Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comments on the covenant of life (webiste and tv show)

So yesterday I was watching what was on the guide channel when i came across yet another sorry christian station called Vision (isn't it wierd christians try to come up with eye-catchy names?). So the show is called Plumbline and is run by a christian ministry called The covenant of life, started up by a roman catholic christian Sabina and her husband, Faisal a "former muslim" (though he does have more knoweledge about islam than most other ex's. He isn't very biased either which is very rare among the christian ministry world). So they talk greatly about the holy spirit. Thats their only topic most of the time (other topics are about muslims) but they had some interesting things to say, like Faisal was talking about how when you feel as if someones watching you, and you turn around and see them staring, its because of the holy spirit. So in other words he's saying the holy spirit controls you (and he said this frequently). Uhh well doesn't that support our claims? Doesnt that support what a majority of what christians do today? Not just in the West but throughout the world?
Another example Faisal pointed out is that when you're driving and you see a truck or another vehicle come, you stop because the holy spirit does it for you. To go along with that he said the holy spirit knows your next move. Huh, so again this proves our points about christianity. So really the rapes, murders, kidnaps, and crines of all sort are holy spirit controlled and it knows whats going to happen.

Onto their site now, and directly above we see a tab labeled "Muslims". Not much there just a book being marketed. The synopsis does say islam is very misunderstood, thats correct. But now this falls after the book is really saying how to appoach muslims. This is another tactic. Being kind, metaphors, sweet talk, writing pbuh after our prophets' name and then trying to convert muslims to the christian faith. They want to get to you to bring you to their faith. We all know the current tactics (profanity, inuslts, myths, lies, rumors etc) used by most missioanries isn't quite working.

Onto the comments or testemonials are I saw this:
"I have a question I was hoping you could help me with. If God is a God of love then why did He harden Pharaoh’s heart as mentioned several times in the Bible?"-This is by a felow in the US. My answer to you is watch their video's and propoganda on the holy spirt, the all controller. You can find the answer there.

Is it to me, or do christians worship the holy spirit? Now many say theres one God in christainity, but represents in 3 ways (father, son, and spirit). So who really do the christians worship? The flesh of God? (Jesus even though nowhere in the bible does it claim he is God or worthy of worship) or spirit of God? (as we see Faisal and Sabina do).

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