Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reviewing InvestigateIslam's video on Zakir Naik

Surfing the web I came across this dailymotion vid (I'm sure youtube and other media sharing sites have this particular video as well). It's by a supposed "scholor" on Islam (no this time it isn't Robert Spencer) who is an Arab man, calling himself ChristianPrince, that runs a site called InvestigateIslam. Just a little background info, he takes verses out of context and makes video's of them with his own commentary. He thinks that because he knows Arabic, all muslims are stupid. Like his religion preaches, he thinks his faith and him are superior to all others (Islam).
We know many muslims have taken care of this fool and his lies but I thought I could take care of his sorry little misconception and without a doubt it has to be the most ridiculous one I've seen a christian vomit up (I know there actually all that stupid, disgusting etc...)

So he made a video ranting on Dr. Zakir Naik by calling him a "filthy liar"-I'm sure even Dr. Naik would be slapping his knees, crying with laughter. Anyways the christianprince is concerned that the respected scholor has made an error. Have a look for yourselves: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5o1ux_dr-zakir-naik-lies-water-did-not-co_shortfilms

On the video he's claiming the earth was covered with water as the quran states during Noah's (pbuh) time when the flood happened. When CP is on the english translation, nowhere does it say the earth was flooded. Here is the same translation from the exact same site:

NOWHERE, IN THE VERSES DOES IT SAY CP'S LIE. And notice he moved to google to translate the arabic verse. Google's translator is ALWAYS BEING UPDATED BY PEOPLE AND IS BARELY CORRECT. It's pretty clear CP is lying, like nearly all christians who are in someway involved in Islam.

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