Friday, August 21, 2009

New christian law allows women to expose private parts

Christian Sharia alert

So it can be said these women are atheist, but what country allows this? Oh ya a christian one! It is obvious this will (already happening) bring in the attention of christian women. Hey if they can do it on tv, the computer, in bars/nightclubs, beaches, they should be able to do out on the streets. I mean it's not like their current clothing is any better than actually expoising pure skin.

Just a few reminders, the west world (85% christian) leads the entire planet in rape, murder, pre-martial sex, abuse, pedophilla, homosexuality, theft, etc.. and still christian women want to pull off a new law that allows then to be topless?
With the christian society we live in, everything opposite happens and seems as if its true. Once again thats Christianity folks.
Many christians dont want the sharia in their countries (mostly because they follow what other people say and do) but want their version of the sharia in muslim countries. Fellow muslims, does any of this christian activity holy spirit guided seem like a Godly religion to you?
It's really strange that these women think exposing themselves means "equality".
We've come along way to what we have now in the christian word. And it keeps getting worse.

NEW YORK, Aug. 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- For the second consecutive year, U.S.-based plans to stage a national Go-Topless Day protest in late August to proclaim women's constitutional right to go bare-chested in public. In cities where it's already legal for women to show breasts in public, GoTopless will encourage them to exercise that right.

"The art works won't be censured for including nipples," Gary said. "In fact, we're encouraging the artists to celebrate the entire breast in all its magnificence and beauty!"

August 23 events are planned in cities nationwide. The New York City protest will take place in Central Park, next to the Columbus Circle entrance (59th street / 8th Ave) at 12pm (noon).

WARNING: The site has EXPLICIT CONTENT, and as muslims we should not be looking at that christian stuff. Recall from one of our previous posts that their is pornography in the bible

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