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Fleeing her abusive husband

Intresting storey in this woman who's fled to America from Guatamala (stats show the country is 91% christian).
Paul wrote a woman was made for man didn't he? And how she has to submit (which literally means "worship" religiously speaking)like how Sarah did to Abraham? Oh and lets not forget the sexist OT verses (which Jesus honoured and respected) as well.

Rody Alvarado Peña, now 40, was 16 when she got married in her home country of Guatemala. Her husband severely beat her for more than 10 years—pistol-whipping her, using her head to smash windows, chasing her with a machete, dragging her down the street by her hair, and kicking her repeatedly in the stomach in hopes of aborting their baby.

In 1995, Rody ran away to the United States and sought asylum. See, generally, asylum here is only granted to people who are part of social group that is persecuted—abused women traditionally do not count. But lawyers in Rody’s case argued that they should, because women in Guatemala are persecuted in a targeted way—more than 4,000 women in the country have been beaten to death by their husbands in the past decade, and only 2% of the cases were ever solved.

Just a little comment, hundreds of women in the US (which is 85% christian with some christian values and beliefs in their government and judicial systems) die from domestic abuse.

Answering yet another Christian "scholar"

There definately is no shortage whatsoever on these people. We can see they dont want muslims to speak for Islam. Andrea Lafferty is a person who's trying to get fame, and we all know attacking Islam is the easiest way to do it.

From the article:

"Former Muslim Rifqa Barry faces death threat!"

By Andrea Lafferty

Rifqa Bary is the 17-year-old girl who fled from Ohio to Florida earlier this year to escape being killed by her Muslim father. What was Bary's crime? She converted to Christianity several years ago and kept her faith hidden from her Muslim parents.

**Well It wasn't necessarily hidden. Her parents knew about her involvment in Paul's faith for a few years. And yet again, after numerous sources of proof, there was ZERO evidence that Rifqa's faced any trouble, or even abuse as she and her christian buddies (Robert Spencer, Pam Geller) boldly claimed.**

In Islam, converting to another religion is a capital offense punishable by death. Rifqa sought refuge in Florida at the home of a Christian pastor and his wife.

Tragically, a Florida court ruled that Rifqa had to be returned to Ohio and put into protective care until she reached the age of 18.

**Uh huh And where is that islamic reference for apostates being given death?
The Flordia court knew her fairy tales contradicted the proof they found. And it wasn't very hard to notice her brand knew allegations on each christian newspaper.**

However, once she was in Ohio, all deals were off.

An Ohio judge agreed with Rifqa's parents and her father's Muslim attorney to put the girl into solitary confinement. She will have her phone calls monitored and her internet use monitored as well. Her parents have been working with attorneys with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization with ties to Islamic extremist groups.

**Well when a young girl meets with strangers, who undoubtedly had a role to play in brainwashing her about what islam teaches (Pastor Lorenze had a deep hate for islam and has called it evil. Plus in public has spoken about what one muslim did here or there) and suddenly decided to hop on a bus all the way down to Florida, is there really a reason not to moniter who she is involved with?
Ah yes the "CAIR being a terrorist tied" card. I guess you could say we all muslims have terror ties since we donate money to those helpless people in need in the war torn mid-east states**

Bary's father, Mohamed, has denied threatening to kill his daughter, but part of Islamic theology is lying to infidels. It is called "taqqiya." This doctrine teaches Muslims to practice deception, fraud and double standards in defending Islam from infidels.

**Yep the christian holy spirit ideology is a disease Anyone can catch it.
Taqiyya is a shiite practice. Can only be used when under persecution.
Isn't it funny how she amazingly mentioned taqiyya, trying to make the Barry's a strict family, yet did not even hint to mention Mohammed let his daughter be semi-naked and shake infont of the hungry christian boys?**

Bary's parents are also in the U.S. illegally from Sri Lanka. In addition, Rifqa Bary's parents attend the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, a hotbed of terrorist-related activities.

