Monday, June 1, 2009

Christian Parents teach girl to kill, hate, and insult

More Lovely holy spirit activity. *NOTICE COMMENTS ON BOTTOM* Can we not escape from christian propoganda? Seriously look at some of th comments, they're blaiming MUSLIMS.
Its pretty common for christians to be ignorant. I've noticed this everywhere even in debates I or people i know, have had.

A seven-year-old girl apprehended by Child and Family Services said she believed only white people deserve to live and talked casually of how to kill black people, a court heard yesterday.

"She said 'You would whip black people with a ball and chain and they would die,' " testified a social worker who interviewed the girl after she showed up at school last year with a swastika and racist writings drawn on her body.
Child and Family Services is seeking permanent guardianship of the now eight-year-old girl and her three-year-old stepbrother, while the boy's father is fighting to regain custody of the children. A two-week trial began yesterday.

The mother and the boy's father, who are now separated, cannot be identified under terms of a publication ban.
The children's mother was not present in court yesterday. A lawyer retained on her behalf just last week asked that the case be adjourned. Justice Marianne Rivoalen rejected the request.
The social worker testified the girl told her she and her parents routinely watched "white pride" videos which discussed killing black people. She said the girl said "everyone who is not white should die."

The girl also said her parents featured her and her brother in a poster with the words "Missing: a future for white children" and then plastered it across town.
In an assessment forwarded to CFS, the social worker said the girl was taught to hate everyone who is not white, was "very knowledgeable about (Adolf) Hitler," and considered such racist beliefs as normal.
The social worker said the children's mother called her several days after they were apprehended "yelling about freedom of speech" and protesting that she and her husband were being persecuted for their religious beliefs.

Here's another article with extremely stupid accusations of muslims by christians:

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