Monday, September 7, 2009

"Jesus is not God" causes controversy

Christian Sharia alert

So much for freedom of speech. But the practicing rate of christianity is very low, and usually christians won't care. Signs like these mean an oppressive law is about to make its return.

Best-selling author Philip Pullman is to publish a controversial new book that will explore the possibility that Jesus was not the son of God.

The writer of the His Dark Materials trilogy will tell a different account of the life of Jesus in The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ, which claims that Paul the apostle made up the story about his divine link.

"Paul was a literary and imaginative genius of the first order who has probably had more influence on the history of the world than any other human being, Jesus certainly included. I believe this is a pity," said Pullman.

He added that parts of the new book will read like a novel, parts like a fairy tale and parts like a history text, which he designed because it is "a story about how stories become stories".

The book is to be released next Easter as part of Scottish independent publisher Canongate's Myths series.

Pullman is no stranger to courting religious controversy as His Dark Materials sparked criticism from many religious groups due to its so-called anti-Christian message.

However, the author has described himself as a passionate believer in "the democracy of reading" and that it is not the task of the author to tell the reader what it means

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