*Well not illegally. It hasn't been proven yet. These are just once again christian conclusions they jump off to.
The Islamic center being a terrorist hotbed was an allegation (in which Rifqa proudly let her attorney say) by Rifqa's lawyer. The leaders at the mosque OPENLY invited government authorities to do an investigation. To go along with that they said the government would've known about any terror-related activities since the center is quite well known.**

I fear that Bary's parents will ship Rifqa off to a mental asylum in Sri Lanka where she will be brownbeaten into denouncing Christianity. If this fails, she can be legally killed for apostacy. Or, her father may simply murder her in an Islam-sanctioned "honor killing."

**Is that a little racial?
It is true, YOU christians fear muslims will speak for Islam, the ones who actually practice it.
And thank you, dear christian for making any islamic references to the honor killing (hey, have you checked Mathew 15:4 where Paul wrote Jesus' told parents who's children rebel against them should be killed? What about Mark 7:10 or Exodus 4:22?) I dont really see how honor killings are Islamic sanctioned when your own book teaches it.**

Rifqa Bary is facing a death penalty - thanks to courts in Florida and in Ohio

**Ms. Lafferty, or may I call you Laugherty? Do you think you have alot more knoweledge and authority (like you do about Muslims) over government? You're putting your blood pressure high for literally no reason**

Several groups are planning a rally for Rifqa Bary in Columbus, Ohio on November 16, the date of Rifqa's next hearing. The rally is being sponsored by Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch, Dr. Andrew Bostom and Former Muslims United. It will be held at the Franklin County Courthouse, 373 S. High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

**The top christian anti-islam liars, who continue to insult and bash islam all they can, who always spread myths and lies and call them "scholarly", will of course do their best to promote islamophobia.**

If you live in the Columbus area, plan on attending this important rally to defend Rifqa's civil rights and religious freedom! Check Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs blog for updated information.

Rifqa Bary's civil rights, religious freedom and her life are being threatened by her extremist Muslim parents. Let's support her and pray for her safety!

**Well my faith actually allows religious freedom ("let there be no compulsion in religion"). It is true your faith does not (Deuteronomy 17:3-5 "And he should go and worship other gods and bow down to them or to the sun or the moon or all the army of the heavens, .....and you must stone such one with stones and such one must die." ).
And please save all of the "extremit" stuff. It gets annoying and old, especially from self-assured scholor christians.**

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pastor steals more than $54 000 from church

He finally admitted, after lying, that all the money he stole was sent to an orphanage, but only $600 left the country (no one knows where it went to).

BRANDON, Man. — A pastor who claims he stole donation money from a Manitoba church to send funds to an orphanage in Tanzania has pleaded guilty.

Raju Madanu pleaded guilty Monday to break, enter and theft between Feb. 4 and June 29.

Crown attorney Rich Lonstrup said Madanu was caught in a police sting after Father Dominic Yuen of Brandon's St. Augustine of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church met with city police on June 23.

Brandon is about 200 kilometres west of Winnipeg.

There had been a large drop in collection-plate donations, and records showed the church's alarm had been regularly deactivated on Monday mornings between 4 and 5 a.m.

Madanu had worked at St. Augustine as a pastor, possibly under a mentorship, before becoming a lead pastor at a Roman Catholic church in Virden, Man.

All of the thefts were committed after Madanu left St. Augustine, but he had access to alarm codes and knew where certain keys were kept.

In response to Yuen's complaint, police placed the church under surveillance and recorded the serial numbers of donated bills.

On June 29 at 4:30 a.m., officers stopped Madanu two blocks from St. Augustine and found $510, which was stolen from the church, in his pocket.

Madanu was arrested but denied doing anything wrong.

He lied about the money in his pocket, Lonstrup said, and claimed it was donations from the Virden area.

He also denied entering the church and taking money when confronted by police with 36 instances in which the St. Augustine alarm was deactivated.

Madanu finally admitted to stealing money after police informed him they'd recorded the serial numbers of money from St. Augustine.

The accused claimed he took the money to send to an orphanage in Tanzania and eventually acknowledged stealing $13,200, a figure agreed to by the church.

However, an examination of wire-transfer records has only added to the mystery.

Lonstrup noted records indicate Madanu sent only $611 to Tanzania, and investigators couldn't determine whether the funds went to an orphanage.

