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Bishop arerested for robbery, drugs, and child molestation

We need to note that this is the newer, correct version.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: A previous version of this story contained incorrect information. Bishop Anthony Martinez Garduno served at St. Edwards Parish in Corona until 1993.)

A church bishop shot earlier this year in an attempted robbery was arrested on suspicion of selling narcotics and is being investigated on suspicion of sexual assault.

Authorities served a search warrant Tuesday at Our Lady of Tepeyac Church in Home Gardens, an Old Catholic fellowship outside Corona. Sheriff's investigators found evidence the man was selling narcotics from the church, according to a Riverside County sheriff's report.

Following the search, police arrested Bishop Antony Martinez Garduno, 51, of Home Gardens, on suspicion of burglary, selling narcotics, possession of methamphetamine and possession of a controlled substance, sheriff's officials said.

Authorities began investigating Garduno after a Dec. 21 report alleging sexual assault on children at the church in the 13000 block of Magnolia Avenue, according to the report.

A man reportedly told authorities he was molested by Garduno when he was 17. He said he also knew of other youths who claimed to be victimized by the bishop and were sold methamphetamine, the report stated.

At the church, sheriff's deputies found evidence related to possible sexual assaults that took place at the church, the report stated.

Garduno's arrest was not on suspicion of sexual assault and no charges have been filed.

Garduno is a defrocked Roman Catholic priest who was tried for heresy and schism in 1996 for forming his own church. He left St. Edwards Parish in Corona in 1993 after he was accused of asking a man to strip during a marriage counseling session. He later filed a lawsuit and denied any inappropriate activity.

Sheriff's officials are looking for any possible victims.

Detectives are trying to find out whether sexual assaults may have occurred without the victims' knowledge or while they were under the influence of drugs, Riverside County sheriff's Sgt. Dennis Gutierrez said.

After Garduno was shot at the church in September, five men were charged with attempted murder and robbery. Deputies said Garduno confronted the men during a robbery attempt, and they wounded him.

The five, Willis Bagley, Anthony Coleman, Timothy Jacquemain, Andrew Swindle, and Jaccob Buschow, were arrested after a police chase. They were accused of going on a robbery spree at Denny's restaurants from Los Angeles to Norco.

"At the time, we thought it was a random incident, but now we believe the suspects may have known the bishop kept narcotics and large amounts of cash at the church," Gutierrez said.

Garduno was jailed and could not be reached for comment Wednesday. Bail was set at $25,000. No one at the church answered the phone or returned calls seeking comment.

Authorities are asking anyone with information to call the Jurupa Valley sheriff's station at 951-955-2600.

Church leader aressted for drugs, sex abuse

CORONA, Calif.—A Southern California church leader has been arrested on drug-related charges amid allegations that he drugged and sexually abused children, authorities said Wednesday.
Anthony Garduno, 51, was arrested Tuesday for investigation of possession of drugs and stolen property after investigators found evidence he was selling drugs from his church, said Riverside County Sheriff's Sgt. Dennis Gutierrez.

Authorities searched Garduno's Our Lady of Tepeyac church near Corona after a 21-year-old man claimed he had been sexually assaulted by the bishop when he was 17.

The man, whose name was not released, also accused Garduno of selling methamphetamines and assaulting other boys, Gutierrez said.

"We have evidence to believe there are many other victims in that community and that some of the victims may not even be aware because we believe they were possibly drugged," Gutierrez said Wednesday.

Gutierrez declined to reveal what evidence was found in the church.

Garduno was hospitalized following a shooting in the church courtyard in September that was allegedly part of a robbery attempt. Gutierrez said authorities now suspect thieves targeted Garduno because they believed he had drug money.

Trial set for pastor who murdered wife

by Loren Korn, Seth Kovar, and Zlatko Filipovic

WACO - The pre-trial of the former preacher accused of murdering his wife and trying to make it look like suicide was held Wednesday morning. Matt Baker showed up to hear whether a list of motions were granted or denied for the upcoming trial.

•One of Baker's attorneys, Guy James Gray, asked to be removed from the case because of "serious and material breach of conduct." He also claimed there has been a conflict between he and Baker. Nineteenth District Court Judge Ralph Strother denied the request.
•Motion for the defense to get a copy of Vanessa Bulls' grand jury testimony before the trial was denied. Bulls is Baker's alleged girlfriend from December 2006.
•Vanessa Bulls is granted immunity
•The defense plans to challenge Bulls' credibility because of conflicting stories between what she told police and what she testified before a grand jury
•Defense requested $1500 from the court to interview and talk with state expert witnesses. That request was granted.
•Judge reinstated the gag order over everyone involved in this case
•Start date for trial has been moved from January 11th to January 12th
•Defense will have access to a complete list of state expert witnesses
The McLennan County District Attorney's Office submitted a list of 97 potential witnesses for the upcoming trial. Matt Baker's mother and children are on the list along with Kari Baker's friends and family members.

Justice of the Peace Billy Martin and Reade Quinton were also subpoenaed. Quinton was the Dallas forensic scientist who was involved in Kari Baker's delayed autopsy. Several private investigators, Hewitt and Waco police officers, and crime scene forensic analysts were also subpoenaed.

Vanessa Bulls, Matt Baker's alleged girlfriend, was also subpoenaed. Police claim Baker made numerous phone calls to her just days before and after his wife's death. There's also an interesting request on the list: all e-mails Bulls and Baker had during the month of December in 2006 have also been subpoenaed.

Baker was originally arrested for his wife's murder and then had those charges dropped because the District Attorney's office didn't indict him within six months. But after a female acquaintance of the former pastor, Vanessa Bulls, testified before a McLennan County Grand Jury, Baker was arrested and then indicted for Kari Baker's murder.

Hewitt police found Kari's body in the Bakers' home in April of 2006. The death was originally ruled a suicide. But four months later, Justice of the Peace Billy Martin ordered her body exhumed and an autopsy performed at the urging of Kari Baker's parents, who insisted she was murdered. That autopsy showed traces of sleeping pills and medicine in her muscle tissues.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pastor shoots son to death

Remember Mathew 15:4 where Jesus said to kill rebellious and disobedient children?

DARBY, Pa. (AP) — A pastor fatally shot one of his eight children on Christmas Day during a dispute at the family home, where more than a dozen relatives had gathered to celebrate the holiday, police said.

Kirk Caldwell killed 21-year-old Jordan Caldwell after intervening in a violent confrontation between the son and a woman at around 2 p.m. at their home in suburban Philadelphia, Darby Borough police said Friday.

Kirk Caldwell fired a single shot, striking his son in the chest, police Chief Robert Smythe said. Jordan Caldwell died at a hospital shortly afterward, police said.

Smythe, who noted he had met Caldwell a couple of times, called the pastor a "very good man" and said he was "quite surprised."

"I find this is not something I would expect this guy to do," Smythe said.

As a pastor at End Times Harvest Mission for Christ in Philadelphia, Kirk Caldwell had spoken against violence at a vigil for a slain teen in Darby last summer.

"Retaliation is never the answer. Retaliation is only going to make it worse," Caldwell said, according to the Daily Times of Delaware County.

Donald Mosby, 81, who has lived next door to Caldwell for a couple of years, said the pastor also worked as a plumber and seemed "like a moderate man."

He said Caldwell used to shuttle parishioners to and from church in his vans.

The 44-year-old Caldwell had not been charged as of Friday evening. The gun was legally registered to him, Smythe said.

There was no answer at the Darby Borough Police Department on Saturday. A woman who answered the phone at Caldwell's home Saturday declined to comment.,0,3807380.story

Thursday, December 24, 2009

God "hates" Lady Gaga

Fans have a new reason to love Lady Gaga now that the notorious Westboro Baptist Church officially hates the singer.

The Kansas-based congregation, helmed by Rev. Fred Phelps and consisting largely of his offspring, announced plans Wednesday to picket Gaga's Jan. 7 show in St. Louis, calling the 'Bad Romance' star a "hussy" and a heathen for "seducing a generation."

A press release for the 'God Hates Lady Gaga' protest contains no mention of the church's signature issue, hatin' gays and such, but one can assume they don't approve of Gaga's bisexual leanings and tolerance of homosexuality.

Instead, the folks who shamefully protest funerals of fallen servicemen focus on Gaga's artistic merit. "There's nothing new or different about this particular hussy's pretentious prancing," the statement reads.

Further, Westboro implores Gaga's fans not to be seduced by her charms.

"Even as she gives lip service to 'liberating' her young fans, Lady Gaga brings them into slavery to their own corruption, teaching them to glory in their shame. She hates you!"

Reached for comment, St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay tells PopEater that while he respects Westboro's right to protest Gaga, "this instance seems more like pop music criticism than political protest."

Ultimately Slay, who peppers his Twitter updates with pop culture references, says he isn't worried about any possible impact the protest will have on the occasion. "I hope her fans have fun and spend lots of money here. Other than that, there's 'Nothing Else I Can Say (eh eh).'" -- a nod to Gaga's track 'Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)'

In case you're itching to join the protest or any counter-protests, here's the info: Thursday, Jan. 7 from 6:30 - 7:30 pm outside the (fabulous!) Fox Theatre, 527 N. Grand Blvd., St. Louis MO.|canada-toshiba|dl2|link5|

Rifqa Barry's brother is a binge drinker/non virgin!!???

