a Lawrence church, his wife, and the church's secretary have been charged with embezzling almost $137,000 from the congregation's bank account.

The Rev. Isaias Rivera, pastor of Tabernaculo de Adoracion y Musica, and his wife, Vivian, were arrested on Thursday.

Church secretary Kizzella Rivera turned herself in.

The alleged embezzlement took place between 2004 and 2009.

Police told WBZ all three stole the money by writing checks to themselves from the church account.

The Presbytery of Northern New England owns and runs the church.

Officials there discovered the alleged embezzlement and notified authorities.

"We are deeply disappointed. That money goes toward the care of the people of Lawrence," the Rev. Eric Markman of The Presbytery told WBZ.

Markman said the church has been closed down.

The money was given to the church by the PNNE.

Markman said they had a large youth membership, and were told there were 65 members, but when it closed they found there were only 17.

All three will be arraigned in Lawrence District Court Friday.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pastor charged for abusing wife

The pastor of a Houston-area church as been accused of domestic violence.

James Wallace Dixon, 47, is charged with assault on a family member, a misdemeanor.

Dixon, who is pastor at Community of Faith Church in north Houston and was a Metro board member from 2004 to 2009, is free in on $50,000 bail.

Officials said the charge stems from an altercation Jan. 25 between Dixon and his estranged wife, whose name has not been released. The couple has been separated for about 9 months, officials said.

Investigators said that Dixon went to his wife's home in the 5000 block of Bridge Valley Drive to drop off the couple's children. His wife let him inside the home briefly but then asked him to leave.

Dixon allegedly pushed her, picked up their youngest child and went outside, officials said.

His wife followed and stood behind his car, apparently to to prevent Dixon from leaving. Officials said that Dixon allegedly grabbed the woman and threw her inside the house.

Bill Miller, a spokesman for Dixon, released a statement Thursday evening.

"Reverend Dixon believes very strongly in our criminal justice system. Until this case is resolved, he wishes to thank all of his friends, family and church members for their prayers and support.

"Beyond that, the Dixon family requests that their privacy be respected and will have no further comment on this matter."

If convicted, Dixon faces up to a year in the Harris County jail and a maximum of a $4,000 fine.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims"-Is this true?

So the 85% christian west, which leads the world in murder, rape, drunk driving, abductions, racism, prostitution and just basically sexual perverts, but they can't be called terrorists. Only when a Muslim does it, the media 24/7 brainwashes us with Islamophobia.
So there's about 40-50 000 Islamic extremists world wide, yet all of the christian extremist groups ALONE (KKK, Army of God, LRA, IRA, UDA etc) triple up the strength of Muslim terrorists.

On loonwatch, we see an excellent article of extremism in the US. Did you know there's more Jewish terrorism than Islamic terrorism to hit America?

Parishioner kills pastor then self

Just in case you don't know, see all the christian related terms on 'parishioner' here:

ABILENE (January 26, 2010)-West Texas police were investigating a brutal murder-suicide where minister was found stabbed to death.

Abilene Police say a Transsexual male, who had undergone gender modification surgery to become a female, stabbed his pastor to death before he hanged himself.

Parishioners found the body of Abilene Unity Church of Christianity pastor Karen Lee Johnson, 61, dead Saturday of multiple stab wounds, police say.

Johnson’s body was found in the home of Renata Antoinette Monet, who was also found nearby dead.

Abilene Police Sgt. Lynn Beard says Johnson had gone to Monet’s home Friday afternoon to offer counseling.

Investigators believe Monet attacked the minister as soon as she entered the home, and then hanged herself.

Monet is formally known as Bobby Allan La'Loge who changed his name exactly a year before the slaying.

"Holy water" poisons 200

More than 200 people have been poisoned after drinking "holy water" from wells during the religious ceremony of Epiphany in Irkutsk in east Siberia, a local consumer regulator said on Monday.

Church officials denied the poisoning cases are due to sanctified water.

A total of 228 fell sick, of which 114 were admitted to hospital, Rospotrebnadzor said. Media reports said earlier 40 people were hospitalised with symptoms of poisoning.

The regulator said tests showed the water from the city`s Archangel Michael Church was clean and as per sanitary norms, but samples taken from two nearby wells and a lake revealed the concentration of chloride and nitrate was two times above the norm.

The regulator said 18 people who drank water from the wells have been diagnosed with rotavirus-caused gastroenteritis.

On Jan 19, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrated the baptism of Christ, or Epiphany, when water is believed to become holy and have healing properties. The water sanctified in churches is often stored by believers for long periods.

Many believe any water, even from the taps of the kitchen sink, poured or bottled by Christians on Epiphany becomes holy.

The secretary of the Irkutsk diocese, Father Maximilian, said an ice hole was made in the lake for bathing, in line with an old Russian tradition, not for drinking. He said water from the lake could have caused poisoning.

The head of the church`s Sunday school called media reports on the mass poisoning a provocation.

"I believe holy water could not cause all that," Lyudmila Belyayeva was quoted by Newsland portal as saying. "These are lies against our church which is very popular. Somebody wants people to begin harbouring doubts."

Officials have launched an investigation.