Records also show more than $54,000 — more money than the church estimated was missing — was sent to individuals with the surname of Madanu.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Teacher at Catholic school sexually assaults several students

Well i didn't find this on yahoo news religion, or religious news blog, or religion newsreport. Not on CNN or BBC. Neither the Washington Post or any of the Times papers. Got some clues? IN MY HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER!! Yep thats right this storey came out of the edmonton journal. Sometimes christian activity is right at our doorstep. Oh right that isn't surprising.

ST.ALBERT — A Morinville school teacher was charged Tuesday with sexual assault, interference and exploitation after complaints about him were made to the administrators of G.H. Primeau Middle School.

The Greater St. Albert Catholic School District is not releasing the name of the teacher charged to protect the identities of the two victims, who are under the age of 18.

Superintendent David Keohane said the victims brought the allegations to a teacher at G.H. Primeau last Thursday evening and the district informed RCMP of the allegations the next morning. “He is not teaching within our schools until further notice,” Keohane said

The district is planning to send a letter home to parents Wednesday informing them of the charges.

Keohane wouldn’t say if the alleged assaults took place at school, nor would he specify what subjects and grades the teacher is responsible for.

G.H. Primeau has 375 students in Grades 6 to 8.

It serves students from both Morinville and Legal in English and French immersion programs.

G.H Primeau is part f the Greater St Albert Catholic Schools Regional Distric (GSRD).

Christian war criminal released from Jail

ONLY 6 years for killing thousands of muslims?
We should bring this up often to christians who whine about how minorities are treated under the sharia.

The sole Bosnian Serb political leader to plead guilty to war crimes in the 1992-95 conflict walked free from a Swedish prison today after serving six years in jail for crimes against humanity.

Biljana Plavsic, a former president of the Serbian half of Bosnia and close colleague of Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb leader whose trial has just got under way at the war crimes tribunal in The Hague, flew from Sweden to Belgrade.

Wearing a fur coat and blowing kisses to the crowds gathered to greet her, Plavsic arrived in the Serbian capital today, accompanied by the Bosnian Serb prime minister, Milorad Dodik.

Plavsic, an extreme Serbian nationalist who was notoriously photographed embracing the late warlord Arkan alongside dead Bosnian Muslims at the beginning of the war, reached a plea bargain with prosecutors in The Hague and received an 11-year sentence in 2003.

She had faced eight charges, including two of genocide. All the most serious charges against her were dropped in return for her admission of remorse and guilty plea. A biologist and former Sarajevo University professor, Plavsic was one of the original troika of hardline Bosnian Serb leaders around Karadzic at the start of the Yugoslav wars in 1991.

Plavsic is a controversial figure. Many Bosnian Muslims are convinced her declarations of remorse were insincere and aimed purely at gaining a light sentence.

However, Bosnian Muslim victims in The Hague to witness the beginning of the Karadzic trial were generous towards Plavsic, who is 79.

"She's served her sentence and she's at the end of her life. I think it's OK she's been released," said Nezira Sulejmanovic, from Srebrenica whose two sons and daughter were killed by Serbian forces in the war. "She's just waiting for the end of her life. Let her be."

Plavsic will enjoy police protection in Belgrade.

She was one of the few indictees to surrender to the special UN court in The Hague. In return for her guilty plea, she faced only one charge of crimes against humanity and said she was sorry for the Bosnian Serb persecution of Bosnia's Muslims. In 2005, however, she admitted she had lied in her statement of remorse.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pastor guilty of murder

A jury deliberated less than two hours Friday before convicting a former Vincent pastor of murder for shooting his wife in the back with a shotgun.

Timothy Dane Tillman, 45, was found guilty of the Oct. 26, 2005, slaying of Janet Lorita Tillman, 40. She was killed in the home where she and her husband lived with their two daughters.

He also was convicted of possession of a forged instrument, in the forgery of a $5,000 check in his wife's name months after her death.

Tillman, who contends he shot his wife by accident, faces 20 years to life in prison on the murder conviction. He faces one to 10 years on the forgery conviction.

Janet Tillman's mother hugged prosecutors outside the courtroom following the verdict, delivered by a jury of seven men and five women.

"The family has been here all week," Shelby County Assistant District Attorney Roger Hepburn said. "Justice has been served, and I hope they get closure out of it."

