Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gym gunman was a long time church member

Very rarely do we see the media pointing fingers to themselves.
Yes the gym shooter who killed 3 women was a christian.
Oh he was just you know, one of those so called misunderstanders of Christianity.

A pastor at a church once attended by the LA Fitness shooter cautioned the congregation Sunday about losing their spiritual bearings in a “frantic search for happiness.”

Pastor John Dorohovich took to the pulpit at the Tetelestai Christian Church and appeared to refer to former church member George Sodini without mentioning his name.

George Sodini Home Videos. See also: Gym shooter lives on in Internet videos
Police said Sodini shot three women to death at a fitness center in Collier on Tuesday and wounded nine others before killing himself. On his blog, Sodini claimed to have been a church member for 13 years. Other postings reflected an unhappiness and disillusionment with life as well as anger and bitterness at his inability to meet and cultivate relationships with women.

He disparaged his family and the leader of the Tetelestai Church, Pastor Alan R. “Rick” Knapp of Oakmont. Sodini wrote that Knapp “teaches (and convinced me) that you can commit mass murder then still go to heaven” and referred to religion as “a waste.”

Here's another article from Yahoo news (religion):
FOREST HILLS, Pa. – If prayers were said Sunday for the soul of the gunman who killed three women at a Pennsylvania health club, they were not by the parishioners of a church where he apparently sat quietly for many years: Tetelestai Church doesn't pray for the dead.

"We pray for the living — the victims and the family of George Sodini," said Chuck Matone, a senior deacon.

And Sodini? "God will hold him accountable. God has his justice."

Sodini's name wasn't even mentioned during the service, held in the auditorium of Trinity Christian School in Forest Hills. But John Dorohovich, an associate pastor, referred to the LA Fitness club shooter's long-seething rage indirectly, urging the faithful to reject "the bitterness and the gall and man's frantic search for happiness."

"When you seek that over the word of God, that brings upon you a lifestyle of misery," he said. "And then you want to take it out on others."

Okay just something to say-christians commit murders, suicide, violence, rapes etc and they can get away with it by just saying "God will hold him accountable"? A) Christians do mischeif all the time and no one really speaks about it. The media never goes into "he was a christian". B) When muslims do this and we say the same, "God will hold him accountable", we're ignored and countinued to be bashed and insulted at? So I guess we can do the same to christians right (to those answeringmuslims and Jihadwatch people)?

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