Sunday, August 30, 2009

Newspaper myths

So not a day goes by without the media misinterpreting something about Islam. Usually they say something is "valid under the sharia". This article below claims child brides are allowed under sharia. But the quran and hadith say marriage is only valid when the man or woman is mentally and sexually mature. This isn't the case anymore today. Maturity occured very quickly back then, even 100-200 years ago and people just cant figure that out. The rights activists in Saudi use only 2 things: Quran and hadith. And its good child brides, or even child grooms are becoming less and less common now which means we're pushing closer towards the one true sharia law.
People can't differenciate between culture and religion. And too bad this brainwashes many. Oh and the article also says the father of the bride forced her into marriage. This is against sharia as well.

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