Circuit Judge Dan Reeves ordered Tillman taken into custody and held without bond. He scheduled Tillman's sentencing for Dec. 14.

Prosecutors on Friday told jurors Tillman intentionally killed his wife because he wanted to move on to a new life with a woman he subsequently married.

Tillman had been leading a double life that was fast catching up to him, prosecutors said. He had been pretending to be an officer in the Navy, visiting the woman he is still married to while on trips to the West Coast for church business for the Vincent Revival Center.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

More new allegatations by Rifqa Barry

I've noticed when one embraces christianity, they'll often embrace ignorance as well (oh yes the Quran speaks on that by the way). After the amusing tales Riqfa has been telling the past few months, more keep popping up. Now lets look from this article:

"I don't have to live in fear of my dad (crying). I won't get hit," Bary told an FDLE agent.

Yet at the same time the FDLE found ZERO evidence of abuse. And let's look at the most laughable lie given by Rifqa:

Bary said she had to get away from a father who she said beat her.

"He actually just slammed me in the face with his hand to, to quiet me down. So things were like that were used to straighten me out," Bary said. “I remember my dad looking at me with such anger. He was just so angry and he socked me in the face with his hand. Just I, I my face was burning."

How can christians literally be rooting for this girl? Oh ya I forgot they're christian.

There's been quite a stir of who bought a bus ticket for Rifqa. No name came up and Pastor Lorenz said he couldn't say who got it for her, and this could mean he knows and doesn't want to tell, or just doesn't know at all (from and while reading this look over to the video of the pastor speaking. See how his christian tactics (referring to other muslim activities) is in their)

But if we look at the article i've posted about Rifqa getting "abused", a person named John Lew, who is part of the church orginization lorenz runs, bought the ticket for Rifqa to come to Florida.
In that same article Rifqa says she chose Florida due to its distance from Ohio. Probably another lie, the Lorenz's are located their. Isn't it obvious?

Evangelist charged with elderly abuse, financial identity fraud

Isn't the christian world amazing?

A woman suspected of swindling an elderly couple out of up to $17,000 in charges and checks by witnessing her religious faith was arrested Thursday at noon.

Frances Brown, 57, who refers to herself as the "traveling evangelist," was arrested at her home on Al Henderson Boulevard on charges of financial identity fraud, elder abuse and illegal use of financial cards, according to metro police officials and the Chatham County jail Web site.

On Wednesday afternoon, metro police interim Chief Willie Lovett said Brown allegedly befriended a local elderly couple, moved into their home, and complained of financial hardship and not being able to get a credit card on her own.

Over a six- to seven-month period, Brown allegedly racked up $16,000 to $17,000 in credit card charges and check withdrawals, Lovett said.

Metro police financial crimes unit detective Cpl. Michael Green said the case was brought to his department Aug. 21. He first addressed Brown about the charges while at a church gathering.

"I asked her to contact me so we can talk about the allegations, but of course she never did," Green said. "In every place she went, when she made purchases, the name of the Lord was always a part of the conversation."

Detectives secured a warrant for Brown's arrest, and citizens pointed them to her westside home. She had since found a job at a nearby motel, Lovett said.

Lovett said preying upon the elderly is common in Savannah and urged people to be vigilant of bank accounts kept by older loved ones.

"It's more widespread than you think," Lovett said. "I would dare say every week a situation like this occurs."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Catholic church delays claims of sexual abuse

Security manager for ministry murders wife, kids

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Preist possibly involved in sexual relations with a minor

Remember, Paul wrote the holy spirit will guide and control ALL.

Pastor assaults church member

Lee County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating an alleged battery where a Lehigh Acres church member accused his pastor of shoving him and calling him the devil.

The pastor, of Mark Christian Ministries on Lee Street, has not been named because no arrests have been made.

According to Deputy Jevon Matthews, a man named Carle Anderson, 52, said he came to church on Wednesday night, and was singled out by the pastor to open his Bible. Anderson said he refused, at which point the pastor reportedly called Anderson the devil and placed his hands on Anderson’s head.