So much more light continues to be shed on Rifqa. And surprisingly we thank Pamela Geller for giving this delightful insight to us.
You can view his DUI'S, and other criminal activity here:

Do you see something? PAMELA GELLER IS A STALKER. She spends her entire day taking pictures of people in the internet, she spends her entire day searching people up, doesn't this seem a little creepy to you?

On his facebook (the brother of Rifqa) page:

I'm a selfish prick. A hot, Carmel love, pampered intellectual with a big dick and a marathon thognue. I'm young enough to do it often and old enough to do it right. I don't have time for petty drama or emotional hysterics. I do what I want, When I want.

And on the side of his facebook page:

God is a DJ, life is a dancefloor, love is the rhythm, you are the music.

Wow, what an Islamic family huh? Both children are engaged in christian activity anyways. Rifqa a cheerleader and her brother a drunk.

Oh and notice on the comments, David Wood from and acts 17 apoologetics, made references to his psychotic thoughts.
Notice how ALL chrstians label this as "islamic" and how they don't mention islam doesn't have what the Barry kids do. And take note as well how they don't condemn binge drinking/adultery. Why? Because christans use John 8:1-11 as a guide, letting them adulter all they want because God gave them "freedom". And the satanic drink alchohol is necessary consupmtion in the christian faith.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why I'm not going to debate Christians about Rifqa Barry/Islam on Facebook

So I got an email today, from a person (I do not know if they're muslim or not) asking me to debate Christians on a facebook group called "Saving Rifqa Barry". I actually didn't know there existed a group about Rifqa, because I searched for one before and couldn't find anything on her.
So anyways the group, as any other christian source of material, is attacking Islam left and right. But we all know Christians come up with the same tactics, excuses, and attempts, as if they completely ignore muslim answers (scoff). Though they don't have much on there.
Every member who's posted seems quite angry at Islam and at the same time experts. While the lame allegations which only make us slap our knees harder, due to the sensitivity, I won't go and refute them. Let them keep there momentum on bashing Islam (wierd they use the bible to defend themselves isn't it?).
I like how everyone praises eachother, like "Great Job brother" or "Amen" to anything anti islamic. Again we see the holy spirit guiding those who believe in Paul.

I don't want anyone to think that I've stopped to go onto anti-islam groups and refute christian myths and lies, but just not the one about Rifqa. I don't think christians will be able to handle the contradictions, and countless updates by Rifqa Barry.
For those who haven't seen the articles on Rifqa I wrote, please click onto the "Rifqa Barry" tab.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More on Uganda

Stephen Green, leader of the Christian extremist group ‘Christian Voice’, remarked:

“The Bible calls for the ultimate penalty for sodomy (Lev 20:13) and for rape (Deut 22:25), and our Lord upheld the death penalty when He called for the accusers of the woman caught in adultery to cast the first stone (John 8:7) – if, that is, they were not implicated in adultery themselves.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Capital punishment for Gay's is well on the rise

Yesterday we looked at the christianization of Uganda. And just a day later the proposed law of killing Gay's, is becoming more clear.

Here's an astonishing idea: Ugandan officials give lessons in diplomacy and morality to U.S. leaders as they seek complicity from global Christians in a proposed bill that would criminalize, even kill, homosexuals.

It seems that they're unhappy with recent public comments by U.S. politicians and clergy who began speaking out in public (after days of hammering by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.)

The bill that goes before their parliament in January would make homosexual activity comparable to rape and therefore due for the death penalty, imprison people with HIV/AIDS and punish their friends and neighbors, ministers and physicians if they fail to turn in gay people to the authorities.

There's more on the link here:

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New proposed Uganda Law: If you see a homosexual, you call the police

And let us firstly check the demographics in Uganda:
42% Protestant
42% Roman Catholic

This is an interview. Quite nice actually. I hope you notcice the part where christian leaders are the ones who have been pushing for the law. You can here the interview as well.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Shane Sparks, a famous hip-hop choreographer, charged with Child Molestation

Well I was going to do the "Famous Christians" segment, but something better came up.
Just a heads up, lets look on his Myspace page (
On the left side bar, where its listed as "deatails", we notice what his faith is. Any guesses?

Los Angeles police arrested "America's Best Dance Crew" judge Shane Sparks (born Melvin Shane Sparks), Friday morning (December 18) on a felony warrant and charged him with eight counts of felony child molestation. He is being held on $590,000 bail.

According to a spokesperson for the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, Sparks, 35, was taken into custody at around 8 a.m. PT on Friday on a felony warrant charging him with molestation that allegedly began in the early-to-mid 1990s.

The age of the victim was not revealed by the DA's spokesperson, but Sparks would have been in his early 20s at the time they allegedly began. The DA's office spokesperson declined to provide more specific detail on the allegations at press time because the original charging document released to the press contained substantial typographical errors that did not reflect the true nature of the charges.

KTTV Fox News 11 in Los Angeles reported that the victim was one of Sparks' dance students at Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles.

MTV had no comment on the arrest, and a rep for Sparks told MTV News that no comment was available at press time.

Cincinnati-born Sparks has worked with Brandy, Aaliyah, Monica and Lindsay Lohan and was nominated for an Emmy for his choreography on "So You Think You Can Dance."

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spiritual healer accused of murder

A US judge has set a 2.26 million dollar (£1.38 million) bail for a British spiritual healer accused of murdering a Las Vegas woman and stuffing her body in a rubbish bin.

Michael Lane, 37, originally from London, is alleged to have hit 44-year-old Ginger Candela with a frying pan and strangled her after deciding during a meditation session that she should die, police documents show.

Lane, a motivational speaker who uses the name of Chae Saville, appeared briefly in court to acknowledge that he understood the charges against him. An evidence hearing session was set for January 11.

The accused was arrested on December 3 following the discovery days earlier of the victim's body stuffed in a bin in her garage in Las Vegas.

An arrest report released on Monday claims that Lane told officers he was compressing the victim's carotid arteries to help her achieve a deeper state of meditation when he decided to murder her.

He then hit her with the kitchen utensil before strangling her with an electrical cord, according to the report.

Police responding to a missing person's call on November 30 found Mrs Candela's house had been ransacked, with numerous items missing. Authorities caught up with Lane a few days later in California.

Officers believe that he may have taken the victim's Chihuahua dog Gi Gi and given it to a random woman he met on the Las Vegas strip as he fled.

Police describe Lane as a motivational speaker who is heavily involved with the concept of "spiritual healing".

Detectives believe he may have befriended numerous women with the possible intention of defrauding them without their knowledge. He faces charges of murder and robbery with a deadly weapon, as well as one count of grand larceny auto in connection with Mrs Candela's death.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Neo-Nazist arrested after bomb attack

Wow. Another christian related event taking place near my home province.
Again clear signs of us moving back to the strict elizabethan and medevil era's.
We all know Europe is moving back to nazism. The opression of muslims there, not to mention in the US and Canada as well, the attack on mosques recently which left anti semetic signs (lol christians aren't very bright are they?).
The group this man was with, is connected to the KKK.

"MacDonald said the Aryan Guard has also received ongoing support from Christian Waters, a leader of the Canadian branch of the Brotherhood of Klans Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Headquartered in Marion, Ohio, that group has emerged as the largest Klan organization in the United States."


A self-proclaimed white supremacist wanted in connection with a Calgary homemade bomb attack has been arrested in Winnipeg following a two-hour standoff with police.

Police, acting on a tip, arrested Kyle Robert McKee, 24, on Wednesday at 12:30 a.m.

McKee, who once described himself as a member of the now defunct Aryan Guard, faces several charges related to a Nov. 21 incident in Calgary.

Calgary police said the attack wasn't a hate crime, but a "personal vendetta between two individuals."

A resident in a ground-floor apartment in the 5300 block of Rundlehorn Drive N.E. heard a noise outside and found two homemade bombs near his patio door, police said.

The man threw the devices into the parking lot, where they exploded. A vehicle was damaged, but no one was hurt.

McKee is believed to have helped found the Aryan Guard in Calgary, a white supremacist group that has organized marches in the city. In an interview with the Calgary Herald, McKee identified himself as a member of the Aryan Guard and explained that the group was simply trying to "celebrate white pride."

Shortly after the Nov. 21 attack, a message on the Aryan Guard's website said the group had disbanded due to the "the rash actions of so few."

Spotted in Sask.

A few days later, police in Saskatchewan said McKee was spotted behind the wheel of his own truck, which was parked on a gravel road south of Regina.

RCMP noticed the parked vehicle and decided to check things out. McKee gave the officer his name and produced an Alberta's driver's licence. However, as the officer was walking back to his vehicle to run a name check, McKee drove away.

McKee is the last person wanted in connection with the bomb attack.

Police arrested a 17-year-old Calgary youth after he stepped off the bus in Portage, Man.

Both face charges of attempted murder, possessing, making or controlling explosives, and possessing a weapon or an imitation for a dangerous purpose.|canada-toshiba|dl1|link4|

Yet another priest faces child porn charges

All christians are holy spirit guided. And who's better to be guided than a person who devotes his life to Paul?
Why do so many priests and pastors have an attraction towards children? And why do they NOT condemn it? (Notice how churches love covering up the truth. Clear followers of Philippians 1:18 where Paul told christians to lie).
Lets see how the bible supports these sick minded holy apirit guided people:

Numbers 31: 17-18

17. Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

18. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

A highly respected Anglican priest in Newfoundland has been charged with possession and distribution of child pornography that included online images and videos of babies, police said on Wednesday.

