Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Muslim women uncover myths about Hijab

Well these beautiful, corageous and brave women know God wants them to be covered, unlike these christian sluts we see on Tv and on ad's.
Muslim women who wear hijab, like me, do it because we're proud of our faith, not our bodies (again we shout out to our fellow christian women). We know Islam is the only faith that respects women and covering yourself is a perfect way to tell others what Islam really says about women.
One time I was shopping and a middle-aged woman approached me, as she noticed I wore hijab, and said "You know you dont have to wear that here". By "here" she meant the west. I replied to her "But I want to do it for God" and she gave me a look and went away. Like timeless ocassions, we're seeing the ignorance of these christians (it is because of Christianity people think the way they do about Islam-no question about it) all over. Gives me anger too.
Anyways have a look at the article:

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