Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yet another horrific christian honour killing

Los Angeles, Jan 28 (DPA) A man who was recently fired from his job at a hospital killed his wife and five kids before committing suicide, police believe.The gruesome incident occurred in the Los Angeles suburb of Wilmington and was the third mass family murder in the region in recent months.
Police said that the suspect had faxed a suicide note to them and a local TV station in which he said that he and his wife had both been fired from their jobs as medical technicians and could no longer support the five children.
“Why leave the children to a stranger?” the man wrote, according to KABC-TV, which received a copy of the note.

So this guy is saying because he got fired from his job he had to take his kids to the grave?
Lets not forget the wife either.

"Officers discovered the bodies of a man, woman, eight-year-old girl, two five-year-old twin girls and two two-year-old twin boys in the two-storey family home around 8.30 a.m. Tuesday, shortly after the suspect had called to alert police."

The next honour killing to be put on this blog is the very disturbing Santa Clause killing.- I'd say the most sad and disapointing event to occur RECENTLY.

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