Do we see philippians 1:18 being used by the lady to lure yet more Muslims to that fairy tale faith?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pastor Lorenz fired

ORLANDO -- A new audio tape has surfaced with explosive conversation between the Orlando pastor who took in runaway teen Rifqa Bary and his church board members.

During the 40-minute conversation, board members fired Pastor Blake Lorenz and his wife, Beverly.

Blake and Beverly Lorenz: “You’re not sorry! You guys are crazy. You guys are evil! You guys are the most evil people I’ve ever heard!”

Board members said the Lorenzes’ personal crusade to help Bary turned into a church matter, and legal lines were crossed.

Board Member: “We know the right and wrong way to do things legally, and you guys take it upon yourself to just go, ‘Oh, let’s just do it this way,’ and we find out you’ve done all this stuff illegally.”

Blake Lorenz: “We haven’t done anything illegally.

The pastor told News 13 he did not understand what the big deal was. He admitted to losing his cool, but said he did not do anything wrong.

“We did what anyone would do,” Lorenz said. “We never meant to mislead anyone. All we did was change the story to save somebody’s life.”

Lorenz admitted he lied to the media, but said he has always told authorities the truth.

News 13 also spoke with Shayan Elahi, the former attorney for Rifqa Bary’s father. He said the recording proves Lorenz was lying to a number of people all along.

“There’s all this evidence present at this point, and hopefully, authorities will do the right thing,” Elahi said.

Elahi told News 13 the truth isn’t something you tell to some and not to others.

“I was told a lie is a lie,” he said. “Lying to the media goes out to law enforcement as well, and lying is lying and even a pastor lying is a very disturbing thing right there," Elahi said.

Lorenz said he did not it that way at all, insisting that he lied to help save a life.

“As my daughter put it, Schindler in ‘Schindler’s List.’ Nobody’s attacking him for protecting people,” Lorenz said.

Lorenz maintained he made sure all his actions were perfectly legal, and sought legal advice before taking in Rifqa Bary.

Elahi told News 13 his client hopes criminal charges will be pursued against Lorenz, and if not, he would contemplate a civil suit.

Christians burn alive and shoot Muslims, killing 150

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN) -- Reports of at least 150 Muslims killed in recent religious clashes in Nigeria should be investigated, a human rights group urged Saturday.

Witnesses told Human Rights Watch that armed men attacked Kuru Karama in central Nigeria on Tuesday, "killing many as they tried to flee and burning many others alive," the international organization said Saturday.

The assailants targeted Muslims, reportedly killing at least 150, Human Rights Watch said.

Community leaders from Jos, a city about 19 miles north of Kuru Karama, and journalists told the organization that later in the week they saw dozens of bodies lodged in wells or sewage pits. The bodies of 121 people, including 22 children, had been recovered, the organization said. Most of the homes in the town were burned down, along with three mosques, the group said.

Those interviewed by the group said they thought the attackers were Christian, Human Rights Watch said. But even Christians were not spared. When a Christian pastor tried to stop the attacks he was beaten, a Muslim imam told the group.

Human Rights Watch called on Vice President Goodluck Jonathan to open a criminal investigation into the deaths based on the reports the groups said were credible.

Officials are still tallying death figures in the latest round of violence, said H.A. Angulu, director of public communications for the Ministry of Information and Communications.

"Yes [the clashes] occurred, but I cannot confirm any numbers," he told CNN. "At this time the government is still compiling figures of those people affected and of those displaced in Jos. They are accounting for the deceased and missing. At this time I cannot confirm the number of dead."

Earlier this week, dozens were reportedly killed in clashes in Jos. Angulu did not specifically address the reports about Kuru Karama.

On Thursday, Jonathan declared in a televised address that the attackers in the state of Plateau would be held accountable, according to Human Rights Watch.

Police were called to end the attacks, but they did not, the group reported witnesses as saying.

I'm happy that the pastor tried to end the christians attacking, but notice how only he was beaten (doesn't tell how badly) and not burned or shot alive like the Muslims.

Imaams in Pakistan have done the same, help protect Christians, but they're not spared. Oh ya I forgot the Taliban and Al Queda don't spare ESPECIALLY muslims (remeber more than 99% of their targets are towards us).

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pastor gets 3 years for stealing $157 000

NEWARK — The former pastor of a New Jersey church has been sentenced to three years in prison for stealing more than $157,000 he fraudulently solicited as loans from members of his congregation.

Fifty-three-year-old Steven Parrott of Newark, former pastor of Newark's Lighthouse Temple Church, pleaded guilty Nov. 13 to misconduct by a corporate official.

At today's sentencing in Mount Holly, Superior Court Judge Patricia LeBon also ordered Parrott to make full restitution to five victims named in the criminal indictment.

State prosecutors said Parrott borrowed money claiming it was for church projects, promising he would pay it back with interest. They said Parrott lied about the projects and used the money for personal expenses.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Its official, pastor to serve 65 years for killing wife

WACO, Texas — Jurors on Thursday sentenced a former Texas minister to 65 years in prison for murdering his wife and trying to cover it up as a suicide.