Reverend Robin Barrett, 52, of the parish of New Hope near St. John’s, was arrested on Tuesday in Newfoundland. He is in custody and is expected to have a bail hearing on Wednesday.

Detective Paul Krawczyk of the Toronto police child exploitation unit said his group opened an investigation last month.

“This was an undercover investigation. We came upon a person on the Internet that we became concerned about because of what was being said and what was being shared,” said Det. Krawczyk. “We made contact with this person, in an undercover capacity, and during that time received child pornography from this person.

“We’re alleging the images and videos he passed were extremely young, as young as babies.”

Det. Krawczyk said the child exploitation section constantly monitors the Internet for these kind of images.

“A lot of our arrests these days are from us being proactive online,” he said. “They don’t all end up in our own backyard. The reality of the Internet is you end up in other places.”

He said the information was then passed on to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, which made the arrest on Wednesday. Newfoundland police recently created a child exploitation unit to specifically deal with trafficking of child pornography.

Both police forces are now trying to figure out where the images were made and by whom.

None of the charges have been proven in court.

“News of the arrest brought shock, surprise, disappointment. All of those emotions, obviously,” said Elizabeth Barnes, executive officer of the Diocese of Eastern Newfound and Labrador.

“I’ve worked with him directly. I always found him a genuine, caring individual and his call to social causes is exemplary of the kind of man he is.”

Rev. Barrett, who is now suspended with pay from his duties, has been involved with ecumenical groups and groups pushing for social justice in the province.

Ms. Barnes said that he is well known for his compassion for those in the province who have been marginalized.

In November 2003, Rev. Barrett, who was then married with three children, announced publicly that he was gay.

“At the time we had to wrestle with that,” Ms. Barnes said. “The Anglican Communion has been wrestling with the issue of homosexuality so it was a big issue then.

But I believe a lot of our people have made peace with it and accepted him and worked with him on his merits as a priest and a man and his sexuality became no more of an issue than yours or mine.”

She added: “This is really not a gay issue. Child porn is not connected with homosexuality, but people will bring it up.”

In September, Raymond Lahey, 69, the Catholic bishop of the Diocese of Antigonish was charged by Ottawa police with possession and importation of child pornography after his computer was searched at the Ottawa airport.

And this week a British Columbia pastor, Larry Robert Collins, 45, was sentenced to 15 months in jail after he admitted making an explicit video that simulated the rape of a young teenager.

Pastor jailed for making explicit video

A Surrey, B.C., pastor was convicted and sentenced to jail after an explicit video was posted online encouraging the rape of a young teenage girl.

Larry Robert Collins was convicted for possession of child pornography. He was sentenced on Tuesday to 15 months in jail, to be followed by three years of probation.

The 45-year-old, who served as a pastor with the Church of Nazarene in Guildford until last year, used pictures from the teen's Facebook profile to create a video willing people to sexually assault her, the BC Integrated Child Exploitation Unit said.

"It's just so wrong on so many levels," Const. Rosiane Racine told CTV British Columbia.

"The video included sexually explicit scenes. As the video plays there is writing -- words of encouragement to rape a child."

Racine would not provide specifics about what was contained in the text, only saying "it's very harsh."

She added Collins knows the victim, who lives out of province, but the pair did not have daily contact. It is not known if the victim was ever a member of his congregation.

The exploitation unit said Collins also created online accounts impersonating the victim and encouraged people to visit a web link to see the video. In these interactions, Collins posted the name and home town of the victim, putting her in harm's way, Racine said.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Priest(s) guilty of horrific genocide

This is the FORTH priest guiltly of killing thousands in Rwanada.
Isn't it strange how many acts of violence have a christian twist? What's with the holy spirit guiding it's people?

(CNN) -- Against the chilling scale of the Rwandan genocide, the events that unfolded on May 7, 1994, at the Kibeho College of Arts appear as a blip of horror.

Eighty Tutsi students perished at the hands of their teachers, fellow students and security forces. They died that day, according to the Rwandan government, because of the groundwork laid by one man: Emmanuel Uwayezu.

That he was an educator and a priest made the act that much more inhuman to his accusers.

He took refuge in his Catholicism and practiced as a priest in Italy, undetected for a dozen years, until October, when he was arrested by Interpol. His fate remains unknown -- it's unclear whether the Rwandan government will successfully extradite him for trial.

If it does, Uwayezu, 47, could still walk out of jail a free man, like Hormisdas Nsengimana, another Catholic priest accused of murder, extermination and crimes against humanity, but against whom an international tribunal could not find enough evidence.

Uwayezu maintains his innocence, telling the Italian news agency ANSA on his arrest that he welcomed a trial that would establish the facts.

"I took no part in genocide," the Hutu clergyman said.

Instead, he said, he tried to save the young people who were massacred.

But that's not how the Rwandan government or the human rights activists view history.

Since the late 1970s, villagers in the southern Rwandan town of Kibeho had spoken of apparitions of the Virgin Mary near a soccer field among lush rolling hills. The virgin, they said, predicted that the green of the landscape would turn crimson one day. Kibeho's legend became the lore of the genocide to come.

When Kibeho's season of horror unfolded in 1994, Uwayezu had been headmaster at the Groupe Scolaire Marie Mercie school for two years.

Over 100 days, an estimated 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed, the United Nations and Interpol have said. Millions more were raped and disfigured, and nearly an entire generation of children was orphaned.

The Rwandan government alleges that Uwayezu sowed the seeds for ethnic hatred at the school by blaming the nation's troubles on the "inyenzi," a term meaning cockroach, used by Hutu extremists to describe Tutsis. The government says the priest then alerted security forces, trapped the students and organized their killing at the nearby College of Arts on May 7, 1994.

African Rights, a human rights organization that researches the genocide, has been interviewing both survivors and perpetrators of the school massacre. This is what some said:

The massacre began at 10 in the morning.

The students tried to protect themselves, but the militiamen broke down doors with their guns and ordered them to assemble on the basketball court. Some jumped through windows to escape, but one militiaman recalled how they chased them down.

Melanie was in the dining hall, where she had gone with others "to pray."

"I closed my eyes, hoping it would help to hide me. As I sat there, they killed and killed my friends. I saw them dragging the bodies of the dead students to bury them."

Melanie escaped and hid in surrounding fields.

Maurice locked himself in a toilet. He could hear the sound of blows to human flesh; he could see the flow of blood.

Then they got him. They stripped him naked and shoved him into a hole in the ground. His feet landed on shards of glass. A militiaman shot him in his right thigh. His attackers heaped dirt on him and left him for dead.

They tossed bodies of the dead on top of Maurice.

"I could not move, not at all," he told his interviewers. "I felt I was being asphyxiated to death. I said my last prayer, as I really believed it was the end of me. I told God that if he wanted me to die like that, of course I would. But I also asked God to use his infinite powers to save me."

Maurice was able to climb out of the hole. And survive.

Surviving was easy compared with living with memories of genocide, said Rakiya Omar, director of African Rights. What matters for the students and their families now, she said, is justice for those who unleashed the bullets and machetes.

That's why Uwayezu's arrest, though not as high-profile as that of senior officials, is significant, Omar said.

"For the people of Kibeho, Uwayezu was very important," she said. "It's extremely disturbing -- the role of teachers. It's a country where people have such respect for authority, and teachers and priests commanded enormous authority."

So far, four Catholic priests have been indicted by the U.N. International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Human rights activists say the small number of indictments do not accurately represent the church's role in the genocide.

By failing to issue swift condemnation, the church opened the door for slaughter in the name of God, according to the global group Human Rights Watch.

"Some clergy who might have been able to save lives refused to even try to do so," the group said in a report on the genocide.

Uwayezu fled Rwanda and began a new life in Italy in 1997. He became known as Don Emmanuel, working as a vicar in Empoli, a town near Florence.

But the Hutu priest was given away after Interpol's fugitives unit received information and photographs about him from Rwandan authorities. His arrest occurred with little fanfare, though it was a moment that many Rwandans had awaited.

One of them was Vedasta Habimana, who 15 years ago was a prefect at Uwayezu's school. He escaped several days before the massacre, when word got out that the militias were coming, heavy rains drowning his footsteps.

Today, Habimana works for the government in the same district where the school was. His memories follow him through Kibeho -- of those whose lives were brutally cut short, and those who are responsible.

And look here, a missionary is charged with connection to the genocide:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Priest rapes 17 year old, then asks her to marry him

A Roman Catholic priest from Gokomere llegedly raped a 17-year-old girl who was working for him, then later asked her to marry him to cover up the crime has been arrested.

The priest was last week arraigned before the courts to answer to charges of rape.

He was charged with contravening section 65 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23 rape, when he appeared before Masvingo magistrate Mr Walter Chikwanha and was remanded out of custody to next week.

The incident allegedly occurred at the church where the man of the cloth and the maid were staying.

The court heard through the prosecutor, Mr Motion Njaravani, that sometime in August this year, the clergyman engaged the 17-year-old girl — who also happens to be a Catholic in the Gokomere area of Chief Zimuto — as a maid and went to Mwenezi with her.