Anderson stated that (the pastor) continued to call him the devil while shoving him in the head with his hands,” Matthews reported. “Anderson stated that (the pastor) continued to shove him in the head even as Anderson exited the church. Anderson stated that he told (the pastor) to keep his hands off of him, but (the pastor) continued yelling at him and calling him the devil even as he went toward the vehicle.”

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pastor indicted for bombing church

Well well. More christian sharia evidence on the rise

ALBANY - A popular minister of an Albany church damaged by fire was indicted by a grand jury for his suspected role in the incident, court records show.

The Rev. Joseph Howard III was named in a five-count indictment Wednesday afternoon, which includes charges of criminal solicitation, conspiracy to commit arson and first degree arson, court records show.

The indictment alleges that sometime between Dec. 1, 2007, and Dec. 31, 2007, Howard paid Vincent Jackson and Curtis Jones to burn Trinity Metropolitan Baptist Church, where he was a pastor.

Specifically, the grand jurors charge that Howard paid to secure an apartment for Jackson if he would assist in the arson and transported Jackson and Jones to the church just hours before midnight on Dec. 31, 2007, the indictment states.

They further allege that at some point, lighter fluid was purchased and then sprayed throughout parts of the church before items were stacked and ignited, according to the document.

Howard was jailed Jan. 18, 2008, and charged with paying the men to burn the church. Both men have pleaded guilty to their roles in the plot and been sentenced. Jackson is cooperating with prosecutors and will likely testify against Howard, Prosecutor Chris Cohilas said.

Creditors were scheduled to auction the church property on Jan. 2 to pay off hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt that the church owed, Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John Oxendine said following the fire.

Christian Preacher raped woman for "disobedience"

We've seen similar stories like these. Pretty common.
The holy spirit guides all.

A PREACHER accused of raping a woman on seven consecutive days as punishment for disobeying him has insisted he is innocent.

Paul Denton, 46, of Edison House, in Barnhill Road, Wembley, made his alleged victim's life 'hell on Earth' and repeatedly beat her, jurors have heard.

He even changed his name to Lord Denton by deed poll, Inner London Crown Court heard last week.

In his bid to promote Christianity, Denton opened up his former home in Daventry, Northamptonshire, allowing local deprived children to do as they pleased, jurors were told.

The 32-year-old woman claims she endured a series of attacks at the hands of her religious tormentor, with him punching her in the face, headbutting her and pulling out her hair.

Asked if he raped her, Denton told the jury: "No, at no point at all."

Outlining his youth, he spoke of how he was born in Croydon and moved with his parents to South Africa when he was eight months old. But when they split up his father kidnapped him.

Denton said he was sent to boarding school and studied law at university for a year. But he was forced to drop his degree and leave South Africa in 1981 after a controversial political protest.

Jurors were told about Denton's unusual past and behaviour, including alleged use of prostitutes.

His alleged victim said he also believed women should be submissive to their husbands and to the Lord Jesus, 'because the scripture says'.

**Yes it is true the bible (ephesians 5:88) literally calls for a woman to WORSHIP her husband**

In addition, he had been to Russia for a month to customise a Zeppelin airship for spreading Christianity.

When he returned in late 2007, he told the woman he had slept with a Russian doctor. But when the alleged victim challenged him about his attitude, he got angry and took revenge on her, raping her 'day after day', it is claimed.

Denton was reported to police last February.

The preacher denies seven charges of rape, four of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, one of witness intimidation and one of indecent assault.

Its okay for him to lie. Paul allowed it for Christ.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Pastor wants guns in churches

Well he stepped down, thats the good news. But he still INSISTS on churches having guns and how he's becoming a full time gun advocate.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A controversial pastor who wanted members of the congregation to bring guns to church is stepping away from the pulpit.

The Rev. Ken Pagano left the New Bethel Church in Valley Station to become a full time gun advocate.

"I have no problems with guns in church. As a matter of fact, I advocate that," Pagano said.

His church was thrust into the national spotlight in June when Pagano asked parishioners to show up to church carrying unloaded guns.

"People, when they go to the house of worship, they should not have to think about security things. They don't want to, but somebody does," Pagano said.

Pagano officially resigned from the church and the denomination on his own terms. He said that after 30 years behind the pulpit, he's ready for a change.