Jurors deliberated for about two hours before agreeing on the sentence for 38-year-old Matt Baker. He had faced from probation to life in prison for slipping his wife sleeping pills and suffocating her in 2006.

The case almost never went to trial. Her death was deemed a suicide after a note and sleeping pills were found by the bed, and Baker said she was depressed over their 16-month-old daughter's cancer death in 1999. But authorities reopened the case several months later after her parents shared evidence obtained for their wrongful death lawsuit against Baker.

When the judge asked if there was any legal reason why he should not be sentenced, Baker said: "I truly believe in my innocence. I believe the jury made a mistake in this."

During closing arguments, prosecutor Crawford Long — who previously called Baker a "murdering minister" — said he killed his wife in "cold-blooded cruelty" and seemed to take pleasure in getting away with it.

"Folks, I can look every one of you in the eye and say Matt Baker deserves the maximum sentence, and Matt Baker, I can look you in the eye and say because of your heartless, soulless conduct, you do deserve a maximum sentence," Long said, glaring and pointing at Baker.

Defense attorney Harold Danford said Baker "did some things he's not proud of" but reminded jurors that Baker was eligible for probation because he had not previously been convicted of a felony. He urged jurors to consider Baker's entire life and activities such as youth mission trips and his work as a Baptist pastor.

Prosecutor Susan Shafer said Baker was dangerous because he still could fool people into believing he was a good person. She said the "best of Matt" was his two daughters, who were asleep in the house when he killed his wife.

"He thought no more of them than to murder their mother and then erase her legacy with them by convincing them that she didn't love them enough to stay and raise them, that she committed suicide," Shafer told jurors.

Baker, who did not testify during the trial, was convicted late Wednesday.

Kari's mother Linda Dulin told Baker that the family had decided to forgive him for the sake of the daughters.

"You took her from us Matt, you discarded her like she was yesterday's trash ... and you left so many other victims," Dulin said in her victim impact statement at sentencing.

"What you did was horrific ... and I believe you are capable of much more evil."

As deputies led him from the courtroom, Baker turned to his mother.

"Love you Mom," he said. "Take care of Kensi and Grace."

Jurors declined to comment after the trial.

Baker's attorney Guy James Gray had told jurors that he was on trial only because he lied about having an affair.

The state's key witness was his ex-mistress Vanessa Bulls, who told jurors that Baker slipped his wife the prescription sleep aid Ambien, handcuffed her to the bed under the guise of spicing up their marriage, and smothered her with a pillow after she fell asleep. Baker told Bulls he typed a suicide note and rubbed Kari's lifeless hand over it in case it was tested for fingerprints, she testified.

Then he called 911 and said he moved her to the floor, dressed her nude body and began doing CPR, but witnesses testified that was impossible in the few minutes before police arrived.

Baker told a police officer that Kari was fine before he left the house 45 minutes earlier to run errands, but in different media interviews said she was asleep or awake. He told the officer that the door from the garage to the house was locked and told others that the bedroom door was locked, witnesses testified.

Baker also searched numerous pharmaceutical Web sites and almost bought Ambien online, according to other testimony. Ambien was one of three drugs found in Kari Baker's body, according to the autopsy results.

Shortly after her death, he removed Kari's pictures and clothes and replaced them with photos of Bulls with his daughters, according to testimony. He also looked at engagement rings with Bulls.

During sentencing Thursday, four women testified that Baker had made unwanted sexual advances toward them, including one who complained to police of an attempted sexual assault.

Baker also used his church-issued laptop and a computer at a youth center to look at pornographic Web sites and those for married adults who want to have affairs, Noel Kersh, a computer forensics examiner, testified Thursday.

Several people who knew Baker as a child or teen called him a "good guy," and Sharon Rollins who grew up with him described him as charming and flirtatious, but that she "never took it as an advance."

Jeanne Lehrmann, a member of a Baptist church in Riesel where Baker was pastor several years ago, testified that he was a fine pastor.

"I truly felt that he is a man of God," Lehrmann said, adding that she still felt that way and did not believe much of the trial evidence.,2933,583599,00.html

Christian actor receives death threats..... from Christians

So Christians are always ranting on Muslims of us giving death threats for such little things, though nothing as little as making fun of Presidents.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trial continues for preacher who killed Wife

WACO, Texas (CBS) Young, blonde, and beautiful, Vanessa Bulls, the 27-year-old former mistress of a minister on trial for killing his wife had one simple message for the jury: He did it.

Bulls is the star witness at the murder trial of her former lover, Matt Baker, the Texas preacher who prosecutors say drugged his wife, handcuffed her to the bed under the guise of spicing up their marriage, then smothered her with a pillow until she died in 2006.

Baker has always claimed his wife, Kari Baker, committed suicide because she was despondent over the death of a daughter seven years earlier. In court, however, Vanessa Bulls testified that Matt Baker planned his wife's murder and ruthlessly followed through.

Bulls began her testimony describing how she first met Matt Baker, who was applying for a job as preacher at the church she attended, in the fall of 2005. Bulls, who had a toddler and was getting a divorce at the time, said Baker seduced her under the guise of counseling her.

