Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The lying pastor

So do you all remember Blake Lorenz? The new father of Riqfa Barry? This article says Blake is not "anti-islamic"-,0,6041010,full.story:

The accusations against them, Blake Lorenz said, aren't true. And they're not anti-Muslim.

"I'm pro-Jesus," he said. "And Jesus tells us to love everybody. I do my best to try to do that. And we're praying for her parents and for healing and reconciliation."

Okay but if i do recall Blake mentioned Islam is evil and is at war with christianity? Liar. Oh well its not surprising. He is a holy spirit guided christian.
Hmm and look what he says. He's praying for Riqfa and her parents for reconcilation? But isn't Blake the one fighting for Rifqa's custody? This whole fairy tale keeos on getting more ridiculous.

You know I'm noticing from the comments theres many people who agree with me on this issue. This storey is just simply not making any sense. One comment that struck me was by a person saying how many women die of domestic abuse in the christian nation America, but when a muslim women gets something done to her its automatically "islamic" or for "honour". Its the christian west that makes some muslims think the way they do (honour killing, whatever).

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