It was the State’s case that sometime in September this year there was a party at the church and the maid was asked to help prepare and serve food for the guests.

When she knocked at the priest’s door to advise him that the time was ready for her to go to the party, he asked her in and allegedly raped her once.

He allegedly threatened to fire her if she reported the offence to anyone and further promised not to do it again and the girl did not report the case.

On 18 October in the evening, the court was told, the priest went to the maid’s room and told her they had visitors. He woke the maid up and asked her to prepare food for the visitors.

While she was preparing the food the priest came and stood behind her and allegedly caressed her. He then took her to his bedroom where he locked the door and allegedly raped her.

After he had allegedly raped her, he asked the girl to marry him saying they were in love.

The girl made a report to Masvingo provincial police victim friendly unit while the priest was in Mutare for a church meeting.

The Catholic priest was represented by Mr Isaiah Muzenda of Muzenda and Partners Legal Practitioners.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Prosecuters seek jail for Dad who "botched" son's circumcision

VANCOUVER — A B.C. man who botched the circumcision of his four-year-old son — a few years after managing to infect his own penis while circumcising himself — should be jailed for 12 to 24 months, a prosecutor says.

A sentencing hearing began Thursday for the Lower Mainland man, who called the case against him a "miscarriage of justice."

The man, who can only be identified by the initials D.J.W., was convicted of criminal negligence causing bodily harm after the April 2007 incident.

B.C. Supreme Court Madam Justice Marion Allan found that D.J.W. had given his son honey wine before placing him on some garbage bags on the kitchen floor.

He told his son the circumcision would grant DJ "extra special protection from God" and allow him to eat Passover lamb, ice cream and that the boy could then pick all the movies he wanted for a week.

Wielding a razor blade, the father tried to cut away the foreskin on the boy's penis.

After making several cuts over a cutting board, the father sprinkled an ash-like powder called Wonder Dust on his son. The substance is normally used to treat wounds for race horses and other animals and is not deemed fit for use on humans.

The boy was later taken to hospital for treatment and the circumcision was completed.

On Thursday, the father reacted angrily to questioning by prosecutor Daniel Porte about whether he would be willing to do another circumcision.

"You're just taking advantage of me because I'm poor," said D.J.W. "You're taking advantage of me because I didn't have money to compel rabbis and other experts to come here and testify. What you're doing is rotten and wicked. This is a miscarriage of justice."

D.J.W.'s mother raised him as a Jehovah's Witness, but he left the church. He now follows the Old and New Testaments of the Bible and believes circumcisions are required for religious reasons.

In late 2004 or early 2005, DJW circumcised himself, using Band-Aids, peroxide and a roll of gauze and a clear plastic ring, which he believed would act as an anesthetic. He cut himself with a razor blade. The procedure infected his penis.

The prosecutor is asking for three years probation in addition to the jail term.

Doug Christie, the father's lawyer, said he would be looking for a period of probation with counselling provisions. The judge said she wouldn't rule out a conditional sentence.

The judge said Thursday that a psychiatric report ordered by the court was full of errors and needed to be done again.

Uh huh yeah so this is what the media does. "He's psycho" so religion is not to blame.
Sadly the media can't see what the bible actualy teaches. Like on the pastor Tony Alamo, NGO's and rights groups claimed he was a cult leader. Again these people have not read what the bible actually teaches.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christianofascist wants christmas carols in ALL public schools

Yep we are DEFINITELY correct. The U.S nation is turning back to Christianity, the full form of it.
We constantly here how christian leaders want bible courses in schools, we heard about the "Manhattan Decleration", and now this. But we all know why christians REALLY want their faith to brainwash the youth-to get them away from islam.
Hopefully no christian laws will be imposed on us, before pigs can fly.

Merry Hyatt has found allies in her quest to put an initiative on the ballot next year requiring public schools to play Christmas carols.

Hyatt, who moved to Redding four months ago, said she joined the Redding Tea Party Patriots and recruited several members to help her collect the 433,971 signatures needed by March 29.

Hyatt said she has partnered with a couple of churches in Redding and one in Wildomar in Southern California to collect signatures. All the signature pages must be turned in together to the Shasta County registrar, she said.

The initiative would require schools to provide children the opportunity to listen to or perform Christmas carols, and would subject the schools to litigation if the rule isn't followed.

Schools currently are allowed to offer Christmas music as long as it is used for academic purposes rather than devotional purposes and isn't used to promote a particular religious belief, according to an analysis by the California Legislative Analyst's Office.

"Bottom line is Christmas is about Christmas," said Erin Ryan, president of the Redding Tea Party Patriots. "That's why we have it. It's not about winter solstice or Kwanzaa. It's like, 'wow you guys, it's called Christmas for a reason.' "

Ryan said Hyatt's initiative falls under the umbrella of causes the group supports, which concern limited government, following the constitution and fiscal responsibility.

But some groups say the initiative represents quite the opposite.

"I have two words to say about Ms. Hyatt's proposal: blatantly unconstitutional," said Rob Boston, senior policy analyst for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, which is based in Washington, D.C., and has a local chapter in Sacramento.

Boston said he heard about the initiative in the news, which isn't surprising considering national newspapers such as The New York Times have published articles on Hyatt's efforts.
"In the unlikely event she got enough signatures to put it on the ballot and the even more unlikely event California passed it, it would be struck down by the courts," Boston said. "The courts have been very clear that public schools aren't supposed to be in the business of promoting or advocating religion."

Boston said he thinks Hyatt's initiative represents a larger issue of religious conservatives being unhappy with the changes resulting from American society becoming more diverse.

"The frustration some religious conservatives have is they want a mythological religious America that probably never existed," he said.

Hyatt, a substitute teacher who moved to Redding from Riverside, said her motivation for the initiative was to help restore children's moral compasses by inviting Jesus to school Christmas parties.

"He's the prince of peace; he's the only one who can get these kids to stop being so violent," she said in November.

Hyatt said she believes it is Americans' First Amendment right to worship.

"It's our right to have freedom to worship," she said. "That's why we came to this country. They came to be Christians and they're trying to take that away. They're out of line; we're not."

Boston said he believes proponents of Hyatt's initiative have unrealistic expectations.

"They're looking to the public schools system or the government to provide them a religious experience at Christmas," he said. "If you want a full-throttle religious Christmas experience, it's at church ... there's no shortage of those."

There's more info here:

"provide opportunities to its pupils for listening or performing Christmas music at an appropriate time of year"

"longstanding American tradition and a significant element of our cultural heritage as Americans"

So we can CLEARLY see Hyatt believes:
a) people come to this country to be christian
b) the holy spirit will try to control itself to stop making people violent

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2 Pastors kill blind man for life insurance

A Baltimore pastor who worked with developmentally disabled people was charged Friday with befriending a blind and disabled man in his care, then paying a hit man $50,000 in church funds for an execution so he could collect life insurance money.

Police say Kevin Jerome Pushia, 32, who worked for four months as an operations manager for the Arc of Baltimore before abruptly quitting in January, confessed to plotting to kill Lemuel Wallace.

Pushia told police he persuaded Wallace and “numerous” other mentally challenged individuals to list him as a beneficiary on insurance policies.

A terse notation in Pushia’s planning calendar for Feb. 5, the day after Wallace was found dead in a Leakin Park bathroom stall from multiple gunshot wounds to the head and back, reads: “L.W. project completed,” police said.(Source)

Last week we had a 52 year old woman who was trying to make some extra money in this rough economy take a job as a stripper, only to be attacked on her first day by a “co-worker” who was in her late 40’s. This week we have another sign we’re in a recession: A pastor killing a disabled man for insurance money. I mean I know times are rough but come on. But wait…it gets better. There’s a second pastor that has been arrested in connection with the killings as well:

Baltimore police chief spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says 31-year-old James Omar Clea of Baltimore was arrested at 3 p.m. Saturday at a hotel in Orangeburg, S.C.

He says Clea, a pastor, has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with Lemuel Wallace’s death and is awaiting extradition.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Youth Pastor rapes 14 year old

A few months old. But the christian tradition is always alive.

CHANDLER - More victims have come forward, just two weeks after a 25-year-old Chandler youth minister was arrested on sexual abuse and sexual conduct with a minor charges.

A mother in Ohio says her daughter was also victimized by Joshua O'Bannion. She's not using her name, in order to avoid compromising a police investigation in Ohio.

Earlier this month, Chandler Police arrested O'Bannion on three counts of sex abuse and eight counts of sexual conduct with a minor. Police say O'Bannion had sex with a 14-year-old girl in his car three separate times this summer.

A phone conversation between O'Bannion and the girl was recorded -- and court documents say he mentioned them having sex several times.

The woman says O'Bannion had been a youth minister at her church in Parma, Ohio, before he joined Christ Life Church in Tempe, Ariz. When people in her community heard about the arrest from word-of-mouth, she says a few days later, "My daughter came to me while in the kitchen, crying, and told me Josh O'Bannion raped her also, when she was 14 years of age."

Then, another girl in Ohio came forward. Both victims filed police reports.

"I'm very disappointed," she says. "Someone you could leave your child with and totally trust and what do you do? I am at a loss for words."

O'Bannion's arraignment is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 28.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pastor rapes 2 young sisters

A 42-year old Shepherd of Celestial Church of Christ, Pastor Toyin Kadiri, has been arrested by the police in Lagos for allegedly raping two sisters at the same time.