She said that in March of the following year, she began a sexual affair with Baker and soon after, he began planning his wife's murder. Baker considered tampering with the brakes on his wife's car or orchestrating a drive-by shooting, Ms. Bulls said, but eventually decided to kill his wife in a manner that would appear to be a suicide.

As Kari's family cried quietly in the courtroom, Bulls gave details she said Baker relayed to her one week after Kari's death. He told her, she says, that he bought chloroform online and attempted to purchase a powerful sleep medication known as Ambien. On the night of her death, Baker convinced his wife to take a pill that he said would enhance her sexual experience, but was, in fact, Bulls said, a capsule filled with a sleeping medication.

Baker told her that he handcuffed his wife to the bed until she fell asleep and then put a pillow over her face to suffocate her. Bulls told the court that after Baker thought his wife was dead, she moved and gasped for breath. Baker panicked, said Bulls, and again put the pillow over his wife's face until he was sure she was dead.

Vanessa Bulls knew Baker planned to kill his wife, she said, but never told anyone. She also said she lied to investigators for months, denying that she had an affair with Baker or that she knew anything about Kari Baker's death. She said she was afraid of Baker, especially after he emailed her lyrics to a song called "Dirty Little Secret." Bulls read to the jury the lyrics of the song's chorus: "I'll keep you, my dirty little secret. Don't tell anyone or you will just be another regret."

Under cross examination, Bulls admitted she had made various and contradicting statements to authorities.

Later in the afternoon, the prosecution rested. The defense case will begin Wednesday morning.

Preacher accused of humanitarian aid fraud

NEWARK, Texas, Jan. 19 /Christian Newswire/ -- While millions of viewers around the world are watching the ongoing international humanitarian efforts for Haiti's earthquake-stricken population, televangelist Kenneth Copeland is being accused of failing to provide his own promised aviation assistance during this crisis.

Rev. Rich Vermillion was formerly associated with Copeland as the writer of the book, Angel Flight 44: The True Story of Two Dedicated Pilots, a 60-Year-Old Airplane, and the Amazing Hurricane Katrina Mission That Birthed a New Aviation Ministry. The book details the 2005 relief efforts made by Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) in the aftermaths of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and Copeland's promises to form a new ongoing aviation humanitarian-relief ministry also called Angel Flight 44 (AF44). However, Rev. Vermillion now says that the aviation ministry was never formed as Copeland pledged: "It is as if Kenneth Copeland had NEVER said such a ministry had ALREADY been formed, nor had repeatedly promised that such an aviation support ministry would be further developed and ready for disasters--such as that which just occurred in Haiti a few days ago."

Vermillion has begun to document his allegations on, a "redemptive" website he created to "call on the man, his family, and his ministry, to simply repent." The videos and documents already thereon clearly validate Rich's testimony. One example is the March, 2007 "Special Partnership Edition" of KCM's Believer's Voice of Victory magazine posted on In an article entitled, "How to Be a Worldwide Blessing" Kenneth Copeland writes, "You need several million dollars to build an airplane hangar and buy helicopters, airplanes, food and supplies for Angel Flight 44, your international aviation outreach that helps the needy in times of disaster. 'What? I don't have... an aviation outreach to the needy!' Yes, you do. Those aren't just outreaches of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. If you're a Partner, they're your outreaches too."

Now with the current Haiti crisis in progress, Rich comments that Copeland's 3-and-a-half-year-old unfulfilled promises seem morbidly cruel. He writes, " has to wonder where Copeland and his Angel Flight 44 ministry were during those early days of the disaster when their services were so badly needed. If Copeland had prepared beforehand as he had pledged, there would have been supplies flowing into Haiti within 24 hours after that earthquake. Instead, the people had to suffer and wait until other groups arrived, and that seems almost criminal in my opinion."

Rich also contends that money given by donors towards the formation of the new ministry has never been accounted for. "There has never been an open accounting or explanation given regarding the AF44-earmarked funds given to date." He does acknowledge that KCM formed a Disaster Relief Fund, but then he adds, "A generic relief fund is a far cry from a fully operational disaster-relief aviation ministry." Shortly later Rich writes, " experience with Kenneth Copeland, his family, and his ministry, has given me the regrettable opinion that they may be nothing more than religious frauds." He then concludes, "...that is why we are calling on them to simply repent."

Kenneth Copeland Ministries is one of six televangelist ministries being investigated by the Senate Finance Committee for possible tax law fraud, and has not cooperated with the investigation. KCM is not certified by any independent financial group, such as the Evangelical Counsel for Financial Accountability; Wall Watchers' has given them a financial transparency grade of "F."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Lord's Resistance Army Hunts and Kills young Muslims in Sudan

The young kidnapped boy's quotes:

"On the raids I watched them killing men, women and children."

"They killed this one famil except for one little girl, she was 7 or 8 years old. They ordered me "Kill her!"

Bible verses on guns

Matthew 10:34 - "I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword"

Luke 19:27- "But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them--bring them here and kill them in front of me."

Luke 22:36- "He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one."

Following an ABC News report that thousands of gun sights used by the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan are inscribed with secret Bible references, a spokesperson for the Marine Corps said the Corps is 'concerned' and will discuss the matter with the weapons manufacturer.