He said he plans to spend his days advocating Second Amendment rights and promoting the merits of carrying certified concealed weapons.

With the help of a New York rabbi and others, he's already helped form a group called the International Security Coalition of Clergy.

"We want to fortify religious institutions, whatever they are -- synagogues, churches, schools, religious schools," Pagano said. "The armed citizen is the first line of defense."

Pagano is a retired Marine who also works part-time as a gun instructor and a chaplain for Louisville Metro Police.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Part 2 about Paul being a charlatan

It has come to my attention that more needs to be written of St. Paul. It seems that currently I have aroused interest in the subject. I will follow up my previous article with this one, because 1) I do not point out this inherent doctrinal weakness in Christianity, to defile Christianity and deny it of any worth. And 2) Because by refuting St. Paul we can get at what the heart of Christianity means. Thus, this article will continue to doubt the veracity and faith of St. Paul, while elucidating what early Christianity could have been were there not a St. Paul.

When regarding St. Paul, Nietzsche is best quoted; "St. Paul with that Rabbinical Impudence which shows itself in all his doings, gave a logical quality to that conception, that indecent conception, in this way: If Christ did rise from the dead then all our faith is in vain! " And at once there sprang from the gospels the most contemptible of al unfulfillable promises, the shameless doctrine of personal immortality.

. .Paul even preached it as a reward " "(Der Antikrist p. 33) If this is true, then Paul was certainly an agent of chaos, defiling Christianity into a salesman`s pitch for false hopes. According to Nietzsche, Paul capitalized on the idea of resurrection and immortality and defiled Christ`s teachings completely. Unfortunately, this argument of Nietzsche`s does not evaluate an important factor in the discussion. If Jesus did not die on the cross and was not resurrected then what happened?

According to the Gnostics, the Quran and some mystery organizations on this very American soil, Jesus did not die this way. The Gnostic Books, including the Second Treatise of the Great Seth, intimate that Jesus was a clever master of disguise: For my death which they think happened, happened to them in their error and blindness, since they nailed their man unto their death "Yes they saw me they punished me. It was another, their father, who drank the gall and vinegar; it was not I.

They struck me with the reed; it was another, Simon, who bore the cross on his shoulder. "(The Nag Hammadi Library p. 365) The Bible itself confirms this! 32 As they went out, they came upon a man from Cyrene named Simon; they compelled this man to carry his cross. " (Matthew 27:32)

The bible does not specify who really drank the Gall and Vinegar until Luke, when it misinforms us that it was Jesus. So Jesus did not die on the cross, and this is one of the royal secrets of the mystery organizations throughout time? Who will believe this fanatic non-sense?

Well if you the reader were to ask a physicist, what is more probable; a) a crucifixion hoax, where Jesus avoided death by having a man named Simon crucified in his stead? Or b) a real crucifixion and impalement of Jesus, followed by his entombment in a cave covered by a large rock, followed by a bodily resurrection from the dead? Hopefully you know the answer by now.

Dad.. the hateful pastor

Quite shocking storey. But the holy spirit makes all do good and act with sincerity.

The mattock, a close cousin of the pickaxe, is used to dig through tough, earthy surfaces. It loosens soil, breaks rock, and tears through knotted grass. Its handle is a three-foot wooden shaft, twice the density of a baseball bat and its dual-sided iron head is comprised of a chisel and a pick. It was Pastor Fred Phelps's weapon of choice when beating his children according to his son, Nate Phelps.

"The Bible says 'spare the rod, spoil the child,'" explained Nate, "and he would be screaming that out as he was beating us." One Christmas night, Pastor Phelps hit Nate over 200 times with a mattock's handle, swinging it like a baseball player.

Nate would hide out in the garage with his siblings, where he could escape his father's wrath. What he couldn't escape, however, was the fear of going to hell. He suffered much abuse growing up under the roof of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) -- he still suffers today.

The church, which believes that "God is hateful," hasn't changed its grim outlook since Nate's time there 30 years ago, but it has expanded its fame. WBC has become well known for picketing funerals, where its followers, predominantly Phelps family members, proclaim that God is punishing "fags and fag enablers." To further the damage, the church frequently targets military funerals.