Toyin was alleged to have raped the victims, names withheld, who are aged three and eight, when their parents had left for work.

P.M.News gathered that the pastor, who is married and has children, committed the crime when his wife and the victims’ parents were not at home on the day of the incident.

The incident happened at 28, Giwa Street, Onipanu, Ilupeju, Lagos, where the accused and the victims’ parents reside.

It was learnt that he first raped the elder sister and warned her not to tell any one otherwise she would die. He later raped the three-year old girl.

The little girl was reported to have started crying and pointing at her private part when their mother came back home.

The hapless mother checked her baby’s private part and saw blood. A closer check on the two sisters revealed that they had been defiled.

The elder sister confessed that it was the pastor that took them inside his room and raped them.

The matter was reported at the police station and the pastor was arrested and charged with rape before the Ilupeju Magistrate’s Court.

The offence, the police prosecutor said, was contrary to section 218 of the Criminal Code, Cap 17, Vol. 2 Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2003.

When the charge was read to him, he pleaded not guilty. The magistrate granted him bail in the sum of N500,000 with two responsible sureties in the like sum.

The matter has been adjourned till 26 November, 2009.

Pastor rapes 15 year old girl

ZIMBABWE – BULAWAYO – A pastor has been arrested for having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl from his church whom she threatened with God’s wrath if she revealed the matter.

It is alleged that on their first sexual encounter the pastor anointed the girl with “holy” oil before being intimate with the girl.

This came to light at the trial of the pastor, Paul Mlambo, of the Blood of Jesus Ministries from Gwabalanda at Western Commonage Magistrates Courts before Mrs Lindiwe Mbizwo facing charges of having sexual intercourse with a young person.

Mrs Charity Nyathi for the State told the court that sometime last month the girl delayed coming home from church and her mother chased her away.

She then went to the pastor’s house where she lived for sometime.

However, the pastor allegedly proposed love to her after advising her that his wife had cancer of the womb and could not conceive.

He allegedly told her that he wanted a second wife and the girl agreed, the court heard.

It is alleged that on their first sexual encounter he anointed the girl with “holy” oil and became intimate with her.

He allegedly threatened her that God would punish her if she revealed the matter to anyone.

It is alleged that he also bought her a pair of panties and some chocolates.

The court heard that on another occasion he ordered his wife to go fasting at her grandmother’s house.

She agreed and he took the opportunity to sleep with the juvenile.

Mrs Nyathi told the court that on other several occasions, he would sneak out of his bedroom leaving his wife in bed and go to the girl’s room.

The offence came to light when the girl phoned her mother.

She told her that she was afraid of coming home because she feared she might be pregnant and revealed her relationship with the pastor.

The mother in turn advised her to come home and the matter was reported to the police, leading to the pastor’s arrest

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Father stabs 3 year old to death, attempts to kill wife, and linked to an evangalist

Detectives are investigating whether a man suspected of stabbing his three-year-old son to death is related to a wanted evangelist.

Officers are examining possible family ties between Paul Otieno, 31, and flamboyant millionaire pastor Gilbert Deya.

Kenyan prosecutors want to put Mr Deya on trial over claims he abducted "miracle babies" and handed them to infertile followers in Britain.

After being arrested several times by Scotland Yard officers, he continues to battle against extradition from his base in Peckham, south east London.

Otieno remains under arrest in hospital in a serious condition after attempting to kill himself. He has wounds to his throat and body.

Police believe he stabbed his three-year-son Wilson to death and attempted to murder his wife, Jacqueline, 28, when she threatened to divorce him.

When officers arrived at their flat on the Lynton Estate, in Bermondsey, south-east London, on Monday, they found his 17-month-old baby daughter unharmed. Mrs Otieno was taken to hospital suffering a slash wound to the neck and has since undergone further surgery.

Neighbours said the family were regular churchgoers but is not clear if they attended the Gilbert Deya Ministry in Ormside Street, Peckham. They had lived in the block of flats for about a year and Otieno was also known by the name Paul Deya.

Gilbert Deya, 57, who has claimed he was consecrated as an archbishop in the United States in 1992, faces five allegations of child kidnap between 1999 and 2004.

He is the head of the Gilbert Deya Ministries religious movement, which at one point boasted a private jet emblazoned with his signature.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

David Wood's most screwed up myth yet

Has to be david's most laughable remark.
Yet again, he barks.
And his christians followers agree with him (don't forget what the christian ideology is).
Really, when top notch christian scholars come up with psychotic myths, this continues to tell me christianity is a false filth (sorry faith).

So this time David brought up pictures of women, who had acid thrown on their faces. David thinks since the hijab/burka protects women, the hijab/burka failed to do so. It failed to save these women. A piece of clothing did not protect women from acid.

Are you all still laughing?

You can find it all right here, including the moronic comments by christians:

Do I really need to refute anything? Unfortunately yes. The christian mind isn't very sharp when it comes to basic thinking.

Covering yourself protects modesty. It shows you want to be known and liked for who you are. And it takes the attention and attraction of men away. These same men are the ones raping women in dark alley's as we speak in the beautiful christian nation U.S.
Since islam calls for women to cover up, to not be molested, instulted and especially in danger in any way, God knows how to protect it's male counter parts.
And David was smart enough to put reasons of why these women got acids in their faces. Can you connect Islam with it? Apparently christian can.
But if we look at christianity, its form of modesty is bikini's, and racy outfits. Since christian women are always wearing them in public, and no christian has EVER spoken out on this, and since christian leader's are LITERALLY PRAISING these "brave" and "courageous" women (i.e carrie prejean and pageants), and lets not forget the holy sprirt, christianity is the TRUE depresser of women. Would any true God allow this? I don't think so.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brace yourselves

Yeah a new decleration for a "christian" Manhattan is under way.
I'd suggest the muslims in the region to bolt quick.
We were right all along weren't we?
Wont be long before we'll be submitting to their way of life (not like we dont do it anyway)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Christian attacks Muslim woman

Oh no there's no such thing as islamphobia.

Amal Abusumayah, 28, told police she was shopping at a Tinley Park grocery store Nov. 7 when a middle-age woman passed her in the aisle and made a loud reference to the killings at Fort Hood.

"She said, 'The man that did that shooting in Texas was from the Middle East,' in a really loud and angry voice," Abusumayah told the Tribune last week. Minutes later, while Abusumayah was paying for her groceries at a self-checkout, the woman approached her from behind and tugged hard on her blue and beige head scarf, she said.

"I turned around and looked at her, and she walked out of the store," she said. "My scarf didn't come off because it was on very tight, but my head was tugged back.",0,7710648.story

Priest beaten......mistaken for being a muslim

Occurred in Tampa when a Greek Priest, who can barely even speak english was brutalized by a tire iron from a Marine officer.

Jasen Bruce, 28, enlisted as a reserve Marine as a teenager, was discharged honorably when he finished his contract, and enlisted again this March. He has never been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, a Marine Corps spokesman said. He got married last month in full dress uniform.

"Father Alexios was taken to hospital and there a translator helped to unravel his story for police. When police went to Bruce's apartment, he was already lawyered up and would not speak to them. The priest was treated and released from Tampa General Hospital. Alleged assailant Bruce was arrested on the evening of November 9 and released from the Hillsborough County jail at 8 AM on November 10 on a $7500 bond."

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What they say about us

This is by a knowelegable guy on facebook. His group can be found here:

Dear members of Islam Against Radicalism :

Some of you might've had confrontations & discussions with Islam haters & anti-islamists before , you certainly noticed their low ways of discussion & mockery of Islam , God & prophet Mohammed PBUH ( or prophets as well if they are atheists ) , surprisingly , the Quran described people like these 1400 years ago ! which proves that some minds never change : ) check out this translation of the holy verses talking about it :


- 40:35 : (35. "(Such) as dispute about the Signs of Allah, without any authority that hath reached them, grievous and odious (is such conduct) in the sight of Allah and of the Believers. Thus doth Allah, seal up every heart - of arrogant and obstinate Transgressors. )

- 40:56 (56. Those who dispute about the signs of Allah without any authority bestowed on them,- there is nothing in their breasts but (the quest of) greatness, which they shall never attain to: seek refuge, then, in Allah. It is He Who hears and sees (all things). )

- 30:20 (20. Do ye not see that Allah has subjected to your (use) all things in the heavens and on earth, and has made his bounties flow to you in exceeding measure, (both) seen and unseen? Yet there are among men those who dispute about Allah, without knowledge and without guidance, and without a Book to enlighten them! )

- 13:13 (13. Nay, thunder repeateth His praises, and so do the angels, with awe: He flingeth the loud-voiced thunder-bolts, and therewith He striketh whomsoever He will..yet these (are the men) who (dare to) dispute about Allah, with the strength of His power (supreme) )

- 40:4 (4. None can dispute about the Signs of Allah but the Unbelievers. Let not, then, their strutting about through the land deceive thee! )

- 18:56 (56. We only send the apostles to give Glad Tidings and to give warnings: But the unbelievers dispute with vain argument, in order therewith to weaken the truth, and they treat My Signs as a jest, as also the fact that they are warned! )


- 2:212 (212. The life of this world is alluring to those who reject faith, and they scoff at those who believe. But the righteous will be above them on the Day of Resurrection; for Allah bestows His abundance without measure on whom He will. )

- 36:30 (30. Ah! Alas for (My) Servants! There comes not an apostle to them but they mock him! )

- 83:29-33 (29. Those in sin used to laugh at those who believed,

30. And whenever they passed by them, used to wink at each other (in mockery);

31. And when they returned to their own people, they would return jesting;

32. And whenever they saw them, they would say, "Behold! These are the people truly astray!"

33. But they had not been sent as keepers over them!

34. But on this Day the Believers will laugh at the Unbelievers:

35. On Thrones (of Dignity) they will command (a sight) (of all things).

36. Will not the Unbelievers have been paid back for what they did? )

- 15:10-11 (10. We did send apostles before thee amongst the religious sects of old:

11. But never came an apostle to them but they mocked him. )


- 4:140 ( 140. Already has He sent you Word in the Book, that when ye hear the signs of Allah held in defiance and ridicule, ye are not to sit with them unless they turn to a different theme: if ye did, ye would be like them. For Allah will collect the hypocrites and those who defy faith - all in Hell )

- 33:57-58 ( 57. Those who annoy Allah and His Messenger - Allah has cursed them in this World and in the Hereafter, and has prepared for them a humiliating Punishment.