"We are aware of the issue and are concerned with how this may be perceived," Capt. Geraldine Carey, a spokesperson for the Marine Corps, said in a statement to ABC News. "We will meet with the vendor to discuss future sight procurements." Carey said that when the initial deal was made in 2005 it was the only product that met the Corps needs.

However, a spokesperson for CentCom, the U.S. military's overall command in Iraq and Aghanistan, said he did not understand why the issue was any different from U.S. money with religious inscriptions on it.

"The perfect parallel that I see," said Maj. John Redfield, spokesperson for CentCom, told ABC News, "is between the statement that's on the back of our dollar bills, which is 'In God We Trust,' and we haven't moved away from that."

Said Redfield, "Unless the equipment that's being used that has these inscriptions proved to be less than effective for soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and military folks using it, I wouldn't see why we would stop using that."

A spokesperson for the Army told ABC News that the Army was looking into the procurement "to see if anything is amiss here. We are still checking."

As ABC News reported Monday, the sights are used by U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and in the training of Iraqi and Afghan soldiers. The maker of the sights, Trijicon, has a $660 million multi-year contract to provide up to 800,000 sights to the Marine Corps, and additional contracts to provide sights to the U.S. Army.

U.S. military rules specifically prohibit the proselytizing of any religion in Iraq or Afghanistan and were drawn up in order to prevent criticism that the U.S. was embarked on a religious "Crusade" in its war against al Qaeda and Iraqi insurgents.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pastor indicted on visa fraud charges

Print ShareThisSANTA ANA, Calif. — A California pastor has been indicted on charges of helping foreigners fraudulently obtain student visas for a university where some say they never attended class.

The U.S. attorney's office says a federal grand jury indicted Samuel Chai Cho Oh in Santa Ana on Wednesday on 10 counts of visa fraud and two counts of engaging in monetary transactions with criminally derived funds.

Authorities say Oh helped obtain visas for students who never took classes at California Union University in Fullerton, which he owns. They say he charged students $600 to $10,000 over the last decade to file paperwork on their behalf.

Oh is to be arraigned Jan. 19. His attorney says Oh client is not guilty.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Excellent article on Pamela Geller

If there's anyone who could get me or amy to a debate with Ms Geller, it would be highly apppreciated.

Thanks to loonwatch:

Further proof of Taliban contradicting Islam

Awhile ago I posted a youtube video released by BBC on how a reporter goes and interviews people of Pakistan, the police, and the army. The general showed tapes captured by the pakistan military from a madrassa showing taliban leaders grooming young children to be suicide bombers. Among of the many atrocities I saw in the video, one thing caught my eye. One of the taliban leaders was writing something on a white board, and there was a GOLD RING ON HIS FINGER. And fellow christians, i though gold for men was haraam??

So today I came across this cnn article:

Now we all know christians have their phD's in Islam, otherwise why would they be spreading the "truth" about it? why would they be trying to educate us muslims who know what the faith teaches?

If you look at the picture on the article, you notice his beard goes over his mouth onto his lips, which is haraam. Beards and any facial hair men have, cannot even tough the lips.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Dove World Outreach Ministries replies back!

I have sent challenges to numerous Christian sites, who attack Islam. None reply but this ministry did.

This is my original email I sent:

On Jan 14, 2010, at 1:23 AM, wrote:

Amy sent a message using the contact form at


It seems as if Christians are the scholars on Islam while we Muslims have no clue.
I'm a former Protestant. I left it all for Islam after finding out the bible is made up of fables, myths and metaphors, no truth whatsoever.

So I have a challenge to you on Islam. Please reply back, you wouldn't want to run away from a woman would you?

Only a day later, here's what they sent me:

We suggest you inform yourself more fully about your religion.

Ha ha well this Ministry is quite obsessed with YouTube. If you look at the videos they posted, its just by random Christians continuing their unsuccessful propagation.
It's funny how they link to Acts17. I wonder what activity they're up to?

I'll be replying back and update this if and when my friends at the DOM message me back.

Pastor sentenced 20 years of Jail

FALMOUTH, Ky. -- Daniel Keith Gabbard has been sentenced to 20 years for the wanton murder of Pendleton County's Commonwealth's Attorney Doug Wright.

After the jury reached a guilty verdict Thursday afternoon, he was sentenced.

Gabbard, a commercial truck driver and preacher who is charged with wanton murder in the traffic death of Wright, was found guilty of wanton murder and the DUI charges against him. The jury began deliberations 2 p.m. and came back at 5 p.m. with the verdict.

Gabbard held his head down and quietly began weeping.

Police say in June 2009, he drank 16 beers in four hours while behind the wheel of his semi-truck. Prosecutors say Gabbard crossed U.S. 27, hit the car that Wright was driving and killed the prosecutor instantly.

Investigators testified his blood alcohol level was .18 when taken at the emergency room an hour after the accident.

The legal limit to operate a commercial vehicle is .04.

In testimony on Thursday, the 41-year-old Gabbard cried on the witness stand.

"What was the worst day of your life?" asked Deters.