"WBC will picket the funerals of these Godless, fag army American soldiers when their pieces return home," their website says. They believe God is punishing America for facilitating homosexuality, which, according to the church, ought to be a capital crime.

** If i recall, didn't Paul suck Timothy's penis after circumsising him?**
Further below,

He just wasn't tolerant toward the presence of all of us kids running around—and the accompanying noise. . . He would beat the kids with his fists and kick them and knee them in the stomach."

He remembers when his father would force him and his siblings to run five to ten miles around the high school track every night. One evening another boy was riding his bicycle along the outer lanes of the track, and Fred began yelling at him to leave. The boy's response was to keep riding on the track, and Fred's was to push him off the bike. The boy left, screaming, and 20 minutes later a truck came screeching into the parking lot.

The boy had brought his father, who approached Fred and knocked him to the ground. "The man was threatening to sue him," said Nate. "Then my old man yelled at us all to get in the car and we went home, and [my father] ended up beating my mom that night."

**Ephesians 5:88 cals for wives to literally worship their husbands. If they dont then they're sinful and need to be beat to get the "devil out of them" (refer to the teen gay boy)**

"Nathan Phelps is a rebel against God," she said. "He has nothing to look forward to except sorrow, misery, death and hell. . .. Great peace fell upon our house when Nathan left. . . He spit on the goodness of his mother and father. In spite of that, his father and mother loved him and did their duty to him. . . and required of him that he behave while he lived in their house. They loved him in the only way that the Lord God defines love! They told him the truth about what the Lord his God required of him. He was not going to have that!"

**Because the father liked the daughter more and beat Nate often, his sister had this to say when he wanted away from the holy spirit guided father**

This is how children get raised by christian parents. Not very surprising.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A good article exposing Paul as a charlatan

Very Nicely done by Sean Harrison Higgins.

Another woman steals from church

NEW BRIGHTON — Police said a woman put a forged $50 check in a church offering plate and stole a woman's wallet from a pew in the same western Pennsylvania church. New Brighton police Chief Charles Van Fossan said Tuesday that police were still searching for a 20-year-old woman. She allegedly committed the crimes at First Presbyterian Church in New Brighton on Sunday.

Police said the offering check was from a previously stolen checkbook.

The woman used a credit card from the stolen wallet to buy about $200 worth of merchandise from a dollar store and a convenience store. Police said the woman also tried to use a credit card stolen from another church to get a $16,000 cash advance that a bank refused to issue.

Faith healing murderers sentenced 30 days of jail for 6 years

And whats this? The judge is expressing his religious beliefs to DEFEND christianity because of the acts of the parents?

Dale and Leilani Neumann, each convicted separately on second-degree reckless homicide charges in the faith-healing death of their daughter Madeline Neumann, were today sentenced.

According to the Wausau Daily Herald, Judge Vincent Howard has recommended a withheld sentence and 10 years of probation with conditions. Howard has ordered jail time as a condition of probation.

In addition, each parents will serve 30 days in jail a year for the next six years.

In addition, Their surviving children will be subject to regular and random health checkups until they reach the age of 18.. They must also seek medical attention if it meets requirements set out by Howard., as well as Submit a DNA sample and pay restitution.

Reporter Jeff Starck of the Wausau Daily Herald, blogging live from the court room, reported some of the comments made by Judge Howard before he handed down his sentence:

Howard said the US Constitution protects a person’s right to believe in a religion, but not necessarily the conduct and practice of that religion. As an example, Howard said people can have the belief in human sacrifice protected, but not the practice of human sacrifice.

Howard said there is one God, but people hear many different voices from that God. Howard said religion and law are similar in that they are both can be interpreted in many different ways.

Howard also showed his knowledge of the Bible when he said Jesus chose Luke, who had been a physician at the time, to be an apostle.

“God must have trusted at least that doctor,” Howard said.

- Source / Full Story: Live Blog: Neumann sentencing today, Wausau Daily Herald, Oct. 6, 2009 — Summarized by Religion News Blog

Both parents spoke to the judge at their sentencing hearing, calling Kara’s death an act of God, reading Biblical passages, and saying the only thing they’re guilty of is following their faith.

