Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Christan boy decapitates one sister, shoots another and stabs other in "honor killing"

The holy spirit was active in a 23 year old man boy making him kill two of his sisters and critically injuring the other. The police shot him dead after he beheaded one of the girls, shot one and then started moving towards the already injured third sister. The girls were aged 5, 17 and 9.

"In policing, we see the raw human emotion every day, but to think that a human being could afflict such an atrocious, violent act on his own family is unbelievable," Milton police Chief Richard G. Wells Jr. said. "When I walked up to the first officer (on the scene), I could see the whole story right in his face. This just told me that this was something very bad."

Monday, March 30, 2009

Why Christians love 3rd world countries and natural disasters

Anyone who has visited christian web sites notice that they all have links on how to sponsor people in need of food, water, shelter and education. Anyone who's watched christian channels (take CTS for example, a Canadian Christian channel) notice that half of their daily programs are how to help Third world countries and victims of natural disasters...Why are they so obsessed with all of this?

If we carefully look, the people who run these orginizations are indeed devout Christians who will do literally anything to get more believers in their faith. That includes traveling to the poorest places of Africa and giving them their basic needs along with one other thing. Faith. Yes thats right the ONLY reason these missionaries actually go is to convert them. But however sometimes the African people in need may not get any aid at all by missionaries. First they'll need to promise that they'll follow the corrupted bible, then they get food and water and they wont be taken back to the U.S where they'll secretly be slaves as Christianity allows greatly (due to this, it probably is the only reason today African americans are christians) if they refuse to convert.

Next lets look at Natural Disasters. Not a week goes by without some sort of storm, earthquake, flood, hurricane or tornado occuring. Forget about all this happening in the US as missionaries only "care" about third world countries. Whenever any of the above happen outside North America, we see christian missionaries taking one way tickets there with bags full of gospels and on their phones searching for christian orphanages for those little ones who lost their family members. Am I right or wrong? Recently when the tragic tsunami hit a few years ago, an uproar erupted when people in India found out christians were trying to convert them. Here is just a FEW of MANY:

''VHP international president Ashok Singhal has cautioned the tsunami-hit fishermen community in Tamil Nadu against being "lured" into changing their religion. Speaking at a function organised by the VHP for distribution of fibreglass boats to fishermen at Nambiar Nagar village near here yesterday, he alleged that attempts were being made by missionaries to convert tsunami victims in Tamil Nadu to Christianity.''

Here's another:
The Rev. Sarangika Fernando, a local Methodist minister, witnessed one of the prayer sessions in Sri Lanka and accused the Americans of acting unethically with traumatized people. “They said, ‘In the name of Jesus, she must be cured!’ ” he said. “As a priest, I was really upset.”
So here we even have preists upset.

Next Tsunami will be a 'religious' one:
''D.S. sent us to a Buddhist Monk, living in Galle. He had more stories about these un-ethical conversions. We paid him a visit in the Buddhist Temple. He showed us pamphlets, by the Christian group "The sword of the lord", from Tennessee USA printed in Singhalese and Tamil and English.''

Well here we have missionaries from India, though they are following the US' ways. It's about the earthquake victims of Kashmir:

You yourselves can search up many more. Go to any search engine, type in key words like christians, converting, tsunami, earthquake, victims and we guarantee you'll find many.

On a side note, when we see these christian sites claiming "former muslim", dont believe it. As I said earlier above christians will do ANYTHING to get more followers. They're upset at the fact that many christians turn away from that faith and to the light of islam.