Gabbard responded, "June 8, 2009."

Deters asked, "Why?"

"Because I found I was responsible for taking another man's life."

Under cross-examination Gabbard admitted he knew his actions were wrong.

"I did regret doing it," said Gabbard.

"But you still did it?" asked Commonwealth's Attorney Linda Tally Smith.

"Yes," replied Gabbard.

"And you knew it was dangerous?" asked Smith.

"I knew it was dangerous and wrong for me to do it," said Gabbard.

Deters said that he didn't dispute the facts of the case, but was asking the jury to find his client guilty of a lesser charge of manslaughter or reckless homicide.

"You heard Keith testify he felt like he could drive, he had done it before. It's our position that does not rise to the level of consciously going out there and killing somebody," said Deters.

Prosecutors were asking jurors to convict Gabbard of the most serious charge, wanton murder.

"There is not a Kentuckian that can sit and look at me straight faced and tell me they do not recognize the risk of operating any motor vehicle, I don't care if it is a tractor, a truck, a car, or a big-rig, like this man was driving and not understand there is a risk of of death to other people in doing that," said Jim Crawford, Commonwealth's Attorney.

Gabbard will have to serve 17 years of his 20-year sentence before he will be eligible for parole.

This guy shouldn't be upset. It isn't his fault the holy spirit made him do this. It also isn't his fault the bible commands alcohol consumption.

Report finds most terrorists are uneducated about Islam

And what does that make Christians???

There is a new report that came out last week that was put together by David Shanzer of Duke University, Charles Kurzman of North Carolina University and Ebrahim Moosa of Duke University, titled Anti-Terror Lessons of Muslim-Americans. It is an excellent report and a must read, that amongst other things finds that a majority of Muslims who commit terrorist acts have very little Islamic knowledge,

"This study identified 139 Muslim-Americans with a linkage to terrorist violence between September 11, 2001, and December 31, 2009, an average of about 17 people per year. The dataset contains information about both the offenders and the nature of their activity. All but one of the offenders are men. Their average age is 28. Almost two-thirds (65%) are under 30.

This research confirmed what has been observed in other studies of Muslim terrorists: most of those who engage in religiously inspired terrorism have little formal training in Islam and, in fact, are poorly educated about Islam. Muslim- Americans with a strong, traditional religious training are far less likely to radicalize than those whose knowledge of Islam is incomplete."

This puts a dent in the theories expounded by Islamophobes such as Spencer and company.

From our friends at Loonwatch:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pat Robertson: Haiti "Cursed" After "Pact to the Devil"

NEW YORK (CBS) Pat Robertson, the American Christian televangelist and host of "The 700 Club," said that Haitians need to have a "great turning to god" while he was reporting on the devastating 7.0 earthquake that shook the island nation — the most powerful to hit the country in a century.

As Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive said "well over" 100,000 people may have died in the natural disaster, Robertson took to the airwaves Wednesday on his show and said that the country has been "cursed by one thing after another" since they "swore a pact to the devil."

"Something happened a long time ago in Haiti and people might not want to talk about," Robertson said Tuesday.

They were under the heel of the French, you know Napoleon the third and whatever. And they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said 'We will serve you if you will get us free from the prince.' True story. And so the devil said, 'Ok it’s a deal.' And they kicked the French out. The Haitians revolted and got something themselves free. But ever since they have been cursed by one thing after another," Robertson said.

This is not the first time the former Republican presidential candidate has made controversial comments in the wake of disasters.

He has linked Hurricane Katrina and terrorist attacks to legalized abortion.

"I was reading, yesterday, a book that was very interesting about what God has to say in the Old Testament about those who shed innocent blood…But have we found we are unable somehow to defend ourselves against some of the attacks that are coming against us, either by terrorists or now by natural disaster? Could they be connected in some way?" Robertson said in a September 12, 2005 broadcast of "The 700 Club," soon after Hurricane Katrina.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Robert Spencer refuses to debate site that refutes him

Yep our wonderful friends at loonwatch never let us down. They thoroughly expose christian haters and liars.
Spencer had his book, the Politicaly incorrect guide to Islam, answered (as well as his other work) and the LW contributers challneged Spencer to a debate. You can see it all right here:

Rifqa Barry calls herself a "Prophet of God"???

No, no Orlando Sentinel or whatever. No Fox News. No Pam Geller and definately no Robert Spencer.
This is a storey done by our great friends at LoonWatch. Its from Last September and can be viewed here:

A response to Douglas Murray

I do not know if he's a Christian, since he said the Bible is violent, but he could be one of those "Liberal" Christians who work around the Bible. He certainly acts very Christian like.
His article is here:

Dear Mr. Murray,

I read your article in Sharia's threat to Britian quite disturbing, especially since you made references to Islamic scriptures very wrongly.

I'd like to point out that the Sharia cannot be used in Britain. Just because we have Mosques and a few muslim shops in that country doens't mean the state's becoming "radicalised".

First, you claimed women are "routinely" given half of what a man recieves. That is not true. And "verse after verse" on how we're discriminated? Just because we aren't allowed to wear racy clothing, or go to strip clubs, where women's bodies are used as tools and objects?