58. And those who annoy believing men and women undeservedly, bear (on themselves) a calumny and a glaring sin. )

1- Replying to those who deny the existence of God :

(45-24. And they say: "What is there but our life in this world? We shall die and we live, and nothing but time can destroy us." But of that they have no knowledge: they merely conjecture )

2- Replying to those who say Islam is compulsing others to believe :

( 2:256 Let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth has been made clear from error. )

3- Replying to those who ask why didn't all ppl become muslims if Islam is the true religion :

( 10-99. If it had been thy Lord's will, they would all have believed,- all who are on earth! wilt thou then compel mankind, against their will, to believe! , 100. No soul can believe, except by the will of Allah, and He will place doubt (or obscurity) on those who will not understand. )

4- To those who say that they knew the '' true '' nature of Islam as a religion of violence , & that they were to intelligent to be '' brainwashed '' by muslims :

( 2- 88. They say, "Our hearts are the wrappings (which preserve Allah.s Word: we need no more)." Nay, Allah.s curse is on them for their blasphemy: Little is it they believe. )

5- To those who insult the prophet Mohammed PBUH , & call him crazy , sorcerer..etc :

( 51- 52. Similarly, no apostle came to the Peoples before them, but they said (of him) in like manner, "A sorcerer, or one possessed"!

53. Is this the legacy they have transmitted, one to another? Nay, they are themselves a people transgressing beyond bounds! (

6- To those who say that Satan is the real God ( Satanists ) :

( 59-16 like the Evil One ( Satan ), when he says to man, "Deny Allah.: but when (man) denies Allah, (the Evil One) says, "I am free of thee: I do fear Allah, the Lord of the Worlds! )

7- To those who claim that God has no power & that he is weak :

( 5-64 64. The Jews say: "(Allah)'s hand is tied up." Be their hands tied up and be they accursed for the (blasphemy) they utter. Nay, both His hands are widely outstretched: He giveth and spendeth (of His bounty) as He pleaseth. But the revelation that cometh to thee from Allah increaseth in most of them their obstinate rebellion and blasphemy. )

8- To those who say that the Prophet PBUH '' invented '' the Quran :

-- ( 69 - 44. And if the apostle were to invent any sayings in Our name,

45. We should certainly seize him by his right hand,

46. And We should certainly then cut off the artery of his heart:

47. Nor could any of you withhold him (from Our wrath). )

9- To those who say that the Prophet PBUH done nothing but writing the legends of the ancients to '' invent '' the Quran :

( 25- 5. And they say: "Tales of the ancients, which he has caused to be written: and they are dictated before him morning and evening."

6. Say: "The (Qur'an) was sent down by Him who knows the mystery (that is) in the heavens and the earth: verily He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful )

10 - To those who make up false stories and articles about Islam:

“O you who believe, if a wicked evildoer comes to you with a news report, look carefully into it to verify the truth, lest you harm a people in ignorance and afterwards feel remorseful for what you have done.”
(Quran, 49:60

11 - To those who mock those who believe in God :

(83- 29. Those in sin used to laugh at those who believed,

30. And whenever they passed by them, used to wink at each other (in mockery);

31. And when they returned to their own people, they would return jesting;

32. And whenever they saw them, they would say, "Behold! These are the people truly astray!"

33. But they had not been sent as keepers over them!

34. But on this Day the Believers will laugh at the Unbelievers:

35. On Thrones (of Dignity) they will command (a sight) (of all things).

36. Will not the Unbelievers have been paid back for what they did? )

11- To those who claim that we have no choice in Islam , & that God is controlling us like we are puppets :

( 90 - 7. Thinketh he that none beholdeth him?

8. Have We not made for him a pair of eyes?-

9. And a tongue, and a pair of lips?-

10. And shown him the two highways ( the path of Good & the Path of Evil ) ? )

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pastor uses church funds for plastic surgery

NEW YORK (AP) - A pastor accused of using church funds to pay for plastic surgery has been ordered to serve five years probation.

The Rev. William Blasingame also must pay back $84,537 to St. Paul's Memorial Episcopal Church on Staten Island.

Prosecutors said he paid for personal luxuries, including tens of thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery and Botox treatments, with money earmarked for the needy and the upkeep of church grounds.

Defense attorney James Hasson said Wednesday that Blasingame plans to sell land he owns in Georgia to cover the restitution.

Blasingame pleaded guilty to felony grand larceny in September. He could have faced 15 years in prison if convicted at trial.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gaddafi's "victims" embrace Islam

Allah Akbar. Yet another long listed series of books about christians ditching Paul.
In case you haven't heard, the Libyan leader Colonal Gaddafi had called a modeling agency for an event to be led by him during his stay in Italy for the Food Summit.
He asked the officials to write up an ad, in which 200+ models mistaked for a photoshoot and other model-like careers.
Gaddafi then preached how islam respects and honours women and gave each woman a free Quran.
We know many of the models were christian, since the Colonel's statement on how Jesus wasn't crucified shocked many women.

So, since many christian sites (like jihadwatch) and comments on articles on this, (shocker) christians whined how some of the model's chose to dawn a hijab or burka.


Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's appeal to hundreds of glamorous Italian hostesses to renounce Catholicism and convert to Islam has fallen on fertile ground after some of his guests agreed to consider becoming Muslims.

Of the 400 young women who were asked to two events hosted by the Libyan leader in Rome this week, a few said they were interested in travelling to Tripoli or even Mecca to consider becoming Muslims.

"The meeting with Muammar Gaddafi has changed me," said one of the women, Alda Ribeiro, 27.

"Islam used to frighten me, now it fascinates me. I don't know how my mum will take it – her name's Maria de Lourdes, so you get the idea that she is a staunch Catholic," she told the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

"For me, Islam was always associated with the concept of the submission of women. The other evening there was fear among the girls that we would all end up in a harem," added Miss Ribeiro, whose family is originally from the former Portuguese colony of Sao Tome and Principe, off the coast of West Africa.

Col Gaddafi was in Rome for the UN World Food Summit but devoted much of his attention to two soirees on Sunday and Monday at which he subjected the women to a lecture on Islam, the failings of Christianity and his view that sexism is rampant in the West.

The girls were recruited from a Rome agency, Hostessweb, which provides attractive women for corporate functions.

They are known in Italy as hostesses and the word carries no sexual connotation and they are not escorts.

The agency stipulated that they must be at least 5ft 7in tall, between 18 and 35 years old and soberly dressed. Each girl was paid 50 euros (£44) as a "tip" for attending the events.

A graduate who speaks five languages, including Portuguese and Italian, Miss Ribeiro said that since receiving a free Koran after the meeting at the Libyan ambassador's residence in Rome she had been studying its teachings.

"Would I convert? I certainly think that the Catholic Church today is too caught up in itself. I only go to mass when my grandmother comes to Rome.

"I asked Gaddafi what he thought of the role of women and he replied that he had always been a supporter of women's rights. I hadn't expected that.

"That's why I decided to accept his invitation. I'm going to go to Libya. I want to understand, to see with my own eyes. Then I will decide."

Monday, November 16, 2009

Carrie Prejean: God approves breast implants

Carrie Prejean is buzzing the celebrity world these days. The former Miss California who is in the news for her solo sex tape said that Christianity that Holy Bible makes no judgment about boob jobs. In a recent interview with Christianity Today she said that "I don't think there's anything wrong with getting breast implants as a Christian. I think it's a personal decision. I don't see anywhere in the Bible where it says you shouldn't get breast implants."