“Dale and I acted with love toward our daughter to the best way we could have, in the best way we could, because we love her,” Leilani Neumann testified.

“Even if she would have been taken to the hospital, as everyone thinks should have been the case, there’s only hypothetical speculation. There’s no substantiating facts, just hypothetical speculation as to whether she would have even lived,” Dale Neumann said.

The judge called the Nuemanns good people who made a reckless decision.

The site we take this from is a christian run religion blog. For every islamic issue they boldly label it as the islamic section but not for christianity of course. Some things i guess that give it away is they have a LOAD of christian links on all corners of the site. After this article, heres what they said:

As Christians, the publishers of Religion News Blog consider the faith healing views and claims of Dale and Leilani Neumann to be un-Biblical. In our view they acted irresponsibly, based on incorrect interpretations of Scripture.

But wait, when theres something about islam they'll write "The sharia is not compatible in todays society". So christian sharia (rapes, murder, pre-martial sex, alcohol, prostitution, domestoc violence, child abuse etc) is TOTALLY compatible?
But phlipians 1:18 says for the murder of disobedient children in Mathew 15:4.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A news tyle of christian propoganda....cheerleading

We know the holy spirit guies and controls these naked shaking women. And now its making them throw in more of a christian twist.

Community members are rallying around Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School cheerleaders after they were banned from displaying signs with Bible verses urging fans and players to “commit to the Lord” and “take courage and do it.”

"God" told christian to circumsise 2 sons

It is true Paul wrote that Jesus got circumsised (i.e GOD GOT HIS GENITALS CHOPPED). Its also true Paul abolished it-one of the many of Jesus' laws.

And when eight days were accomplished for the circumcising of the child, his name was called JESUS, which was so named of the angel before he was conceived in the womb. (Luke 2:21)

MORGANTON, NC (WBTV) - A father accused of abusing two of his sons by performing circumcisions when they were infants took the stand in his own defense Wednesday morning.

John Marlowe is representing himself in the case, which is being held at the Caldwell County courthouse.

In court on Wednesday, Marlowe admitted he did circumcised the two children. He also revealed that he circumcised two other children in Mecklenburg County, including one of his children and someone else's child. At this time, he has not been charged in connection with the alleged incidents in Mecklenburg County.

Marlowe told jurors the question is whether the children suffered any pain. He says he knows first-hand it's not that painful because he circumcised himself at age 30. He said the reason he performed the circumcisions was because "God told him to."

The case is expected to go to the jury Wednesday afternoon.

On Tuesday, Marlowe confronted his accusers - his ex-wife and a second woman he claimed he was married to at the time - saying the case is all about religious freedom and his right to circumcise his children.

"It hasn't been illegal till now," he said. "Why should it be illegal?"

During the court proceedings on Tuesday, Marlowe implied this was a landmark case and kept reminding witnesses and the court, "Do you understand what the outcome of the case will do to the state and this country?"

Prosecutors say this is not about religious freedom, but instead is about what one man did to his children.

Marlowe's ex-wife, Amber Marlowe, said he used a box knife to circumcise her son.

Sara Fleming, who also lived with John Marlowe, described how he circumcised her child:"He held the foreskin out, took the box cutter, and made an incision."

Marlowe didn't deny doing that or how the infants reacted.

Both women said they couldn't stop John Marlowe from performing the procedure because they were fearful for their lives; Fleming said she left with only the close she was wearing,

"[I was] running for my life," she said.

Amber Marlowe says she's testifying now because she finally feels safe.
"I'm no longer under your power," she said. "I no longer have nightmares of you coming and killing me. I know you are safe behind bars where you can't reach me."Marlowe was convicted in May in cases involving assaults against the women and the children. He will be sentenced on those charges after this case is over. He remains behind bars in Caldwell County.

As for the Caldwell County victims who were just a few days old when the circumcisions occurred, one is still in the custody of Department of Social Services. The second child is with his mother, Sara Fleming. A doctor says the children are well and should not have any long lasting physical effects.

Well well, yet another newborn killed for faith healing

These christians never learn do they? Paul invented such lies to get attention from his lonley life.