Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What has not been answered: The truth about Rifqa Barry

Well I'm sure many of us have heard about this muslim teen who converted to christianity and fled the southern US to escape what the christian media has called an "honour killing". And this has been around 24/7 especially on christian sites trying to show their version of islam. Theres 3 reasons why christians are obsessing about this- 1) To show muslims about this 2) To show why people convert to christianity from Islam (they never give a valid reason) 3) We all know Islam has the fastest growth rate among converts. And it is a fact that a majority are women. They want to show women in islam convert to christianity and "expose" the faith.

1) Rifqa has been kinda of a christian for 4 years. Her parents knew she had something to do with christianity because she carried a bible with her. And her parents didn't kill her. When they found out she was a christian they didn't harm her at all. She ran away and made claims. There is zero evidence theres truth to Rifqa's claims. Many friends of the family deny Rifqa's accusations.

2) Rifqa claims she was forced to wear the burka. There's no videos/photos of this except her being a clothless cheerleader and dancing for hungry christian boys.

3) Rifqa says she was beaten and abused often (these claims are actually from anti-islam sites Jihadwatch and Atlas Shrugs). There is again zero evidence for this. And there is no history of family violence. I think Rifqa and her friends would have spoken up. Oh did you know Rifqa's friends haven't even commented on Rifqa's accusations?

4) Pamela Geller (of Atlas Shrugs) has said Rifqa was opressed and didn't have any love nor care. Okay when Rifqa was a baby she fell and has her right eye blinded by a toy in Sri Lanka. The doctors only could do so much there and Rifqa's father, Mohammed insisted she be better so he moved the family to the US where baby Rifqa became healthy. Why didn't the father let her suffer? Also Mohammed moved the family to a rich suburb with excellant schooling. Why? I thought you christians said women in Islam shouldn't get an education? In addition to this, Mohammed bought her presents, like the laptop due to her good grades. Tell ne christians what kind of father is this? Didn't prophet Muhammed pbuh say those who care and love their daughters will be heaven bound?

5)Rifqa on her facebook account has numerous evangalists as friends. Including a couple Blake and Beverly Lorenz who, ironically, she has fled to and is staying with them. And moreover the christian couple are the ones fighting for Rifqa's custody.

6) The christian couple had been quiet for awhile until Mohammed contacted police about his daughter. And thats when Blake and Beverly spoke up.

7) The christian couple have bee quoted saying Islam is evil and Christianity is at war with Islam (see quotes below). I dont think they just all of a sudden said this. Christians, like we've said before, would do anything to get more followers of Paul. Even maybe target young muslim women vi internet social networks.

Here are some good read articles:

http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/orl-bary-family-in-columbus-083009,0,4902721.story - From here:

People who know the Barys say Rifqa's allegations are crazy.

"There is no way this man would hurt his daughter," said Neil Javery, 52, a Hindu and family friend in Westerville, the Columbus suburb where the Barys live.

"Mohamed Bary, 47, is a kind, gentle man who loves his daughter, takes great pride in Rifqa's school accomplishments."


http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/orl-mike-thomas-muslim-082309,0,4011678.column - This is a bit bias against Islam but nonetheless, it speaks on Rifqa. From this article:

Blake has been quoted as saying Christians are at war with Islam and that Islam is evil. And those who share that view have embraced this case.

Rifqa has been putting up a good act to make the view of Islam in the christian west more favourable.

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