If we muslims disagree, the ones who actually know and practice the faith, our texts say otherwise? Might I ask what education on Islam do you have?

Sharia puts in rules and restrictions for a proper and just society. While here in the West, since laws aren't enforced properly, anyone can do anything (like extremism which I see is growing in the UK and US).
Dress codes in Islam is modesty, which in case you didn't know means to be liked and loved for who you are, not what you look like. Is this a crime against humanity? Is this really oppressing?
Islam literally honours and respects women. It tells men to work for their wives to please them.
Women have equal rights in Islam and there's nothing else that suggests otherwise.

I don't mean to be rude but it seems as if your're deliberately copying and pasting from hate sites. If you read about Islam, men are supposed to financially aid the wife and family first before he can spend on what he wants to. While any type of finances (her job and inheritance) a woman recieves os for her only. She can do whatever she wants to with it. This is all known as the "Law of Naqafa".

I can't reiterate enough Mr. Murray on how your lacking the knoweledge on Islam. Picking and choosing whatever verse you feel to increase popularity and at the same time more misinformed people, is quite absurd.

Polygamy in islam is a condition, not a rule or a command. You should realise that women hundreds of years ago, where their husbands died due to wars and diseases (a woman's body better defends viruses and bacteria), women were incapable of supporting themselves financially and phsically.
If you read the Quran, like you said has everything laid right out, it is written that God prefers men to marry only one. Keep reading and you'll notice how God in the Quran says men are going to face the consequences when taking this route.
The most noticable aspect in the Quran is that men have to treat however many wives they have with equality. And if you read the verses on women in general, like 4:19, it says a man has to be obedient to his married partner(s). Verse 2:231 says men cannot marry women if they are going to be hurt or harmed in anyway.
Polygamy cannot contradict what is on the marriage contract. You should know what that is from reading the Quran. Oh and attacking Muhammed for polygamy is quite weak. It was a great honour to be a Prophet's wife, and how did he treat them? With love, equality and respect. I find it difficult you "accidentaly" missed these major points.

I do not know how you get that a woman's testimony is half of a man's. Please read the full verse of 2:282. It says there should be 2 men and 2 women but if one man is not available, than a man and 2 women will do fine. This is not saying "a woman's testimony is half a man's". The last line says if one woman forgets something, the other can remind her. There's nothing wrong with that.
As a med student hoping to be a psychiatrist one day, its been scientifically proven women suffer from psychological problems, much more than men. And it may be at a bad time going through stress, depression or hormonal changes during pregnancy when testifying in court.

You should take a note that divorce is hated by God as it is clearly stated in the Quran. All attempts should be made to avoid it. And may I ask you how is it difficult for a wife to leave her husband?

Freedom of religion is clearly allowed in Islam which is found in 2:256 and 10:99. There is no death for apostates or those who choose not to accept Islam.
Islam allows freedom. But even that needs limits.

I love your lie on how you claim Muhammed "slaughtered whole tribes" for not taking Islam. What evangalist school did you go to?
In an Islamic country, all non-muslims need to abide by Islamic laws. So no bars, nightclubs, and prostitutes roaming the streets. But non-muslims are allowed to parctice their faith as long as it doesn't interfere with Muslims. Furthermore non-muslims are exempt from all punishments (like adultery) except rapes and murder, where both muslims and non-muslims are equally charged.
And by the way, the Jizya is far less than the Zakat, the tax muslims pay in an Islamic country.

When people act as if they know something and try to be scholorly, yet present irrelevant and wrong information, do you know what that word is called?

Again you are wrong. Jihad is not a pillar in Islam. You should first know Islam only calls for war when Muslims are the ones being attacked. For example the early years of Islam, Muslims were massacered by the Pagans for a while and often. That's why Muslims had to migrate and flee their homes often due to the constant threats.
The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan was a Jihad. An enemy came to attack and Muslims fought them off.
The Palistine-Israel conflict is Jihad. Israel uses the "War on Terror" excuse to expand their borders and what else? The bible supports them of killing because its their "Promised Land".
That being said, the Taliban and Al Queda, are not true Jihadi's. They contradict our faith in many ways and you don't even have to read the Quran to know that.
In addition to Jihad, the Quran states Muslims must stop fighting when the enemies don't want to fight anymore. Yes that's how merciful and Quran is.

The "I will instill terror into the hearts...." was talking about the Battle of Badr where the Pagan army travelled 200 miles to destroy Muslims of Medinah. If you read from 8:12, it says The Lord inspired the Angels, "I am with you; so support those who believed.

As I said before, Muslims suffered great persecution and God was telling them to fight back.

V111, as you presented, makes no connection to Jihad. Rather Its saying to the Infidel (who are the Polythesists) that they should ditch the Idol gods they created with their own hands.

The last verse you stated, as I said earlier Muslims can only fight when attacked. So those who do not defend their families (wives, sisters and children) and friends, even though they are fit and old enough to do so, they will be punished by God. Fighting off enemies when they attack is obligatory among Muslim (men mostly)

Hudud may seem barbaric, but when you have harsh laws, the chances of crimes are low, correct? Even the Jewish Laws have Hudud. Strict laws are needed for a proper society. And does that mean there's no freedom in Islami states? Of course not. Just the penalties are tougher for gruesome crimes. And like I said before even freedom needs limit.

