Sunday, August 23, 2009

A new "Jihadwatch"?

Ahh yes the anti-islam christian activity continues. Will they ever stop? Most likely ot.
So there's a site run by an apologetic group called Acts17 and the site it runs is called It's more so a debate type of site where theres postings of interfaith dialogues about various topics.
Not long ago they posted a video (on youtube also) about them visiting an arab festival, and they went over to a islamic tent to ask a question but the muslim there didn't want to be filmed so he asked them to turn off their camera.
After a while he came back and asked about their question but too many people were getting in the way (i guess they all wanted to hear about the question) so security came. And they were forced out. People were getting upset so they started attacking the camera, hitting it about 4 times. It is obvious 95% of the people there didn't know who the Acts17 people were and what their question was and were just following the crowd. Now the Acts17 group have gotten carried away. On their video they've sent a message after the incident that happened, saying does america want sharia or something like that. After that incident they're goal is to make everyone think that this is the sharia. Now I and i'm positive many agree that it was wrong for the muslims to harass the A17's crew after they just asked a question but because of this, after over one million hits on youtube, the affiliate site of A17, answeringmuslims is now posting daily islamic activity from the conversion of Riqfa Barry, some articles about an islamist, and some about so called "wife beating".
Many people follow answeringmuslims, and quite often write offensive statements (again their christian, they're allowed to) like on Jihadwatch.

Answeringmuslims is now another rising offshoot of Jihadwatch, and we'll be debating them too, but it's kinda hard on both AM and on JW, because the sites are christian dominated, ready to hurl insults. Oh well for us it doesn't really affect. We're muslims, we have the proven truth infront of us.

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