Okay so we know very clearly that she is a die-hard bible reader, and again she supports her christian activity WITH the bible.
Again many christian leaders have literally PRAISED Carrie for being a role model to young women. Yeah I agree. How else could the young-future slut-girls be strict christians when they dont have a leader like Ms Prejean?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

David Wood's attempts

For those who do not know who Davd is, he runs the site He is a former atheist turned missionary who presents some real good arguments. While we respect a portion of his knoweledge theres some false info he gives on purpose (he's a missionary) which of couse David and his partner Nabeel will deny and so will his christian buddies on his site (we can clearly see David is a big fan of Philippians 1:18).
It's been written on here before how Answeringmuslims tries it's very best to mimic the ever-so popular Jihadwatch. Using his self-assured sholorly info, he'll copy and paste hadiths/verses to prove his point. It is very clear that his tactics cause their gullible christian followers more christianwashed.
Neither Amy nor I visit his site that often, but of the times we do, some "info" goes unoticed. There could be alot more but here's what we'd like to discuss:

1)Extremism Activity
2)Honour killings

David and Nabeel and their folloers do a GREAT job of pretending taliban and al queda actions are greatly santioned in islamic scriptures. They'll ALWAYS claim they only follow Muhammed pbuh. They literally think islam allows the killing of christians and jews and point to the J word. Furthermore they'll say taliban and al queda are the PERFECT examples of islam.
The major blow to christians was that 99% of ALL TERROR (Jihad) attacks are TARGETED towards MUSLIMS. And the extremsts are a MINORITY. To go along with the fact that a MAJORITY of these terrorists come/train from the tribal area's of poor, underdeveloped, third world countries where there is no food, money, sheltering and most sadly, NO EDUCATION. Not to mention culrural values that overshadow religous ones. Poverty causes violence (Christian Science Monitor.

We obviously cant understand how islamic sciptures call for the death of our own fellow muslims. Lets look at Amy and David's comments from the Al Queda massacre video-that David posted.


Simon wrote:

"i am really hurt for the muslim people who eyes r closed cause of the horrific teachings of quran. this video represently the muslim and wut they r. this video makes me sad and cry at the same time."

Yeah how wonderful is that verse in the quran telling for muslims to murder other muslims who want to become police officers.
Once again despite the fact muslim scholors have continously condemned all extremist actions 99% of whom muslims are killed), christians apparently wont understand that.



You seem to have missed the point. Al Qaeda was killing these men for attempting to become police officers working for a regime that replaced Saddam's regime. Al Qaeda views these Muslims as befriending non-Muslims over Muslims. Now what, may I ask (though I already know), did Muhammad say about Muslims who join the enemy?

Ali: *This is actually Amy writing this. There was a mix up*

David you wrote AL-QUEDA VIEWS the current government as the enemy. But next it's as if your saying al-queda are true muslims. I, and i'm sure other muslims, don't agree with that.
Begining with Saddam Hussien, he built statues of himself. I'm guessing from your reasearch you know what a crime that is.

Is quite obvious back then when muslims continued to get attacked(like today in the mid-east), joining the enemy was disgraceful.
Lets look at a well known hadith

“O God, to You I complain of my weakness, lack of resources and humiliation before these people. You are the Most Merciful, the Lord of the weak and my Master. To whom will You consign me? To one estranged, bearing ill will, or an enemy given power over me? If You do not assign me any worth, I care not, for Your favor is abundant upon me. I seek refuge in the light of Your countenance by which all darkness is dispelled and every affair of this world and the next is set right, lest Thy anger should descend upon me or Your displeasure light upon me. I need only Your pleasure and satisfaction for only You enable me to do good and evade the evil. There is no power and no might but You.”
The Lord then sent the angel of mountains, seeking the permission of the Prophet to join together the two hills and crush the city of Taif, between which it was located. Out of his great tolerance and mercy, the Messenger of God replied,
“No! For, I hope that God will bring forth from their loins people who will worship God alone, associating nothing with Him.”
(Sahih Muslim)

Anyways what I wrote was about Al-queda not being muslim in a response to Simon.


Ali, (**supposed to be Amy not me**)

Let me ask a few questions before I respond to the rest of your comment. Which of the five pillars of Islam does Al Qaeda refuse to practice? Do they not recite the Shahadah? Do they refuse to pray five times per day? Do they avoid paying Zakat? Do they avoid fasting? Do they never take the Hajj?

And which of the six articles of faith do they reject?


Sorry David that was me who wrote that. I and a few others are using the same computer as Ali because we have a presentation at a mosque tomorrow.

Anyways David, I hope you realize religious fanatics exist in every faith and use religion to justify actions.

I can swear there is no God but Allah and Muhammed pbuh is his messanger. I may pray 5 times daily, I might fast during ramadan, I might give to charity and preform hajj if i can. Or i can do any, if not all, just for the sake of it. But at the same time I can go out on dates, go to party's with friends and drink, i can wear mini skirts and anything revealing or i can lose my virginity. You'll be surprised how many muslims do what i wrote. And I think killing innocent muslims can fit in quite nicely cant it?
More over, may i have such hadiths, quran verses about where Muhammed pbuh/God commanded the killing of other muslims?

Read this artcle-



Good question. Muhammad commanded his followers to follow the path of the rightly-guided caliphs. When Muslims started refusing to pay the Zakat after Muhammad died, Abu Bakr declared war on them. Umar objected that these Muslims hadn't (1) committed adultery, (2) murdered anyone, or (3) apostatized. Yet Abu Bakr ruled that, in refusing to pay Zakat to the caliphs, the Muslims became apostates.

So the rule we find here is that if someone does something to violate the teachings of Muhammad, he may be treated as an apostate (which, as you know, requires the death penalty). Further, as you know, any Muslim who befriends non-believers is classified as a non-believer.

Given such teachings, it's not difficult to see how Al Qaeda can justify their atrocities.



If "WomenforLie666" is a reference to WomanforTruth, I think it's uncalled for. We know that what she is saying is wrong and contradicts Muhammad's teachings, but she's behaving well, and I don't see any reason for name-calling.



Sorry I've been away from the computer lately.
Paying Zakat is one of the 5 pillars that make up a muslim (again, doesn't necessarily mean they follow Islam). Zakat is for the poor which all muslims must pay. It takes greed away and ensures 2.5% goes for people who need shelter, water and food.
Not paying it means you become an unbeliever. But when intentionally not paying and denying zakat means you are Murtad. Abu Kabr was not fighting muslims. Also they revolted against him by tryin to establish mini states and created their own prophets like Musailmah Kazzab, Najah (the female prophetess), Aswad Ansi and so on.
They claimed they were the new prophets after Muhammed (peace be upon him) too.

There is no relation between this and extremists either.

Oh and Mr. Wood, where do any of my comments contradict islam?

Okay so we can see David PURPOSLEY is playing around with events. He chose not to respond to Amy.
Also David thought Amy's comments contradicted islam. David chose not to respond to Amy

If you thought that was hilarious see his remarks about honour killings!!

Yeah christians love bringing up any action or practice that is no where to be found in our scriptures. But honour killings exist in Mathew 15:4 where Jesus commanded rebelious children to be killed.

Here's what David said on the topic:

"Anyone who can’t find support for honor killings in Muslim sources, even though honor killings are widely practiced among Muslims, is either ignorant of the Qur’an and Sunnah, or he/she believes it is appropriate to willfully deceive others about the same."

Sigh.. we here quite often here in the christian nation USA husbands killing their offspring or wives or sisters. Often goes quit in the christian media.
Honour killings are a cultural practice (unlike in Christianity). Like how drinking is very cultural (many muslim countries serve alcohol because its the culture).

To begin we're going to paste comments from an article about a muslim father running his car over his daughter because she was too "westernized". Here is my comment:


I've posted about honour killings befor on here.
There is quite a smart man on facebook who deals with all types of issues. i asked him about the storey of moses killing that boy because of his dark future:

robert Spencer gives the same, lame excuses for honour killings.
here's a link that takes care of that:

But as before, there is no such thing as honor killings. Mathew 15:4 doesn't exist in the Quran.


I've read several articles that mention her american boyfriend.
But one article that sruck me was the boyfriend's mother's name. It was an arabic one which means the boyfriend was most likely a muslim (sorry to burst your bubbles).
This gets started on my point.

The word westernized can be interpreted in different ways in the muslim community. For example arranged marriage is more so of a mid east culture thing while in the west we mostly meet greet then marry. To some like the father of the girl this can mean "too westernized."
Some background on arranged marriage, one of the main purposes was for power. Like Kings and Queens would marry off their offsprings to other royal families to gain strength and form relations. Similarily tribes in Israel, Arabia, India and throughout would do the same.

Of course that isn't the case today but it's a tradition. Like i've said before Mid Easterns are very strict and attatched to their cultures (another example is alcohol in Turkey and in Pakistan-which is usually found in the tribal region's).

From some of the pictures I've seen about the beautiful girl, her clothing seems to be all right. Islam calls for modesty (oddly, all public schools and major work places call for it as well). Choosing a different line of fashion from traditional clothing may seem as well "too westernized" to some.

Now add this all up and what happens?

Just a note i'd like to point out, i do not think the boy was the girl's boyfriend, maybe just a friend. The west media, like other times labels any relationship between a boy and girl, no matter what type it is, as automatically boyfriend/girlfriend. These do not exist in our faith.


Dear Minoria,

I have no problem with Lev 19. But that verse and your statements dont really explain Mat 15:4.

I've asked on yahooanswers (my premier source for religious questions) about this and all I got was it's talking about a spiritual death. I dont see that.
So is this a contradiction then?

Minoria killing muslims goes back to the discussion that Amy and I talked about. Taliban and Al-Queda have no issues with murdering. If you look at the stats of their Jihad, the 14000 terror attacks, 99% of the targets and victims are muslim. I wonder how many times David and Nabeel who constantly point to the extremists, have pointed that out.