The Sharia is made from the Quran and hadiths. MANY countires that claim they use the Sharia are not from Islamic scriptures, but cultural traditions and norms.
Sharia is compatible with democracy. Unfortunately many are embarassed to admit since ranting and bashing Islam is everyone's hobby.

It is quite clear many, including you, are highly confused about Islam. But they won't admit obviously.

Now as for Banking, you claim if a debtor failed to repay a loan, it would be doubled. Can you give ANY evidence for this?

Yusuf al Qaradawi is not a supporter of Al Queda. The EC for Fatwa and Research do not fund Al Queda. Why would they?

That's all I'll write for now. If you have any objections or other myths you need to be explained, please do not hesitate to email me.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Preacher arrested for bombings

I myself am relieved since this guy lived not far from me.

Ex-Alberta preacher Wiebo Ludwig is considered an advocate by some, and a terrorist by others.

Either way, Ludwig, who was arrested Friday in connection with a series of pipeline bombings in northeast B.C., is well-known to police.

Ludwig is the founding patriarch of a Christian fundamentalist commune near Hythe, Alta.

In 2001, he was released from prison after being convicted of five charges related to a 1998 oil patch bombing and vandalism in Alberta.

He served two-thirds of a 28-month sentence.

At the time, he said the sour-gas wells were harmful to his family, causing multiple miscarriages and a still-born child.

In 1999, 16-year-old Karman Willis was shot and killed as she and her friends trespassed onto Ludwig's property in two trucks.

Ludwig said he had no idea who shot the girl.

Willis' death remains unsolved.

Residents relieved

Meanwhile, residents in Dawson Creek and Tom's Lake hope Friday's arrest will bring a sense of normalcy back to their communities.

The bombings, which began in October 2008, left many people on edge.

In the pressure to find the person responsible for the bombings, many residents were questioned by RCMP.

It created a tense atmosphere, forcing people to become suspicious of one another.

"Hopefully we have the right person, and we can put this behind us for Dawson Creek and the people of the Tom's Lake area," said Dawson Creek Mayor Mike Bernier.

EnCana released a statement Friday saying it was pleased to see that the RCMP had advanced its investigation into the bombings.

"EnCana hopes this development will begin to bring a measure of relief to the area residents."

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pastor rapes woman after pouring "holy oil" into her private part

By Cyriacus Izuekwe

A 25-year-old victim of sexual abuse has narrated to a stunned Ejigbo Magistrate’s Court in Lagos how she was raped by her pastor, Emmanuel William, after he poured ‘holy oil’ into her vagina.

Beatrice Andrew accused the Pastor, a preacher with one of the new generation churches, of raping her in his house at Idimu in Lagos State under false pretence.

According to Beatrice, the supposed man of God approached her and told her that she had been possessed by some spirits.

The pastor was further said to have claimed that the spirits in Beatrice had prevented her from getting married at 25.

Pastor William was said to have asked the victim to come for deliverance in his house and added that Beatrice should come with a bottle of holy oil since the prayer and deliverance would take place at night. According to Beatrice, on getting to Pastor William’s house, he started praying for her and pretended to be casting out demons from her. In the process, he poured ‘holy oil’ into her vagina and forcefully had sex with her.

Realizing what had happened to her, Miss Beatrice reported the case at the Idimu Police Station and the self acclaimed pastor was arrested and charged with rape at the Magistrate’s Court, Ejigbo.

Part of the charge sheet read: “That you, Emmanuel William on 18 December, 2009 at same place and time did unlawfully had carnal knowledge of Beatrice Andrew while obtaining her consent by fraud.”

The pastor pleaded not guilty to the offence which is contrary to sections 357 and 360 of the criminal code cap 17 vol.2 laws of Lagos State, Nigeria, 2003.

He was subsequently granted bail by the trial magistrate, Mrs. Maimunat Folami, in the sum of N50,000 with two sureties in like sum.

The matter has been adjourned till 18 January, 2010, but the pastor was ordered to be remanded in prison custody since he could not meet the bail condition in good time.

Christians try to reverse Mexico's gay marriage law

MEXICO CITY (AFP) - Christian groups have said said they had asked Mexico's attorney general to overturn a newly-voted Mexico City law allowing gay marriage and the possibility of adoption, because it was "unconstitutional."

The capital's legislature approved gay marriage on December 21, in the first such law passed anywhere in Latin America.

The Contraternice group of Evangelical churches and the College of Catholic Lawyers said they believed the new law that "allows marriage between people of the same sex and the possibility to adopt" was unconstitutional, a statement said.

The complaint was based on "Christian principles," but also included legal issues on which the Supreme Court should decide, including possible violations of the Constitution and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, it added.

The Mexico City law changes the meaning of marriage from "a free union between a man and a woman" to "a free union between two people."

The Mexican capital authorized civil unions for homosexuals in November 2006 and decriminalized abortion in April 2007, contrasting with mostly conservative policies across the largely Catholic nation.