Friday, September 18, 2009

Rifqa Barry's lies are showing

This is such a joke. Her testemony contradicts, the pastors who took her are haters of islam, the christian media is shoving this into muslims faces, self assured scholors Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are having the times of their lives lying.

There is ZERO question she's lying. From the so called "beating" to being "forced to wear burka" (in another news feed she says her father punched her for not wearing hijab!!!). You know when one embraces chrisianity, he/she gets the christian package-lies and ignorance, all blessed by the devil to his son Paul.

An investigation is showing theirs NO evidence for Rifqa's claims. Of course christians are loving this fairy tale thats going on, anything that puts Islam in a negative way is heave for them. Watch this:

Oh and did you know the lawyer representing Rifqa's parents is an EVANGECAL ATTORNEY? Lets see what he has to say:

"It will astonish many fellow conservatives as well as many on the left to learn that I, an evangelical Christian, have vigorously defended Rifqa Bary's mother in court. And I believe that my former client's cause is just."

So we have here the christian attorney saying Rifqa is the wrong one.

Lets read a comment from a poll about "Is the case of Fathima Rifqa Bary, the runaway teenage convert, getting too much attention?":

"This story has gotten the wrong kind of attention. The media, including the Dispatch, have engaged in sensationalist, biased coverage, making the story about supposed persecution of Christians, without examining the facts at all. In truth it is a private family matter and once it was determined the girl was safe that should have been the end of it. Once sensational lies with no foundation in fact were reported in a biased fashion that smeared the Muslim community in Columbus, then coverage was necessary to set the record straight. Columbus is clearly still a cow town where people operate on a narrow view of the world, totally out of touch with reality. Is shames us all."

Krista Bartholomew, the guardian for Rifqa in the court has this to say about the anti-islam christian media:

"It is absolutely not in the best interests of the child to have this paraded around in the media," said Krista Bartholomew, the attorney appointed as Rifqa's guardian ad litem to represent her best interests in court. Bartholomew spoke during a Sept. 3 court hearing in the 9th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, proposing a gag order that was ultimately applied only to attorneys in the case.

"There are people who have made their own decisions and paraded this out," she said.

So even the ones defending Rifqa are fed up with the christian media.

Theres groups that are on faceboo, one for Rifqa, and one for her Father. I think we all know what the one for Rifqa would be like. "Lets take Quran verses and hadiths out of context to make us look smart! Oh and while at it, lets take pictures and videos, and maybe some news about women in afghanistan! All for the mighty holy spirit!"

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