Minoria we can't burn any religious books. Have a look at the answer to this question:

There's a few christians on facebook who think its funny to put the Quran on toilet paper. This person asked if we can do the same to the bible.

And by the way what do you mean the values MOST muslims are taught??
As for burning a Quran, search up those videos of muslims who are tired or the iranian government that are actually burning Quran's.
Quite shameful and shocking.
We muslims, because we are the most practicing followers of any faith, we take it very seriously. Which is why whenever someone speaks out against islam theres all those riots and that. Since christians dont practice much you dont really see any type of extreme activty.

Minoria please not that more than 95% of honour killings are done because the woman/girl went against arranged marriage.

Here a member named minoria had a little discussion with us. He/she made us go off a little on the topic.
That was about it for that section of comments. Allegations against us and all other comments on this can be read here:

Okay the next blog David created is the most hilarious of them all that can be found here:

The discussion is still going but i think it's gonna end soon since david isn't presenting any truth at all. Anyways david came up with this hadith:

Sunan Ibn Majah 2540—It was narrated from Ubadah bin Samit that the Messenger of Allah said: “Carry out the legal punishments on relatives and strangers, and do not let the fear of blame stop you from carrying out the command of Allah.”

HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD OF THIS HADITH ON ANY ANTI-ISLAM SITE? I searched it up but only got one miraculous link-answeringmuslims.
No faithfreedom or any of its affiliates, no jihadwatch, no answeringmuslims, no truthnet, no islamreview, no investigate islam. Nothing. It doesn't really mean honour killings by the way. But anyways here's the comments of David and I:


//Sunan Ibn Majah 2540—It was narrated from Ubadah bin Samit that the Messenger of Allah said: “Carry out the legal punishments on relatives and strangers, and do not let the fear of blame stop you from carrying out the command of Allah.”//

You know when i searched this up i only got 2 sites: This one and another christian one.
What are the chances of this hadith being reliable? (hint: theres over 5000+)
David did you copy this hadith from that other christian site? Looks like it.


Ali said: "David did you copy this hadith from that other christian site? Looks like it."

I copied it from the Darussalam edition of Sunan Ibn Majah sitting on my bookshelf.


David I'm asking for the RELIABILITY. Again upon searching this hadith i only found 2 sites, BOTH christian ones.

**One day later**


David I'm still waiting for you to explain the reliability of the hadith. (again here's a hint theres over 5000 of them).

I have never heard of this hadith and again when i searched it up i only got this site and another christian one.
Wouldn't you think your friends at answering-islam, faithfreedom or jihadwatch would've presented this awhile ago?



Do your own research. I gave you a Hadith from Sunan Ibn Majah, one of Islam's most trusted collections of ahadith. If you don't believe the Hadith, then explain why. (NOTE: "But it's only mentioned a couple of times in Google" doesn't count. This translation of Ibn Majah came out only recently.)


Uh huh so when you apparently do the research for islam pretty much all the time, and i bet you've never asked any other muslm on here to do "research", all of a sudden because you cant explain to me the reliability of the hadith you presented, you want me to do research even though my previous comments have proved i've done so? Why are you saying this to me now just all of a sudden?
Recently translated? And some how you're the only one who has it sitting on his shelf? I'm not uunderstanding this. Maybe you can explain this as well.



I'm not sure what you want from me, but you're getting annoying. You're obviously disturbed by the fact that Muhammad commanded his followers to kill family members.

I gave you a source--Sunan Ibn Majah. If you can show that my source in unreliable, please do so. But if you expect me to do the research for you, think again. I'm not your dhimmi.


I've caught you here david. I can tell your cracking right up.
YOU presented a hadith that NO one has heard of.
I asked YOU to explain where you got it form and the reliability.
And YOU're saying i'm annoying because you can't make up an excuse?



You're right that I'm cracking up, but I don't think I mean the same thing you mean.

You asked for a saying from Muhammad. I gave you one. You ask where I got it from. I've told you where I got it from--Sunan Ibn Majah. Now you're telling me I need to investigate its authenticity for you. And here you're simply wrong. You need to grow up and investigate things for yourself. This comes from one of your most trusted collections of ahadith. If you want to reject it, you need to come up with a reason for rejecting it.

You seem to assume that I'm just dying to convince you of something. Here you're simply wrong. I couldn't care less whether you accept your sources or throw them out. (Indeed, I'd rather you throw them out. The more ahadith you reject, the closer you are to rejecting everything about the life of Muhammad.)

So here's where we are. I gave you a Hadith. You want to reject it, but you're so incredibly lazy that you refuse to do the slightest bit of research on your own. You even expect Christians to do a study of Muslim sources for you!

Well, too bad. Based on the number of comments you've posted on this, I can see that this hadith troubling you tremendously. If it bothers you that much, I suggest you learn to do research. Otherwise, quit complaining. I'm not your dhimmi.




-YOU presented a hadith no on has EVER heard of.

-YOU came up with it and no one knows HOW.

-I ask YOU, because YOU came up with it, to explain when, why it was said. I asked the RELIABILITY because again YOU came up with it. And YOU have not been able to answer me.
What the matter? why dont YOU (because YOU came up with it) explain to all of us?

If you didn't ignore my previous comments, i told you i researched that hadith and i got re directed back to this site (no faithfreedom, no answeringislam, no jihadwatch)
Why shoudn't i reject what YOU came up with?
Lol Dhimmi. Nice sidetracking.



Are you saying that no one has ever heard of Sunan Ibn Majah???

There's no point in talking to you if you don't know the basics of Islam. It's one of the six collections known as Sahih Sittah.

Now that we've cleared that up, we can cover the "how" I got it. Well, I opened up the book and typed the Hadith into my computer. Is this really beyond you comprehension? IT'S IN THE BOOK. BUY IT AND SEE. AND SINCE IT'S IN THERE, ANYONE WITH THE BOOK CAN TYPE IT INTO A COMPUTER. IT'S NOT DIFFICULT. I DON'T SEE HOW YOU CAN'T FIGURE THIS OUT.


Wow WHAT a joke.
AGAIN you in NO WAY are answering me AT ALL.
AGAIN this hadith is NO WHERE to be found (NOT ON jihadwath, NOT ON answering islam, NOT ON faithfreedom or ANY of it's affiliates, NOT ON investigate islam, NOT ON islamreview, NOT ON truthnet......)

YOU JUST pulled this out of mid air recently, and not EVER before.

Dont YOU think there's something WRONG when NO site has this hadith?

Your claim that this was "recently translated" means NOTHING. And i find it difficult NONE of your christian buddies have this hadith.

Yeah i can tell you want to leave this discussion. You haven't cleared up NOTHING.
You CANNOT find me a link to this hadith, nor can you find me another narration of anything similar AT ALL.
YOU dont know why, where this was said.
YOU dont want to investigate this hadith because YOU KNOW your wrong here.

**Over here another christian comes aboard into the discussion**

Aussi Christian:

To David,

The reason ali can't get it is simple: It blows his argument away. simple as that, because it proves his argument to be false then there is no amount of proof on earth that can prove the point.

Same as when a muslim claims anything against Christianity, anything at all including a snail shell with two dots on the side will be brought forward as proof.

Or to put it another way, nothing can disprove islam but anything can disprove Christianity.

But on a side note, ali has got to the point where he is just throwing a tantrum cause he has lost. I wouldnt bother flogging a dead horse, it wont get you any further.

Peace and Love


i can see aussie deosn't want to admit either.
Probably a holy spirit thing.


New rule. Anyone who blasphemes the Holy Spirit is getting blocked. I simply can't continue hitting "Accept Comment" when by pushing the button I am posting blasphemy against the Spirit. So, you're blocked Ali. You've wasted all of our time, and you have spoken against the Spirit of God.

**Another Christian comes along**


Brother David,

bravo for blocking this guy and for doing so whoever blasphemes the Holy Spirit.

God bless

Well we can greatly see how christians, especially David and his partner Nabeel who went all the way to Britian, to complain how freedom of speech is the GREATEST right given to us.
Isn't it wierd how christians blaspheme against us ALL the time, yet get seriously offended when we speak out, in a response to their vulgar filth they spread about islam?
To conclude, David made zero attempt to prove anything. And i GURANTEE he'll bring up this unrelibale, FALSE, hadith often.

I regret this now but I should have noted out to David that the hadith he presented didn't even at ALL SPEAK ABOUT HONOR KILLINGS. Muhammed (peace be upon him) said carry out the LEGAL punishments. This hadith itself proves that there is the rule of law in Islam. The legal punishments are if the person murdered, raped, or in some cases adultered while he'she was married. Also the hadith does not speak of capital punishment or just a warning punishent. Either way I have no clue what went on David's head.

Ft Hood shooter attended strip clubs

What are the chances christian sites are going to put this one up?
So how is he a "devout" muslim if he does christian activities?

Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a regular customer at a club close to the Texas military base and on one occasion spent six hours there watching women pole dancing.
His behaviour in the lead-up to the shooting spree was similar to that of some of the September 11 hijackers. Mohamed Atta, the group leader, and four accomplices spent time in a strip bar in Las Vegas, while others frequented one in Florida.
Starz, the club visited by Hasan, is just yards away from Guns Galore, the weapons store where he legally bought the semi-automatic pistol he used in the attack.