Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another story Robert Spencer gets wrong

Well it was only a few months ago Jihadwatch got the storey of a slumdog millionaire child wrong. They claimed the Father was "selling" his daughter for money. But a storey that broke out from India not long after said the West media had got it wrong and the Father (who was interviewed live) said his daughter was the love of his life and he would never give her away (,,20273620,00.html). But would Robert Spencer (once again the "scholor" and "expert" on Islam) post it? Just guess???

Ahh and what do we have here? Another storey that has broken out about the honour killing of the Canal victims? Again the whole storey of the murder doesnt make sense but it talks about the "boyfriend" (unfortunately, any relationship outside of marriage to the West is either boyfriend or girlfriend-these do not exist in Islamic beliefs and values) who actually is a muslim, not a non-muslim as Jihadwatch labeled, said there was no honour killing (again as killing for honour does not exist in Islam like in Christianity).
Once again the article on this tragic but extremely strange incident doesn't make sense, and we dont know how the family members are being charged, but anyways back to the NEW storey.

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