Thursday, July 23, 2009

Save it Jihadwatch

Inna lillahi wa ina lillahi rajiun
(to whom we belong and to who we return)

Of course muslims grieve about the apparent honour killing that happened not long ago with 3 women being killed (somehow, details haven't been given and storey doesn't really make much sense). Of course Ms. Robert Spencer, who's been studying islam for 30 years now (strange he as no degree on it?) will countinue to boast about this being part of the sharia, yet he hasn't given ANY sources that support his claim (no hadiths or quran verses-as there is NONE). Again we question Spencer's knoweldge. He litteraly thinks that EVERY MUSLIM action is done in accordance to islamic scriptures (well most do, but like i've said in Jihadwatch before should the christian man who raped that woman yesterday or is going to tomorrow done because of christianity? Well maybe since the holy spirit guides ALL).

Anyways I wonder how long it'll take the "scholor" (as he calls himself) to figure out there is no honour killing and mistreatment among women in islam (please dont give me what the taliban do).

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